Posted by: distributorcap | December 23, 2008

Follow the Jimmy Choos Shoes

When history judges the Bush Administration – it will be all about SHOES

Somewhere over the Mushroom Cloud, Condothy and Barney are dreaming of shoes

Oh Barney, Auntie Laura doesn’t understand

Miss Belch

Then Katrina Hit

Oh Barney, Miss Belch
(this scene is a bit more of The Exorcist than Follow the Jimmy Choos Shoes)

and Condothy lands right on Babs the Impaler

I am Palinda, the Wench of the North
Are you a good wench with bad teeth or a bad secretary of state with good shoes?

This is Bushkinland, inhabited by the Bushkins – little people with even smaller minds. And you are their heroine. Have some roses and chocolate.

We represent the lying scum guild

The Bushkins will see you safely to the border of Iraq

Who killed the Impaler, the wicked witch of Crawford

Give me those Jimmy Choos, they are no good to you

I’ll get you my pretty, and your Jimmy Choos too

“This is your farewell kiss, you dog!”


  1. I laughed, I cried, it is the holiday classic I’ve been yearning for!Regards,Tengrain

  2. Your finest work to date D-Cap, I am laughing my ass off!

  3. How many times has the «Wizard of Oz» been on Turner Classic Movies this month anyway?Yours is much more entertaining than the original!

  4. Two big toes and two thumbs up Dcap.

  5. Dang… Laughed so hard monkeys were flying out of my ass.

  6. damn, dcAp!just this afternoon, i photoshopped 2 pics from the wizard of oz, one of which i will be posting tomorrow night. i swear you must have espn, because you can read my mind! i watched the movie this weekend (for the 65,785th time). you were more ambitious that i was. love this post!

  7. Brilliantly creative, Distributorcap! You reminded me we only have 26 days to go before Chimpy, Cheney, and Condi get dumped into the monkey cage.

  8. Brilliantly creative, Distributorcap! You reminded me we only have 26 days to go before Chimpy, Cheney, and Condi get dumped into the monkey cage.

  9. are brilliant….wow..thank you for this….

  10. The lying scum guild?Oh ho ho ho ho!

  11. I was sampling some iTunes stuff someone pointed me to and I saw a version of Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy. Just as it started to play, I clicked on this. You are all powerful but you knew that didn’t you? Thanks for your excellent brain and excellent production values.

  12. And damn it, it wasn’t just a dream. Now what do we do about the flying monkeys that never seem to go away?

  13. I thought the Lollipop Guild was a little creepy before, but in your version they’re downright terrifying! Nice work!

  14. Pure genius!

  15. Oh, I’m melting I’m laughing so hard! What a world!Brilliant, esp Chimpy as the Witch. Throw a bucket of water on him!

  16. Ding dong, ding dong. Soon this will be over.

  17. Best damn movie ever. Move over Jimmy Stewart.

  18. A lot of fine work went into this one. I know it will be a holiday classic.

  19. Wow! This is one of your best! You are amazing at this kind of stuff! How do you do this stuff?!

  20. Well now we know what you got fromm the Wizard…’Chop chops!Priceless recycling, Dcap..

  21. Ha! I am Palinda, the Wench of the North& the lying scum guild….. that pic in those outfits….priceless. I'm pretty sure we aren't in Kansas anymore….Thanks for the *really big shoe*….

  22. Heh… Why isn’t the Wicked Bush melting in the end?

  23. Brilliant! (and time consuming, excellent concept, excellent work & excellent presentation!)I can't wait to show DarkBlack this link;-)

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