Posted by: distributorcap | January 6, 2009

Say Hallelujah

From AP.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Former Gov. Jeb Bush says he won’t run for the U.S. Senate in 2010 to replace the retiring Mel Martinez.

Bush made the announcement Tuesday, saying “now is not the right time to return to elected office.”

(in other words, my retarded and fucked-up brother ruined the name permanently)

The president’s younger brother served as governor of Florida from 1999-2007 and remains a popular figure in the state.

(not if you ask the people of Broward and Dade county, including the elderly Jews)

His announcement clears the field for several other potential Republican candidates who had said they wouldn’t challenge him.

(more douchebags in the ring, hopefully it helps people like Bob Wexler)

Bush won bipartisan praise for leading the state through eight hurricanes over a two-year period. He used standardized testing to overhaul the education system, was credited with making government more efficient and lowered taxes. (all BS – the only thing he did right was for his brother – by fraudulently delivering the state in 2000).

One less to Bush to answer.

Martinez announced last month that he wouldn’t seek a second six-year term.


  1. Thank the flying spaghetti monster.

  2. Did anyone check to see if his fingers were crossed?

  3. Well that’s something to be happy about anyway.

  4. But can we ever believe a Bush?

  5. Best news of the day. Unless Sarah Palins daughter’s baby daddy loses job as his mom gets arraigned or charged or something bad. Bad news for Sarah is good news for us.

  6. What a bush league move! (yeah, that was poor…I’ll try better next time)

  7. I was cheered when I read this, but then I thought that he probably wants to focus on a presidential run. Sigh.

  8. i won’t breathe easy until after the election. i don’t trust him when he says he won’t run. he might be going for that ‘playing hard to get’ angle.p.s. did you get my email, dcAp?

  9. Can you believe we’re within two weeks of a Bush-free goverment?Yeahdawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”all BS – the only thing he did right was for his brother – by fraudulently delivering the state in 2000″ — hilarious and dead-on.May Al Franken truly get the contested vote in MN. That would be freaking sweet. Rush Limbaugh dropping dead on air would be a close second.

  10. So it’s back to what I said would happen with the Bush dynasty.All eyes should be on Jebby’s son, George P. Bush. He’s young, just graduated from law school, women think he’s a ‘babe’ and insiders say he will run for either governor of Florida or the US Senate.This is the next Bush spawn who will carry on the family legacy of greed and destruction.Oh and did I forget to say, he’s a Republican???

  11. Christopher is right. George P. has been the one they are grooming for the next public office. Plus, he carries the Hispanic vote.

  12. I prefer the druggy convict daughter Noelle, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Heidi Fleiss.Seriously, let’s hope Bush 43’s horrible legacy of incompetence remains fresh enough in everyone’s mind to make the Bush name akin to Nixon, Palin, etc.

  13. Heh… will any of this matter to the Spring breakers? Standardized testing? Hurricane relief? Wha? Where are the appletinis?

  14. Bush, Kennedy, Clinton – for a country founded on French Enlightenment principles which rejected all that, the U.S. sure loves its dynasties.

  15. The Bush family are cockroaches. You simply cannot get rid of them, even if we put them all on some dinky Pacific island and dropped a nuke on their collective skulls which would probably just give them radioactive powers enabling them to fuck things up even more.

  16. I’m worried that he’s 1. saving his money for a presidential bid, and 2. counting on Amurkans’ short memory to help him in that presidential bid.I wouldn’t accept another Bush in any job except maybe sewer-tank cleaner.

  17. you guys are too MUCH – i also Never ever ever trust a Bush — and as for George P – one of the little brown ones –

  18. D-Guz, a Bush saving money for a political race? Please, they don’t use their own money on anything, not as long as there are plenty of GOP suckers out there willing to drink more Koolaid.

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