Posted by: distributorcap | January 9, 2009

If You Build It….

I am having some construction in my apt. – so I might have issues with internet connectivity (I already have!) – and I haven’t fully transitioned to the Mac because of all this. I hope to get some posts up and visit all of you this weekend, but what a mess. But it will look great when it is done.

Everybody doesn’t like something:

Update from yesterday – not only is Sarah Palin a douchebag, she is a twat, idiot douchebag who is SO nailing the coffin shut even tighter. She even complained about the conservative radio-host who did the documentary on her. She trashes Tina Fey for her SNL skits, Caroline Kennedy for her “class”, the press for talking about her daughter’s pregnancy and says that Katie Couric isn’t the center of the universe.

Poor Sarah, always the victim. Nobody likes a whiner Sarah, especially one as moronic as you.

While nobody doesn’t like Sarah Lee, everybody doesn’t like Sarah Pee.


  1. Don’t hire the crane operator company that was indicted.This was a disgrace and a tragedy.I blame Bloomberg.

  2. OMG I saw that piece on MSNBC last night.She really is a shallow, snarky little whiner.It’s impossible for her to take responsibility for anything- it’s always someone elses’ fault.Blaming Tina Fey for picking on her, yet appearing on SNL–what a douchebag.

  3. I have to look for this online, sounds like must see TV! And good luck during the construction, it always makes you feel so out of sorts, doesn’t it?

  4. We are the land that elected George W. Bush twice. Do NOT disregard the minority who love Sarah Palin. They believe she walks on water and scary as it sounds, I believe, they will push her into the forefront as a contender in 2012. How many of us thought she would disappear back to Alaska after the election? As stupid as she is and sounds, they are keeping her alive in the public view. By 2012, so many people will be so familiar to her idiocy,they will think she has valid points. Never under estimate the stupidity of the masses, or their sounding boards.

  5. I hope you didn’t hire Tito the Builder. Good thing Joe the Plumber will be saving the Middle East from certain misery with his journalistic integrity.

  6. Maybe Joe the Plumber should slit his throat and donate his body to medical science?What causes assholism?

  7. Tapeworms.

  8. “Look at me, me, me, me, me. Don’t forget me, me, me. Don’t stop being charmed when I invoke folksy Alaskanisms. Remember me??? Nothing that happens is ever my fault.”I dated a guy like that that a psychologist friend thought had all the symptoms of a borderline personality disorder.

  9. Damn DCap… now you've got a Hall & Oates song in my head… "Sarah Smile" But that's not as bad as Jefferson Starship's song….

  10. Sarah Palin gets on my last nerve. Keith Olbermann kept showing clips from that interview she did and every time I heard her voice I cringed. Can someone please tell her no one wants to hear from her anymore??? Do they really think she would be able to run in 2012 with the amount of baggage she has? She has more baggage than Imelda Marcos had shoes!Of course it all depends on how Obama does. If he is perceived as failing four years from now, people with brains will no longer be considered for the office and we’ll go back to where we were before. Sigh…so much rides on this administration!

  11. aside from her ranting about olbermann, couric, and fey, the part i thought was really hilarious was how the big, bad media picked on her family! she used her children as props. she paraded them out when it was politically expedient for her to do so. she pushed her pregnant teen in front of cameras and then bitched about people talking about teenage pregnancy. she took her little girl to a hockey game to be a firewall between her and booing fans. there was never a whiff of tenderness between her and her kids. they were nothing but a backdrop so she could claim her false hockey mom credentials. alaskan blogs have reported that she was never very involved in her kids’ lives.

  12. I had no idea that Bob the Builder was an Albino…( jus kidding…) Good Luck with all the Construction….( if you want any MAC help…let me know I would be happy to help….email me – okay…)I am putting you in my Friday Night Blog Round Up….( the Douchbags of the Year..priceless 😉

  13. Good luck with the construction. As for Sarah, sadly I think she will be with us for a long time.

  14. If only there was a sexual activity that entailed oral activity that she could be introduced to.Maybe she could have a Mother Daughter chat and the birth rate in Wasilla would go down,literally.

  15. Ah, construction’s always not fun, hopefully better on the other side.As for Palin, she’s a hick from the sticks, a low class semi-literate moron with expensive tastes and doting handlers. Her fans are even worse, at least the pitiful handful who should know better. I agree: let her keep talking all she wants. Maybe she’ll become scribble pals with Joe the Clown. She could tell him about her sorties from Alaska; he could tell her about his brave tribulations in Israel.

  16. Cute post 🙂

  17. What are you doing over there? I need details Dcap!!!Sarah Palin is beyond the beyond.All butter pound cake. I would love some but no way! Not after my 45 minutes on the Wii fit!!

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