Posted by: distributorcap | January 31, 2009

It’s a B.A.D. day (and that is G.O.O.D)*

It’s that time of the year again – Super Bowl, Ground Hog Day, and Blog Amnesty day — when all the little people (those that of course pay taxes) of the Netroots show the big people (NOT “people” like Jonah Goldberg or Lucianne Goldberg or Michelle Malkin) that there are some terrific writers, comedians, journalists, story teller, authors, designers and writers out there.

So we of the small world link to others.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, (of Blogtopia fame) started this tradition (Who day and night must scramble for a living – oops wrong Tradition), with Blue Gal and Jon Swift three years ago (back when that man was President), has the rules and regulations on what to do, what not to do, and how to stuff a wild bikini.

Here are my first five – yes I know there are six because 1. – I cannot count and 2. – I wanted to actually put in 500. I have no idea what their traffic is – but they are good, funny and worth checking out.

Fire That Agency
Eriks’ Choice
WTF is it Now?

tomorrow will be another – and EVERYONE I read is worth a link!

As for the open door policy in this office – it exists – just ask to be added – I am happy to oblige! You do not have to link back to me.

Also, why not partake in the festivities of Blogroll Amnesty Day and thank Skippy’s!

*B.A.D. = Blogroll Amnesty Day
*G.O.O.D. = good


  1. Why would I thank Skippy? That peanut butter is tainted! Thank you, thank you.Darkblack should get about 72 billion hits for his stuff. He should sue the American people. Too bad he’s a Canuck. 😉

  2. Amnesty? I didn’t know I did anything wrong.Dcap I just hope you don’t become so popular that nobody comes here anymore ; )

  3. "I can haz cross-border privileges?"Ta, Cap. Me loves the Big Apple right back.'Too bad he's a Canuck.'Indeed, Randal, I've labored under that crushing impediment all my life.;>)

  4. Thank you dear!

  5. Thank’s DC!

  6. i love darkblack. i would comment over there, but i can’t figure out how to stop teh google from indicating the wrong name.sorry to change the subject, but i was wondering if you had read this, dcAp. i hope the pope and his fucking holocaust-denying bishop read it.

  7. Mine’s going up either tomorrow or Monday.

  8. Blogroll Amnesty…..does that mean I can return a blog that’s overdue without paying a fine?

  9. Along Chris’s line….can I fine a blog? I’m Thinkin Malkin for millions.

  10. KarenZipdrive<-chopped livah

  11. Dropping by to thank you for alerting me to Blogroll Amnesty Day. Stop the Press! is delighted to participate. if you’re so inclined, I’d love a link.

  12. So what am I, chopped liver?JUST KIDDING. :)Thanks for stopping by Bark Bark Woof Woof.Tag, you’re it.

  13. good job nyc! thanks, and send me a link to your post tomorrow!

  14. added you to blogroll at http://www.wetmachine.comHope you’ll reciprocate.Regards,jrs

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