Posted by: distributorcap | April 7, 2009

Fried Green Insanity

at the Whistle Stop Cafe


  1. They have that healthy, green glow that all toxic waste should have.

  2. If they were fried pickles I wouldn’t even eat those. And knowing me that says a lot.

  3. Finally found those WMD’s I see…

  4. I think Randal Graves and SkylersDad said it all. I have nothing to add….except….how soon can we shove them all in a giant frying pan!?!

  5. Fine toxic specimen’s indeed! Can you photoshop a knife into Carly Fiorina’s hand? I found a great pic of her scowling and looking like she is plunging a dagger into John McSame’s heart.

  6. Are you sure those aren’t butt plugs?

  7. Fry ’em up baby…DK

  8. After last weeks MTP, I think you may have to add David Gregory to your list. He is getting more and more douchery every time I hear what he is saying. I don’t watch it anymore, just see what he has said on Crooks and Liars and such..according to them he was Union Busting or trying to last week. Good Job.. Rove’s dancing bear…lol

  9. A new version of the “Love Canal”.

  10. Making money anyway possible is their ultimate goal. They don’t care if it is illegal or immoral or tacky, they only care that money is flowing to them.I’m sorry, but I think the biggest difference between those who identify as Republican and those who identify as Democrat is the me, me vs the all. Not counting lifetime politicians here, since they all can become corrupt.Perfect example, Democrat would put their 30 year old Redwood lawn furniture out on the street or donate it for free, Republican would take an ad out in the local paper to sell it. (True story)

  11. shows egg – “This is your brain…”crack egg – cut to outstanding image – “This is your brain on right wing crack.”

  12. Secret’s in the sauce….

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