Posted by: distributorcap | May 30, 2009

What a party

When you have a party that has Rush-Cheney-Newt as the hosts, you know you are in trouble. Throw in a mixture of Huckabee, Delay, Boner, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly – and you have a nine man baseball team of complete asswipes

But after today, we need to add 2 people who proved that birth control should have been forced about some people (male or female) back in the day.

John Bolton – after watching him on Bill Maher – I really can see what happens to someone who has no sense of humor, cannot smile and lives in complete fear. And a person who just lives according to his own bullshit. John Bolton – douchebag extraordinaire. But I give him credit for making Heather Wilson actually look good. Watching him tonight was so painful it made me forget the toothache.

Worse – Tom Tancredo – an arrogant fuck and embarrassment to the human race. There is no other way to describe one of the worse pieces of crap to ever walk in the halls of Congress. He has been making the rounds to ensure the world knows Sonia Sotomayor is a racist pig who is no better than a KKK member. After watching him on Hardball tonight you just know the planet will be a better place when he joins his maker. I do not recall ever seeing a person so filled with hate than Tom Tancredo.

As much as I hate Rush and Delay – I think after watching Tancredo tonite – he might actually have them beat in the hate category. And he is a liar
watch this


  1. The post reminds me … I need to get the septic tank pumped out and emptied.

  2. They’ve outdouched themselves!!!!

  3. I saw both of the segments you mentioned. John Bolton is an idiot but Tancredo takes the cake for the “I rode the short bus” award. These are the very same kind of people who would have been on the teevee fawning about how great Clarence Thomas was. Gimme a break.

  4. I think part of Tancredo’s bitterness must come from the fact that he sports one of the worst toupees in American politics.

  5. Let’s see-who is the equal of these slugs on the left and if they got the same amount of airtime would two negatives equal a positive?

  6. You have heard the expression, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.. well I think Tancredo got enough this week. Thank you David Shuster, He gave him the rope and Tancredo took it willingly. David gave him every opportunity to walk it back, tone it down, and he just went farther into the abyss…lol Just shows how over the top of an idiot he really is. Great. Keep those values up Conservatives.

  7. I wish Tancredo would get busted for something and be sentenced not to jail, but to a town full of nothing but non-whites, such fright overwhelming him that he ends up that guy holding a fading cardboard sign and pissing himself in the alley behind the local convenient store.

  8. I watched exactly 30 seconds of Bill Mahar last night and changed the channel. WTF was he thinking with those guests?As for Tancredo-he and convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy are in a dead heat for sexist ignorance.

  9. I don’t know anybody who likes Tancredo around here, I have no idea how he won.

  10. Rush thinks you get promoted in the Obama administration by hating white people, huh? That’s pretty amazing, considering Obama is half-white and has assembled a clearly diverse administration — and that Limbaugh’s racism is real and well known.Limbaugh is Archie Bunker minus the heart, brain, and sense of humor…

  11. Dcap-as a Latino-this piece of turd makes me sick (as he would all Americans-but he seems to have it in for Latinos/as)You are right-he is a hate-filled gasbag! No wonder all those Am. Nazis/ Skinheads/Militia people love this jerk!

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