Posted by: distributorcap | June 5, 2009

Mutiny for the Bounty

The HMS Republican sets off on a voyage to Washahiti to collect every nickel they can from the poor and remove every iota of political power the have. The ship is under the command of Captain Bush, a moronic task master who is stupid and lazy. He is quick to judgment doesn’t hesitate to make a fool of himself. The trip to Washahiti is initally tough, but through a series of fantasies, lies and media control – they reach their destination.

When they arrive in Washahiti they discover a paradise, where they control every institution with lies and illegal acts. As difficult as it is, after 8 years they are forced to leave. The WHITE men led by the ship’s second in command, Fletcher Limbaugh, mutiny casting Captain Bush adrift with those few who remain loyal. The mutineers return to Washahiti and to resume their idyllic life but soon find that the new leader of Washahiti, Ohambra has taken over and is a lot smarter than Bush.

Duping some of them into saying treasonous thing, Ohambra travels all over the island, winning the natives, while the mutineer’s are forced to eat sand, face trial and play with ‘waterboards’.


  1. lol, thanks

  2. If only. Here's hoping.

  3. may their boat always leak, and their lifeboats go missing.

  4. Another Dcap classic.You forgot mention Palin turning down crumbs to help her starving followers and being ignored by the rest of the crew.Wonder if she can see North Korea from her house?

  5. When the GOP turned the brain trust over to the 400lbs. junkie and pedophile, Rush Limbaugh, you knew the so-called "southern strategy" had breathed its last sigh and the Republican party was dead.The party of Saint Reagan, Poppy Bush, and the Motherfucker from Midland, was a small, regional party of wealthy, white men, with ties to the globalists and the new, world order, with enormous bank accounts at the Northern Trust Corp in Chicago.

  6. Do these people need to be staked in the heart or exposed to sunlight before they go away?

  7. I hope Boehner doesn't cry. The real sun doesn't impart that unhealthy orange glow like spray-on can.

  8. As always, just brilliant. You do the photoshop stuff so well. I guess I need to invest more time! lol…

  9. Apparently you hate white men. You're such a racist…

  10. thanks to alli really hope these people are cast out to drift in the ocean – and not find a tropical island but the bermuda triangle

  11. They can walk the plank.

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