Posted by: distributorcap | June 11, 2009

60s Thursday – 62 Pickup

Film historians point to key years that are “turning points” in cinema – years in which several exceptional movies are released that seem to change the course of movie making and story telling.

Some of those are:

  • 1939 (Stagecoach, Wuthering Heights, Destry Rides Again, Gunga Din, Gone With the Wind, Ninotchka, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
  • 1950 (The Asphalt Jungle, Rashomon, Panic in the Streets, Born Yesterday, All About Eve, Harvey, Sunset Boulevard, The Men)
  • 1967 (Bonnie & Clyde, The Graduate, In The Heat of the Night, Wait Until Dark, Jungle Book, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Dirty Dozen)
  • 1979 (Kramer vs. Kramer, Apocalypse Now, Being There, Manhattan, Alien, Breaking Away, The China Syndrome, The Tin Drum)

I am going to add 1962…..

feel free to add more from 1962 or tell me I am completely out to lunch.


  1. Mast-eria!Interesting concept, DCap. I don't really think about movies in terms of release-year, but some of those 70s years were amazing. You nailed 79, and I'd add 1973: The Sting, Paper Moon, High Plains Drifter, Badlands, Enter the Dragon, Serpico, Papillon–all greats.

  2. Hi,I like classics like those where artists like Trevor Howard, Gregory Peck, Isadora Duncan and James(Jimmy) Stewart have participated.Living in Portugal, I don't get to see those as often as I'd like to, fortunately I get access to a channel that shows movie classics.I guess it's called TCM, not sure.Best regards,José

  3. 1962. Bah. No 2008? Cinema magic last year, you old fogie. All those explosions!

  4. In 1939 you missed a little flick called "The Wizard of Oz."With regard to 1962 I think you're right that it's one of those seminal years. "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Cape Fear" leap out for me.

  5. I've had a similar discussion about certain years being vastly superior to others in film. For me, 1977 seemed to be a very good year – "Annie Hall," "Star Wars," "Eraserhead" and "Saturday Night Fever." And who could forget "Smokey and the Bandit?"

  6. Wasn't "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" made in 1962?Now I'm gonna have to go rent some old movies. .

  7. Having been born in 1962 we can safely say "Dr. No" started a franchise that is still going strong.And of course, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" still can't be beat.

  8. Definitely. There's a wikipedia feature on 1962 films. A ton of greats. I'd also go with The Longest Day, one of the most balanced, effective war films ever made.

  9. Let's not forget Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol/ Ha!

  10. Birdman of Alcatraz was made in 62….as was *the brain that would not die* ahhh low budget sci fi films.The Blood curdling screams from that era!To kill a mocking bird is a real classic.

  11. i don't think i could narrow it down to a specific year, but if i could only watch movies from a particular decade, i think it would the 40's. i love the madcap comedies and the hitchcock mysteries.

  12. Dg – 73 – had some great ones too. Tho I am not bruce lee fanJose – thanks for stopping by. TCM shows some great stuff – and a lot of crummy stuff. If you haven’t seen any Preston Sturges films – you shouldRandal – yep old and a fogieDean – thanks for correcting me, I missed Wizard of Oz (which is not one of my favorites, but a classic) – and I forgot Cape Fear for 62 – that is one of my favoritesGrant – I almost did 1977 as my example – tho I don’t think I coujld sit through Eraserhead again – I don’t quite get that movieOk – pee wee only watches movies in theatres with his pants downJas – Dr NO isnot the best Bond, but the first and a good oneErik – most war films often come off as too rah rah – but not the Longest Day. Another one I like is Guns of NavaroneFran – I forgot Birdman of Alcatraz – another good oneNonnie – Hitchcock gets a post soon

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