Posted by: distributorcap | June 13, 2009

Crossing the Line

It really seems that the right wing has crossed over a line into a zone of total lunacy. The rantings and ravings from the GOP and “conservatives” (a term that really does not apply anymore) about Obama, health care, the murder at the holocaust museum, the murder of Dr. Tiller, General Motors, the banks, the Middle East, Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination, etc. has gone beyond any sense of rational or possible discourse. There is no discussion possible with this assholes. NONE. These people are not friggin nuts, they are fracking scary.

What’s The Line?

Contestants with unusual occupations or anal cysts are interviewed by a panel of important lunatics. Only questions that could be answered with yes, no or socialist are allowed. At the conclusion of the questioning, the panelists attempted to guess the contestants occupation.

In addition to our regular panelists, this week’s guest panelist includes a character straight out of a horror novel – Mr. Grinch.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Our guest this week who has crossed the line is a man who knows a lot about lines. All kinds of lines

And it is up to our panelists to determine what kind of line has pushed this pusher into complete insanity – is it a line of viagra? oxycotin? heroin? cocaine? or just plain confectioner’s sugar.

Mr. Limpballs, will you demonstrate your line for our panel

These people like Limpballs are actually experiencing a deep and mind-altering withdrawal – a withdrawal from the drug of power that is no longer in their control. If we don’t watch these addicts – they really will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the drugs of power. They have made that quite clear.


  1. You are correct sir, as always, they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the power again. Lie, cheat, steal, even promote and push the masses to violence. They have no worries, they feel they are protected by the 1st amendment, the freedom of speech to say what they want. Funny how they wrap themselves in the flag and the constitution when it suits them, but trash both when they feel it doesn't.Like Mark Kirk, of IL, who goes to China and tells them not to pay attention to anything we say, we aren't good for our debt and we are lying to them about everything. I always thought undermining the country was at the least sedition, or treason. But once again, IOKIYAR, rules the day. Sickening isn't it?

  2. There is no discussion possible with this assholes.As the young people say, exactamundo.

  3. And coming up next is "To tell the truth" where when asked "will the real republican party leader please stand up?" nobody does.

  4. And the high fences and moats around their mansions. (See Rushbo's glam address.)They have no worries, they feel they are protected by the 1st amendment, the freedom of speech to say what they want.Thanks, Dc, you've just about said it all.S

  5. Ah, it all makes sense now…No, it still doesn't. But thanks for trying.

  6. D-Cap, as usual you've tapped into a hot topic I've been discussing with my pals a lot lately.My theory is, after Limbaugh was taking more than 200 Oxycontins a day and doing his show without anyone noticing, he's become addicted to upping the ante on his insane behavior and statements to see if anyone will notice.The tipping point for me was when he said the Holocaust Museum assassin was a lefty.We all know lefties destroy property and righties kill people, so Limbaugh knows he can continue to incite violence because we won't kill him.

  7. I thought it was more like Alice in Wonderland, with the Mad Hatter, the smoking Caterpillar, and the Caucus race….hell- even the TEA PARTY!But looking for a game show analogy…..Family FeudThe Price is Right (for Halliburton & Blackwater, & Oil Tycoons)or maybe GOP Squares?I just hope next time old man Bush goes sky diving, he takes Georgie junior with him & forget the parachutes!

  8. OH so clever! Yes, I agree, they've gone off the deep end and a good way to explain that is their addiction to power. They've had it ripped out of their hands so now they are going to cause as much trouble as humanly possible. Fucking bad losers.

  9. The new leaders of the G.O.P. haven't even been seen yet. They're not apparent because the media(right and left) are busy playing the same old tunes. Newt is the "new" will never fly. Chances are that one of the usual suspects will be the 2012 nominee while the new grassroots will take hold. The real hope is that the new leaders will actually come from a place of ideas and thought and not anger and bitterness. Much like Obama who nobody really heard of 6 years ago. Jindal, Palin, Pawlenty, Cantor, etc…they're already used up and finished.In reality, government is out of balance and there needs true thought leadership on the other side.Might not agree with what they have to say but there has to be better than what the G.O.P. has right now.

  10. What Limbaugh said yesterday about fitness types being the cause of rising health care was so freaking crazy that it was hard for me to imagine anyone taking him serious. Then I heard a few of the "conservatives" I work around agreeing with what he said and I decided human extinction might be a good thing.

  11. and then they have the nerve to say that they are the patriotic ones. it's all about power and self-aggrandizement. they don't give a shit about anything but themselves and their rich friends.

  12. Well, lefties don't kill people but I think I could overlook a liberal wrecking crew torching his Maybach and demolishing his mansion while he was at work.:D

  13. I agree with you-it is kinda getting scary out there! Will one of those wingnuts who has watched too much Fox or listened to too much talk radio go and shoot my family and I up at the local grocery because we're one of the "mud people"?Its crazy!And I agree with you about the misnomer "conservative." These people are not conservative! They are happy to spend $ on every type of weapon to help them reach the biblical promised land, enact any kind of law to limit speech they don't like, and grant the private sector the necessary means to extract all the capital they want from our nation in an orgy of pure greed. Is that conservatism?

  14. I had the realization recently that this was not so much Democrats taking control of the House, Senate and Presidency, but more the process of restoring adult supervision to the political and economic process.The far right, and a distressing amount of the supposed "moderate" right live in a fantasyland, where the things that make this country a great place to live– public education, clean water, relatively safe streets, etc. will happen magically, without tax dollars paying for them. My friend Bubs pointed out once that these various disasters– banking meltdown, New Orleans, etc. are what happen when you put people who purport not to believe in government in charge of the government.

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