Posted by: distributorcap | June 19, 2009

Bad Advertising Friday

If you watch enough cable television in NYC (with 652 channels it is hard to not to) – you are bound to have the both the commercials and this piece of drek stuck in your head for weeks.

I have some very important questions before I go buy a Honda from Hillside Honda

He was holding the umbrella so wasn’t her laptop was getting soaking wet before he showed up?
Could he be anymore monotone?
Does the dealer also have free WiFi?
What is the goofball dude doing walking around a closed dealer?
Could you have hired real actors instead of your kids?

Inquiring minds want to know


  1. I would have enjoyed it more if his New Yawk accent had been a little heavier.

  2. bubs – then you would enjoy listening to me

  3. I love the local cable ads! They're so bad they're funny. My favorite aired on Cablevision a few years back. It was an ad for the Diamond Exchange that featured a local female talent pressing the biggest, gaudiest, fucking diamond ring against the skull of an anonymous male actor whose back was turned, and who, presumably, gave her the 20-karat boulder. But her tag line is the best: "I got the diamond I wanted at the price I wanted."

  4. spart – dont you love the Diamond Exchange ad (the one in Hackensack) where the robotic people are waving their hands.

  5. Has there EVER been a good car dealership commercial? Based on my experience in both Texas and here, I'll go out on a limb and say "F*CK NO."

  6. Most of the car dealership commercials around these parts actually DO use their kids because they're being groomed to take over.O, Sir Laurence Automobile, wherefore art thou?

  7. Not as bad as I expected. We have far more obnoxious ads out here in Seattle and with jingles too.

  8. Was that Levi "Thanks god I'm not with Bristol Palin anymore" Johnson in that ad?

  9. Hi Cap;Off topic, I notice foxnews reporting a navy destroyer USS McCain deployed for a possible interception of a North Korean boat, yet no one else is reporting this.We heard how the North Koreans are going to view this and I am wondering why there isn't any coverage?

  10. I HATE that Hillside Honda commercial. I want to punch both of those idiots.The best commercials are the ones on during The Robin Byrd show, of course. "Should I call you big boy or big girl?"

  11. Now, now. One can't take advertising seriously. That road leads to ruin.

  12. The girl's cute. Boy am i a lech! Anyway-geez that's bad acting! I waited tables at this restaurant when in college and they had the absolute worst commercials. Thank goodness I wasn't asked to be in them! It was bad enough with people mentioning "you work at that place with the stupid commercials right??"

  13. I worked for a family owned place who decided to advertise. They too used their kids (no talent pre-teens) and the commercials were humiliating to those of us who worked there.

  14. she said she could get to the dealership in just 10 minutes. how did she get there? subway? taxi? did she walk? if it's so easy to get around, why does she need a car in the first place?p.s. i would watch that commercial instead of the fucking extenze commercials that are on every g-ddamned 5 minutes every fucking night!

  15. Before they buy a car, the man needs to see a dentist and get a little veneer work done.

  16. Fail. Like 99% of local dealer's ads, the owners are the only ones who enjoy seeing their dealership's name on teevee. I guess if you are going to waste thousands of dollars you might as well get your kids a little tube time.

  17. When I was at university my dorm mates and I would watch soap operas and ask questions like these. But hey. At least is isn't Billy Mays, the obnoxious OxyClean guy. His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Thank God I don't keep bricks or rocks next to the TV set otherwise I'd have to buy a new TV. It's the only time I have a viscerally violent reaction to a commercial.Anyway, enjoy the relative sanity while you can. Those uber-annoying Christmas commercials are right around the corner.

  18. D'Cap, Check this out:Only congress or the SCOTUS can do anything about DADT. Congress must repeal or supersede 10 U.S.C. § 654.Sorry to put it here, didn't know where else to put it. You can delete it after you read this if you want. Later.A

  19. The BEST car ad I ever saw, was in Tucson AZ– the name of the the used car company was MIRACLE- and their slogan???*IF IT'S GOOD, IT'S A MIRACLE*Is that a fricking crack up or what???Talk about truth in advertising!!!!!

  20. That's pretty mild compared to some of the offerings that dogged my youth on the Island:JGE Furniture: "Hey, Jer-ry, what's da stooooory?"Uncle Steve: "Thank yooooooou. I loooooooove yoooooou…"and, of course,"Crazy Eddie — his prices are IN-SANE!!!"Those Hillside Honda kids are practically preppies!

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