Posted by: distributorcap | June 25, 2009

In Threes

Since the entire world will be in overdrive with multiple visit from the grim reaper, today’s installation of 60’s Thursday will be pre-empted for this special report. Tune-in next week. (why waste a good episode when no one is going to watch).

No matter what one thinks of these three – their lives and their controversies, may they all RIP.


  1. Just about the worst week ever, and today has to be the worst day ever. I thought the news about Farrah was bad enough..but then to hear about Michael just blew me away. It just seems like the end of an era.

  2. We said the exact thing tonight during dinner.It's all surreal.

  3. Meanwhile, governor Mark Sanford thanks the fates that the spotlight was suddenly swung away from him.

  4. these things always happen in 3's. farrah's death was expected, and ed mcmahon was not a shock, but mj's certainly was. r.i.p.

  5. And the internets are slow tonight. I think they are overloaded with people surfing for MJ stories.

  6. OMG I forgot about that 3's thing. It's always a semistar, a hot chick and a superstar.I'll bet Ryan O'Neal was pissed that MJ's trumped poor Farrah's.

  7. Amen!

  8. Such a tragic loss. They were all larger than life when I was in high school and uni.Dan

  9. Amen, DCap. And it's fitting that Jackson holds the harp. Nice work.

  10. the whole weekend is gonna be non-stop michael jackson. it will almost be princess diana.and yes the happiest person on earth is mark sanford.

  11. and yes the happiest person on earth is mark sanford.See, goopers, surreptitiously off a celebrity right after you engage in some illegal fuckery, and all will be forgotten by the start of the next news cycle.

  12. Actually, Michael is the first of the next three — we lost David Carradine just, what, a week ago? Yes, very weird. RIP, MJ.

  13. the whole weekend is gonna be non-stop michael jackson. it will almost be princess diana.Yeah. This will be a good weekend to catch up on the TV shows I torrented.

  14. Its like the 70's are dying out…and way too early. Makes me sad.As far as the non stop coverage…it should only be reserved for the people that really deserve it like Tim Russert, John John, and Rush Limbaugh(oh, right. He's still alive).

  15. About the threes thing. David Carradine died first, so Jackson's death might be #1 of the next three. One never knows.

  16. And now Billy Mays……

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