Posted by: distributorcap | June 29, 2009

With Six You Get Eggroll

1. David Carradine
2. Ed McMahon
3. Farrah Fawcett
4. Michael Jackson
5. Billy Mays

and now………
6. Gale Storm

Not one person under the age of 50, 60, 65 (except for me) probably knows who Gale Storm is. Then again, I (who knows way too much about 50s and 60s television) barely know who Gale Storm is. But with a name like Gale Storm, you gotta count for something. Walter Cronkite can rest well for a couple of weeks.

I think it is easy to confuse Gale Storm with Ann Sothern – though when I checked IMDB, I couldn’t find any roles Ms. Tornado ever played that made her into a car (Sothern was the car in My Mother the Car). Ms. Monsoon starred in My Little Margie from 1952-55 and in the (aptly named) Gale Storm Show from 1956-60 with that other well-known 50’s icon – Zasu Pitts. It makes you pine for Vivian Vance.

But you know, Gale really made into the annals of TV fame as she made guest appearance on BOTH television repositories of has-beens and used-to-bes: The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote. I don’t think even Charo got to act with both Angela Lansbury and Captain Stubing. Ms. Cyclone stands above the pack.

So Ms. Hurricane, please share your 1/2 dozen eggrolls with your new friends in the great beyond – may you all rest in peace and find endless uses for Oxy-Clean.


  1. Huh, got ya.. I actually do know who Gale Storm is.. she was quite an accomplished singer too, and had a number of hits. She was getting along in years, bless her for making it as long as she did. At least she had a good life, not like the young ones we lost this week.

  2. MathMan just read me her obit a little while I ago. I'll have to see her bio. I listen to a lot of old time radio these days. I wonder if she did radio.

  3. I never heard of Gale Storm.What I don't understand is why TV Land doesn't play some of this vintage stuff for viewers to catch up on?While I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of music — I'm fairly ignorant of TV before the late 1960's and 1970's. The exception is "I Love Lucy" which is true genius.

  4. But, was she on Fantasy Island?This is gonna be one strange week in purgatory-whatever.

  5. Hi Cap;I remember her and that show.The truth is we have too many celebrities.There are millions of them and we are going to have to get used to every weekend some idol or icon kicking the bucket and the news will be plastered with it to the extent when North Korea finally blows up Hawaii we won't find out until this bullshit is over. 🙂

  6. It's true, Ichabod… what qualifies for news can be rather amusing sometimes.I find news about the passing of an icon like Michael Jackson to be real news. The guy was such a controversial figure.This post about Gale Storm? This is fascinating information. Thanks DCapNY! I am going to have to go to IMDB and look her up, see if she was in any movies I might have seen her in, etc. I can't say I will miss the voice of Billy Mays, but it's a shame he is gone now too.

  7. It's creepy how these deaths come in waves.

  8. Gale Storm? I remember the name…. but it is more evocative of my ex-wife…. Cheryl Tornado

  9. i remember gale storm. i didn't know she was a singer though, i thought she just acted. by the way, if your real name was Josephine Owaissa Cottle, you'd change it to gale storm, too.fred travelena died today, too. remember him? he was an impressionist.

  10. How I loved Margie as a kid!

  11. I remember her from my childhood. She was sassy and funny for a 50's dame.I remember Fred, too.It's really making me wonder why so many famous and semi famous people are dying off right now.

  12. I saw her obit as well and I remember watching My Little Margie as a little kid. I think I was particularly drawn to it because I knew my mother's first name was Marjorie! I also liked her name (which I realize now is a stage name). Another one I used to remember is the Loretta Young Show. I'd love to watch both those shows now! I wonder what I'd think of them. I have been watching Leave it to Beaver occasionally on TVLand or Nick at Night and can't believe how corny they were.

  13. Several websites are also mentioning the death of Sky Saxon, lead singer of the 1960s rock band The Seeds, so the exact number of celebrities dead in the last week is very hard to determine, depending on your definition of celebrity.

  14. this 47-year old bids my little margie a fond adieu.

  15. I remember Gale Storm. I'll bet you used to watch "The People's Choice" with Jackie Cooper and Cleo the Talking Basset Hound too. 🙂

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