Posted by: distributorcap | July 15, 2009

The Court of Senatorial Opinion

From the producers of Sex and the Married Senators comes a new hit movie…

12 7 Angry [White] Men focuses on the internal workings of the Senate Judiciary Committee while they deliberate in a capital confirmation case. A 19-person panel, of which 7 are angry white Republicans, is set to consider the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. The GOP side of the committee, led by bigot Jeff Sessions, gives a mean-spirited third degree grilling to a Hispanic woman accused of being a wise Latina. A vote for Ms. Sotomayor means another evil liberal on the bench and an automatic death sentence to many parts of the evil GOP agenda. The case appears to be open-and-shut: the nominee has an excellent resume, a moderate legal philosophy and several important witnesses testifying on her behalf. Instead of weighing the evidence. the GOP members decide to concentrate on labeling her as a reverse racist and a dreaded “activist juror.”

How will the vote? Who the fuck cares – the twelve Democratic members will vote to confirm, thus guaranteeing her ascension to the highest court. The only question is how many of the 30+ million Hispanics and 150 million+ women in the country these 7 Angry White Men want to alienate as they attack Ms. Sotomayor. At first it seems none of the 7 angry white men will vote for “the Latina”, as the name of rejected Bush hack – Miguel Estrada keeps rearing his ugly head (where is Sarah Palin when you really need her?). One member – Lindsay Graham, breaks from the pack and says he will base his vote on her record (but not necessarily vote for her).

The other six, more fearful of the Wrath of Kahn Rush than rationale thought will allow, believe beyond a reasonable doubt that avoiding Limbaugh’s rants are much more important than winning the hearts and minds of American Hispanics and women. As the deliberations unfold, the story quickly becomes a study of the GOP senators’ complex personalities, which range from egotistical panderers to shameless racists. Brains, intellect and empathy are quickly replaced by arrogance, idiocy, prejudice.

Also starring Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn, Orrin Hatch, Charles Grassley and John Cornyn – 5 of the biggest assholes ever allowed on Capitol Hill. (Though I will say Grassley isn’t nearly as bad as the other 4.)

ps – after watching Grassley on MJ today – he is a big asshole.

Now that he is getting some much “deserved” airtime, Jon Kyl is fast proving he might actually even be a bigger douchebag (and uglier) than Mitch McConnell. Also if look at Kyl (hard as that is), you will notice that his fugly head is just way too big for his body. I guess that happens when you have worms for brains.

Kyl: We cannot let that PR, oops – Latina get on the bench.
Graham: Is Larry Craig in the stall of that bathroom?
Sessions: Who has the darts?


  1. Sessions and Graham definitely proved they have a future in the business…show business, where they'll soon be touring the dinner theatre circuit in, "The Odd Couple."Loved the hearings today- they tried mightily to out-Gomer each other. Edge goes to Sessions.

  2. BTW–great writing, D-Cap.

  3. They're all crooks and religious fanatics, too.

  4. it will be interesting to see if kyl votes against her. i don't think that will help him much in arizona. i think he'll kick up a little dust and then vote for her. grassley is a huge asshole. robert siegel reamed him a new one in an npr interview. it was a thing of beauty. you can listen here: nailed him with alito's testimony when grassley started with the bullshit about empathy.

  5. Between Beauregard and Miss Lindsey, I'm surprised Sotomayor didn't get up and kick their asses.These southern conservative doll boys are really getting on my last nerve.I can't believe her constraint. I don't think I would've been able to control my temper.

  6. i am watching Grassley right now on NJ – what a fucking douche. complaining about Sotomayor's empathy – and now bitching about health for Sonia – i dont know how she held back and didnt smack Sessions – he is a racist pig asshole and a stain on america.

  7. All this can do is help the Democrats when the Angry White GOP (Giant Old Pu$$ies) grills this awesome woman.Time to move more Hispanics over to the left.

  8. It's so fucking infuriating, watching these queens "strut and fret their hour on the stage." Because that's just what it is — theatre. These guys had a chance to come off as sane and open-minded with this nomination–they could've gone out and praised Sotomayor for her excellent record and her abilities. But no–they had to chew up the scenery and fume and ask about nun-chucks and imply that hot-blooded latinas have temperament problems. It's like they WANT us to believe they're morons.


  10. I think this just seals the fate for them with the Hispanics, blacks and women, well sensible women anyway.. there will still be some who will go for the Palin idiot…and there might be a small minority of blacks and Hispanics who will stay with the GOPers… After the way they have treated her, if she had the temper Graham said yesterday she would have either pulled out the guns they think she might own, the nunchucks, or the shiv that one idiot thought she carried and take care of all of them… But since she is a "Wise Latina" she has done nothing of the kind and has shown them how cool headed and smart she really is and what fools they really are.. probably my favorite moment was the "Yes, Judge Cedarbaum is here with me" and Sessions had to gulp spit.. lol Judge Cedarbaum is the judge who was appointed to the bench when he was disqualified…lol

  11. The hearings taught me something valuable to know: Republicans keep asking the same fuckin' question over and over because they just don't listen to an answer they don't want to hear.How I wish Sotomayor would have said, "Dude, how many ways do I need to explain 'wise Latina woman?' Are you truly this stupid, or are you drunk?"

  12. Grassley was recently asked by a constituent at a "town hall" meeting why everyone couldn't have the same health care that he enjoys on the taxpayer dime. His reply? You can. Just go work for the government.Asshat.

  13. I think what these 7 are doing is reprehensible. Unfortunately this behavior does not stay on one side of the aisle. As much as I can't stand almost anything Clarence Thomas has ever done(Kelo is a huge exception), he was also subjected to an amazing amount of reprehensible behavior. The fact that he is a black republican was too much for the democrats to handle. He squeaked by with a 52-48 vote which was way out of the norm for a Supreme. Agree with him or not, he was subjected to much of what Sotomayor is going through. And frankly its because they were out of the norm for the White Boys Club. His words were prophetic because not much has changed."This is not an opportunity to talk about difficult matters privately or in a closed environment. This is a circus. It's a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree"JAS

  14. you wrote:"The only question is how many of the 30+ million Hispanics and 150 million+ women in the country these 7 Angry White Men want to alienate as they attack Ms. Sotomayor."I see. And Clarence Thomas was welcomed and congratulated by every Democrat in the senate when he sought confirmation for his appointment to the Supreme Court.Every black in the country felt the warmth of the Democratic party at that time. Meanwhile, the female jurist issue was settled long ago. It's ho-hum stuff now. And Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'connor.

  15. slappz – you really dont get it do you?

  16. d-cap,Sotomayor has spoken for herself, in both public venues and in her court decisions.Her bias has been on full display for decades. However, her seat on the bench is no threat to the republic. But based on her decision in the New Haven Fire Department case, it is her belief that written tests, by their nature, are unfair when administered to blacks, hispanics, asians and whites. Her decision in that case expresses her view that blacks and hispanics will always score less well than asians and whites. That's a rather condescending attitude for her to hold. But there it is.Meanwhile, it is just silliness to think there is opposition to her due to her gender or ethnicity. Moreover, her inevitable appointment to the Supreme Court has barely stirred the thoughts of most conservatives.However, based on the flow of comments from liberals, it once again appears that liberals believe conservatives are obsessed with her.In fact, a lot of people would have no idea what Limbaugh is chattering about if they followed their own noses. But liberal apoplexy over every word from his mouth becomes the chief subject of liberal gasbags, making them his big-mouth agents. They are Limbaugh's most productive public-relations assistants, and they do it for free.The country would benefit from putting a mandatory retirement age on Supreme Court justices. Say 75 or 80. The republic is at risk when very old and very sick people are allowed to remain on the bench. I would impose limits on members of Congress too.Turnover is good.

  17. slappzi agree turnover is good, term limits are good and i would love to see term limits for supreme court justices as well – say 16 years staggered (and if someone dies or retires, the term is filled out, not extended – that way EVERY president would appoint 2 justicesas for limbaugh – he is a huge danger to this country, perhaps the biggest. he doesnt need liberals to spread his filth and disease – he has clear channel to do that. rush and hannity are so much worse for this country than any republican senator would ever be. the planet would be a better place without rush.and i would most heartedly disagree that sotomayor barely stirred the thoughts of conservatives – go read the vitriol is overwhelming (and yes thomas experienced the same thing – but one thing about thomas – anita hill (who in my mind was telling the truth). also clarence thomas has proven to be one of the worst justices in the history of country – 17 years with barely asking a question, but we could not have know that)and for the record, the most biased juror on the court (and one of the biggest bigots in the country) is antonin scalia – why does he even bother to show up at hearings – he knows exactly how he will vote before hand.

  18. Excellent summation DCap. It's pretty clear the republican party wants to resign itself to being a small, regional party made up of angry, racist white men. More power to them.I would disagree on your remark that Scalia is the most biased. I would say that honor falls on Chief Justice Roberts. Whether he shows up or not his opinion is a given. More than any other member of the court including Scalia he is a closed mind.

  19. does little more than post news items from established venues. Like liberal radio, it desperately needs donations to stay alive, and there is no evidence of advertisers using the site to reach consumers. I didn't see any site-meter figures about eyeballs viewing the pages. But given the fact that the site carries stuff that's available elsewhere, it's unlikely the site actually attracts or expands the world of conservatives.As for Limbaugh and Hannity, they are, as I've always said, entertainers who use conservative politics as their schtick.They have little affect on elections. Clearly they have zero impact on local outcomes. But, like all valuable entertainers, they bring in business.By the way, the Tesla Electric Car company is opening a showroom on 25th Street in Chelsea. The Tesla goes for about $110,000, which tells me a long line of NPR listeners will form outside the showroom as they wait for a chance to hand over the minimum $20,000 deposit. A couple of weeks ago Tesla received a loan package from the government for about $465 million. This loan, like the loans to GM, will become a grant when the company collapses, which will happen after only a handful of Hollywood people and a few Wall Streeters who know a collectors' item when they see one choose to buy this vehicle. It's the new DeLorean. Tesla, however, is not the cheese standing alone in the world of electric cars. The New GM will build the Chevy Volt. too bad there's no suitable batteries available for this updated Edsel.According to Chevy, for $40,000, buyers can get an electric car that goes 40 miles on a single charge of its batteries — if the company can find some. Thus, the auto industry now includes a government-run (GM now 61% government owned) segment that will match Amtrak and the Post Office for overall competitiveness.Now that the government is lurching into the business world and becoming an OPERATOR of businesses, it is inevitable that a court case tied to this intrusion will reach the Supreme Court. Sotomayor's position on the New Haven Fire Department is prologue for her stance on future labor issues involving employees working for the government at GM.

  20. slappz, your, um, "mind" is wandering a bit here.None the less, let me address a couple of your points.The New Haven case wasn't about discrimination (or reverse discrimination;) it was about a city's right to throw out a test, the results of which they (rightly) believed would get them sued. Judge Sotomayor AND HER TWO COLLEAGUES, citing established precedent, rightly upheld the City's position. The SCOTUS, not being bound by that Circuit's established precedent, used other criteria and rationale to decide differently.Don't feel bad if you didn't understand that; judging by the line of questioning pursued by The Seven (Mental) Dwarfs, they obviously didn't, either.Regarding the "entertainment" provided by Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilley, Coulter and the rest of those lying sacks:I work construction, and can attest to the fact that there are A LOT of Americans with strong backs and weak minds who consistently quote-and-vote in lock-step with the vitriolic lies of that Insane Clown Posse.They're not just "entertainers;" they're lying sacks of shit, hate-mongers who keep America from joining the First World and living like the civilized country we ought to be.Finally, at the risk of being labeled similarly irrational and scattered, I'll follow your leap into the Tesla debate. I'm an NPR listener, not because they're actually progressive, but because they suck less corporate cock than most other networks. On a really good year I make 40K, which has made putting my two daughters through 1st-tier colleges difficult to say the least. And while I'm not in line for a new Tesla Roadster, I say let the rich buy them, and let The People contribute to their development. As advances are made (and they will be,) the price will come down, humbler models will be produced, and the world will be a better place for it.I could go on, but I'm going dancing instead. It's better for my blood pressure, and a lot less like trying to teach a pig to sing.

  21. Oh, and DCap, I loved your take on this whole circus! 😉

  22. CR – you rock! i couldnt have said it any betterthanks

  23. cunning runt, you wrote:"The New Haven case wasn't about discrimination (or reverse discrimination;) it was about a city's right to throw out a test, the results of which they (rightly) believed would get them sued."A key issue in every court case — criminal or civil — is the defendant's motive. You claimed the city of New Haven had a "right" to toss the results of the firemen's promotion exam.In fact, as the Supreme Court has declared, they had no such "right."Why? Because the MOTIVE for New Haven's decision to invalidate the exam was based on race. BEFORE Ricci and his co-workers took this test, it had been reviewed and evaluated by outside consultants and counsel to ensure its "racial" fairness. The Supreme Court knew this. Apparently, it's news to you.Despite the effort to offer a test on which blacks and hispanics were likely to score high enough to qualify for promotion, they did not.New Haven — acting out of FEAR of a race-based discriminatin lawsuit, decided to act.The City FEARED a lawsuit. To eliminate its FEAR, it COMMITTED an act of discrimination. That's not legal.It is that simple. The Supreme Court agreed.As for the Tesla electric car, when I wrote that NPR-listening liberals would line up to buy it, I was satirizing NPR-listening liberals. Like you, few to none would actually buy this toy car for $120,000. But, like you, they advocate that SOMEBODY, lots of SOMEBODIES should buy this foolish plaything — because it is powered by batteries. You say "rich people" should buy them. That's the liberal rallying cry. Tax the rich. Eat the rich. However, I think your deeper desire is to FORCE your ideologies on Americans. With laws driven by energy concerns, for example.But, you and millions of others seem unaware of the fact that batteries have been around for 200 years. During that time scientists and engineers have improved them. But the chemistry of batteries is tough. Improvements have been slow. They have been slow for a reason. Chemists and physicists know a lot about the theoretical limits of batteries. There is NO possibility that batteries are like computer chips that double their performance every 18 months.However, NPR listeners want to believe anything is possible — and they also believe those possibilities are just around the corner, if enough money is thrown at a problem. But 25 years of research have been aimed at curing AIDS. Yet NOT ONE person has been cured.I think it will take less than 200 years to cure AIDS. But who knows.

  24. cunning runt part II,Meanwhile, the genius who develops a 150-pound battery that can hold as much energy as 20 gallons of gasoline and be recharged in 15 minutes will become the richest man in the world. The company created to exploit that technology will dwarf EXXON.Thus, you know — or maybe you don't — that people are doing battery research.But the advance will probably occur when some brilliant student at MIT, CalTech or Stanford has a flash of insight. However, until that moment of brilliance arrives, we will continue to drive gasoline-powered internal combustion vehicles.Moreover, we will NEVER see battery-powered airplanes.You claimed that technical advancements in batteries would lead to a decrease in prices of battery powered vehicles. Nonsense.Tesla wants to sell expensive toys to people with money. They will continue to do that until the inevitable financial collapse arrives.Meanwhile Rolls-Royce and Bentley have the option of building cheap cars too. But they build expensive cars.Your pricing theory might make a little sense if you are considering commodities — which computer chips have become.But markets have segments and each player picks his segment. Then sinks or swims. As for Quoting-and-Voting, Obama won the election. That fact speaks for itself. His NY margin was very high. Hence, there is no evidence Limbaugh or Hannity changed anything.And, as I said, those two conservative gas-bags have zero impact on votes in local elections.The federal government now owns 61% of the "new" GM, and the Canadian government owns 12%. GM is selling its Hummer division, even though new Hummers are getting better gas mileage these days. It is also selling its Saturn division, which builds cars that get well over 30 miles per gallon.Why sell Saturn? If gas mileage is the key to success, Saturn should be GM's hottest property.Anyway, a few years from now, after the total flop of the $40,000 Chevy Volt, the "new" GM will go the way of the "old" GM. But the taxpayers will retain the responsibility to pay the healthcare and pension benefits of GM workers. A costly and painful burden carried by taxpayers — which many NPR listeners are not.

  25. A simply delicious post DCap! 😉

  26. Slappy, about a year ago I developed PADD, an increasingly common form of Political Attention Deficit Disorder which keeps me from "going the distance," so next time, keep your arguments short and I might actually read all of them.No disrespect intended; PADD's just a personal shortcoming of mine. In this case, after a few paragraphs of Stuff I Already Knew (thank you very much,) I kinda tuned out. It's sad that it's come to this – I used to love to dialogue with folks with disparate view-points, but given the ass-hattery I've encountered, I've decided to give up the fight and just work on building a better world without your help.Seems like a more direct use of my energies, if you know what I mean.

  27. cunning runt,Here's a summary for you:1) The Supreme Court has decided the City of New Haven was WRONG to throw out the results of the firefighter's promotion exam. The decision was also a rebuke of Sotomayor. 2) Based on election outcomes, there is NO evidence Limbaugh and/or Hannity influence elections any more than wind-bags espousing opposing views.3) Science and Technology sometimes move slowly, no matter how badly politicians want to speed the process — proving that government has very little impact on technical advancements.4) In the end, after the New GM fails, the government (taxpayers) will be left with the pension and healthcare costs of GM workers and retirees.5) Airplanes will never fly on battery power. Moreover, blue-water ships will never sail under battery power. And transcontinental freight trains will never get their power from batteries.

  28. Jesus H Christ no slappz, 1. It isn't a rebuke of Sotomayor, she was part of the PANEL that made the decision. Why do wingnuts like you act like she was alone in her decision? 4. The govt is already on the hook for pensions and healthcare for company's that fail. This isn't news. 5. Every new battery technology that has come out and holds promise has been bought and buried by either the oil companies or the automakers..

  29. how about this one:In Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, decided in July 2005, then-appellate court judge John Roberts was a member of three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Distrcit of Columbia which unanimously allowed for a military commission to try a Gitmo detainee. That ruling was reversed by the Supreme Court in 2006 with Roberts acting as chief justice. tho Sessions and Kyl would have you believe the Sotomayor was the ONLY judge overturned by the Supreme Courtmaybe the only wise latina.if anyone thinks that a person (even a horrible justice like scalia or thomas) doesnt use their life experience as part of their decision making process – then they are as inhuman and soulless as dick cheney.being overturned is a fact and part of the system. it is NOT A REBUKE

  30. dusty, you wrote:"4. The govt is already on the hook for pensions and healthcare for company's that fail. This isn't news."Wrong. The latest move by the Obama administration expanded the obligation of the government (taxpayers).You wrote: "5. Every new battery technology that has come out and holds promise has been bought and buried by either the oil companies or the automakers.."I see you are a conspiracy theorist.Put your credulousness aside and consider the possibilities.First, auto companies do not build batteries. Just like they do not drill for oil. However, if auto companies were able to obtain a power supply — low-priced rapidly rechargeable lightweight high energy batteries — that beats the existing alternatives, they would buy that product from its manufacturer and achieve unmatched profitability and growth.Based on your argument, GM is hiding battery technology that would ensure vast profitability and growth, yet chose instead to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy, eliminating thousands and thousands of jobs and sacrificing massive market share to all the other car-makers around the world. All to hide the Holy Grail of energy supplies.Are you one of those 9/11 Truthers?

  31. d-cap, you wrote:"…Sessions and Kyl would have you believe the Sotomayor was the ONLY judge overturned by the Supreme Court"Sotomayor is the ONLY judge from the panel that decided the New Haven case who is seeking a Supreme Court appointment. The fact that she was part of a panel is irrelevant. Based on her view, she believes it is legal for an employer to COMMIT an act of racial discrimination against whites if the employer FEARS it MIGHT face a racial discrimination suit filed by non-whites.Explain to me why there are over 100 "Historically Black Colleges and Universities" in the US.

  32. I take it you have never seen Who Killed the Electric Car? slappy. Too bad, because the facts about the auto industry and the oil company with regard to batty technology, are in that movie and easily found on the internet. From Wiki:The film also showed that the company who had supplied batteries for EV-1 had been suppressed from announcing the improved batteries that can double the range of EV-1, and General Motors had sold the supplier's majority control share to an oil company. Towards the end of the film, an engineer explains that, as of the interview, lithium ion batteries, the same technology available in laptops, would have allowed the EV-1 to be upgraded to a range of 300 miles per charge.Your way out there far out you need oxygen..perhaps that is your problem? A lack of oxygen getting to your brain? As far as the Obama administration and being on the hook for companies that go under, and their pensioner' need to prove that assertion because I say your full of bat guano on that one. Give me a link that supports you on that.

  33. Since I asked you for proof, I will provide it regarding the batterys:In 1994, General Motors acquired a controlling interest in Ovonics's battery development and manufacture, including patents controlling the manufacture of large nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. In 2001, Texaco purchased GM's share in GM Ovonics. A few months later, Chevron acquired Texaco. In 2003, Texaco Ovonics Battery Systems was restructured into Cobasys, a 50/50 joint venture between Chevron and Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) Ovonics.[4] Chevron's influence over Cobasys extends beyond a strict 50/50 joint venture. Chevron held a 19.99% interest in ECD Ovonics as of a public filing made January 15, 2003.[5] In a later filing on May 17, 2005[6], Energy Conversion Devices announced that they had exercised an option to purchase back 4,376,633 shares of stock from a Chevron Subsidiary, and would cancel and return them to authorized-unissued status. This is the exact number of shares that was listed as owned by ChevronTexaco in the January 15, 2003 filing.Chevron also maintains veto power over any sale or licensing of NiMH technology.[7] In addition, Chevron maintains the right to seize all of Cobasys' intellectual property rights in the event that ECD Ovonics does not fulfill its contractual obligations.[7] On September 10, 2007, Chevron filed a legal claim that ECD Ovonics had not fulfilled its obligations. ECD Ovonics disputes this claim.[8] The arbitration hearing was repeatedly suspended while the parties negotiated with General Motors over the sale of Cobasys back to GM. As of March 2008, no agreement had been reached with GM.[9]

  34. The fact that she was part of a panel is irrelevant. It's irrelevant to you because it destroys your stupid argument.

  35. As what I have found on the internets regarding the PBGC, it shows you are once again full of bat quano: federal government's Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation was founded in 1974. How old was Obama then? real problem for GM workers were those that were injured at work slappy. The Obama administration has done NOTHING to increase the funds that PBGC pays out. From a law site: the bankruptcy filed on June 1, 2009, other concerns emerge. In a bankruptcy, the federal government permits a company to dump its promised obligations to pay pensions and health care benefits altogether (in order to ensure that the multinational company, with its new cheap foreign workforce, can go on to make lucrative profits). The federal government's Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, was designed to pay a portion of a retiree's pension if the bankrupt company doesn't. The PBGC is itself underfunded, will not pay anything for lost retiree health insurance, and will only pay a fraction of pension benefits promised especially to younger retirees. When a company files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay prevents any creditor from being paid. When Chrysler recently filed for bankruptcy, injured workers stopped receiving their comp checks. Chrysler (like Delphi and K-Mart) filed a motion with the bankruptcy judge to continue to pay out workers' comp and payments at least temporarily resumed. A bankrupt company can instead try to discharge their workers' compensation claims in bankruptcy. Michigan and other states filed objections to the proposed sale of Chrysler to Fiat because Fiat had not agreed to assume Chrysler's workers' compensation obligations. Fortunately, Fiat agreed to assume those costs on May 29, 2009.

  36. In fact, ole slappy..GM kept their obligations to the retired folks..which of course could throw their asses into bankruptcy again if they don't start selling cars. Where did you go slappy? 😉

  37. the fact that Sotomayor was part of panel is relevantlets play fantasyif the panel had voted 3-2 the other way NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER heard of her vote and she still would have voted the same waythis is pure GOP tactics – trash the candidate. call her a reverse racist. whatever. the fact is she is more qualified than either Roberts or ALito and definitely more than Thomas – then again anyone is more qualified than Thomasthe hearings were theatre and she would have nothing to do with itenough with the empathy and wise latina – alito said the same thing about his experience

  38. dusty,From the information — 10Qs, 13Ds, etc — you supplied, I see you are unable to comprehend any of it.If you were able to read and understand the documents, you would know that Ovonics and Energy Conversion Devices have been doing everything possible to commercialize the Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology.For whatever it's worth, I have an undergraduate degree in engineering. After doing a little engineering, some of it in energy, I went to Wall Street as an analyst and have covered a number of industries over the years.

  39. d-cap, you wrote:"lets play fantasy…if the panel had voted 3-2 the other way NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER heard of her vote and she still would have voted the same way"Your scenario is a fantasy. Every decision made by a Supreme Court nominee comes under review. Even papers submitted in law school are looked at.Sotomayor's New Haven decision stands out because it grants employers the power to discriminate against whites on a racial basis. But even if she and her colleagues were in the minority, their expressed view would exist.Anyway, she will become a member of the Supreme Court. There's no doubt. As for life experience shaping thinking — of course it does. And as her New Haven decision shows, in her experience whites always outscore blacks and hispanics on standardized written exams. Thus, in her view, discriminating against whites on the basis of race is fair.

  40. slappzit amazes me, for someone who is obviously intelligent, how much you just do not get it.but then again, most people who adhere to a thinking along GOP and conservative lines really dont get it – hence the mess we are in (and dont give me the crap it is obama's economy)i am done because i should know better that you enjoy just being a dick about things. you couldnt be MORE wrong about sotomayor and the New Haven case or even her whole testimony

  41. Hey slappz,When you have no comeback do you always toss out your educational background? It's sad and pathetic that you can not admit when you are wrong. But I take from this a feeling that I shut you the hell up since all you could respond with was your education and a couple of lines of meaningless words.Thanks for playing slappz lol!

  42. dusty,As I said, your comments about the world's battery industry show you know nothing about it.You made this lack of knowledge even more visible by referencing various SEC documents that you obviously cannot read.I mentioned my background merely to point out that I have training in science and engineering as well as business and finance. I read SEC documents virtually every day.The chief reason you are so easily fooled by silly movies like Who Killed the Electric Car is your lack of technical and financial knowledge.First, you have to admit to yourself that you do not have any meaningful knowledge of technical matters or the business side of the tech world.If you knew a little about battery chemistry and scientific reality, you would know that scientists have known about the voltage differentials between various elements and compounds for a long time. As I probably mentioned, batteries are 200 years old. A lot of effort has gone into making improvements, but success has come slowly because Nature is not very giving in this area.Anyway, the documents you posted show — in great detail — exactly what I said. I said a company with a world-beating technology would do everything possible to exploit that technology and make billions of dollars for itself. Unfortunately, the Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology is not a world-beater. Nevertheless, Energy Conversion Devices and Ovonics have given the NiMH technology a shot because it beats lead/acid battery technology. Meanwhile, the SEC documents also show the technology has failed to deliver on its initial promise. Furthermore, the documents show the Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology was licensed to a couple of Russian partners and to at least four Chinese partners. Moreover, the documents also mention a 170,000 square foot production facility for the batteries at a site in Ohio. This site was in addition to another site that was already operating at capacity.There was also some discussion of the battery technology itself. Ovonics claims NiMH batteries offer "more than twice the energy and life cycle of conventional lead acid batteries.""Twice the energy". In other words, the technology stinks. Twice is nothing. Battery energy density has to increase by a multiple of 10 and battery weight has to drop 80% before there's any hope of competing with gasoline. The Nickel Metal Hydride technology is a million miles away from that.

  43. Slappz..your opinion does not make it a fact. You evidently skimmed my comments and that's ok, because I have your number. When someone makes you look like a rightwing nutter, you go on a personal attack and once again tout your education and background..says a lot about you.Anyway, you said neither GM or the Oil Industry had a thing to do with battery technology..right dude?I proved they did. 🙂 Gawd forbid you acknowledge that. But no…you go ahead and attack me about what you perceive as my lack of knowledge and how simply wonderful and knowledgeable you are..LOL!Dusty-1 Slappz-0Now, where is the link to anything that supports your ridiculous comment about Obama giving away the bank to the GM retirees?

  44. dusty, you wrote:"Anyway, you said neither GM or the Oil Industry had a thing to do with battery technology..right dude?"Wrong. I said the auto industry does not build batteries. Never mentioned the oil industry except to state that car companies do not own oil companies.I realize that it takes some training before a person can read financial statements and understand some scientific principles. But reading one or two simple sentences should not throw you. However, I see it has.As for oil company — Texaco/Chevron — involvement with batteries, well, batteries are right up their alley. Batteries and oil = energy.Here's the current profile of Energy Conversion Devices, a publicly traded company:Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. commercializes materials, products, and production processes for the alternative energy generation, energy storage, and information technology markets. The company operates in two segments: United Solar Ovonic and Ovonic Materials. The United Solar Ovonic segment designs, manufactures, and sells proprietary thin-film solar (photovoltaic or PV) modules for converting sunlight into electricity. It sells these PV modules to commercial roofing materials manufacturers, builders and building contractors, and solar power installers/integrators. The Ovonic Materials segment invents, designs, and develops materials and products based on its materials science technology comprising NiMH materials and consumer battery technology. This segment also sells positive electrode nickel hydroxide materials for use in NiMH batteries. The company operates in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. Energy Conversion Devices was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

  45. Look Old Man, you called me a 911/truther because I said that GM and the Oil Companies were in cahoots to bury battery technology and that they bought into it just for that reason. I showed you where they did. Christ, do I have to cut and paste your fucking comments here so your feeble little mind will grasp it? For someone with all that edumacation, your pretty dense and extremely pathetic when it comes to admitting you were wrong.Now run along and act like a jackass somewhere else, your seriously pathetic at times but downright hysterical on occasion. Try using links to back up your bullshit. I already proved you wrong on two fronts and you never did come back with anything regarding your bloviating about Obama and the GM retirees.

  46. dusty, you wrtoe:"Look Old Man, you called me a 911/truther because I said that GM and the Oil Companies were in cahoots to bury battery technology and that they bought into it just for that reason."YOU said GM and Oil Companies were attempting to bury battery technology. I said you were wrong. And the material YOU gave as evidence of a cover-up confirmed your claim was false.You wrote: "I showed you where they did."Wrong again. Your documents agree with every statement I made.You wrote: "Christ, do I have to cut and paste your fucking comments here so your feeble little mind will grasp it?"Maybe if you cut and paste — and examine my comments — a small light will go on in your head. However, this is a big hope on my part since it is clear you do not understand the information in the SEC documents.The 9/11 Truthers are dense, gullible, credulous and/or delusional, and you are showing all the same traits.

  47. dusty, you wrote:"Try using links to back up your bullshit."I can do that, but since you cannot understand the contents of SEC documents or other credible sources of information it seems futile to provide the links.Meanwhile, if I were providing links to prove my points, I would use some of the same ones you chose. There are probably a few other Energy Conversion documents filed with the SEC that would add more support to my statements, but you would only misread them. However, if you want to learn about the business of a company, start with its 10-K. That's the SEC document in which a public company must tell the world what it does.You wrote:"I already proved you wrong on two fronts and you never did come back with anything regarding your bloviating about Obama and the GM retirees."The GM story requires an understanding of historical FACT as well as a capacity to interpret the impact of the government's 61% stake in GM. Since you cannot grasp the facts of events already in the past, it's unlikely you will understand how the ruse of the government/GM union will resolve itself a few years from now.

  48. LOL..and You, slappz, can not admit when you screwed up since Obama did nothing to change the PBGC . So have a nice day in your little world you pathetic little man. 😉

  49. dusty,Once again, you show your limited understanding of financial realities.You seem to have a fixation with the PBGC. I never suggested that PBGC was already saddled with problems coming from the new GM. Meanwhile, from your comments, it seems you have only recently discovered the existence of the PBGC.That aside, the taxpayers are going to get stuck with costs tied to the New GM because the New GM is going to bear a lot of similarities to the Post Office and Amtrak in a few years.The UAW did not commit suicide or abandon its membership.

  50. dusty,The GM bankruptcy has begun to shed its weight onto the US taxpayers — today's news:"U.S. to Take On Delphi Pensions, Easing Burden on GM"July 22 (Bloomberg) — Delphi Corp., the auto-parts maker in bankruptcy since 2005, will have a U.S. government agency take over its pension plans because former parent General Motors Co. is no longer able to assume them. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. agreed to take responsibility for funds covering 70,000 Delphi workers and retirees, according to a statement from the Washington-based agency today. The PBGC said it expects to be responsible for shortfalls of about $6.2 billion for plans covering hourly and salaried employees. The transfer, subject to court approval, would reduce the financial burden on GM as Troy, Michigan-based Delphi tries to exit court protection. GM said in a statement that it will pay $70 million in cash to the PBGC, as well as part of funding the automaker expects to get from the new company that acquires Delphi’s assets. For GM, “it gives them some additional cushion as they don’t have the looming liability out there coming back to their books,” said Mike Wall, an analyst at auto-industry consulting firm CSM Worldwide in Northville, Michigan. “This helps them right the ship and set their priorities going forward.” The PBGC said it will pay pension benefits only up to the limits set by law, which may reduce payouts for some workers. The current maximum is $54,000 a year for a 65-year-old, the agency said. ‘Stepping In’ “The PBGC is stepping in to protect the Delphi pensions because the restructuring Delphi cannot afford to maintain its pension plans and General Motors has stated it will not assume them,” the agency said in a statement. GM “until its recent restructuring in bankruptcy” had been expected to assume the entire obligation for the hourly- worker plan, after taking on about $2.5 billion in liabilities in September 2008, the PBGC said. The Detroit-based automaker emerged from court protection July 10 as a new company majority- owned by the U.S. government.

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