Posted by: distributorcap | August 1, 2009

Dear Mr. Sponsor, about your ads in Glenn Beck’s show…

There are a lot of idiot pundits to hate on the right. To me, the two most offensive are Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck. Why those two – who knows? Maybe because of all the characters and assholes on the right – those two are among the most stupid and mean-spirited (I know, all of them are mean-spirited). Malkin doesn’t even write her own stuff. Beck looks like the kind of person that was picked on and beat up as kid – too bad they didn’t beat any sense into him. Neither have one redeeming quality.

Today, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin are just a pathetic leaches, getting rich off the back of even bigger idiots who buy the shit they shovel every day. While Malkin only gets to appear as a “guest” on MSM shows – sadly Beck has his own program to pollute the airwaves/cable lines every day.

On that note – the only way to get your point across in capitalist America is to hit business in the place it hurts most – the pocketbook. Below is a letter to the advertisers on Beck’s Fox News program. Do boycotts work? Who knows? What I do know is in today’s climate every sale counts and that there are still many advertisers who avoid shows like Jerry Springer, Big Brother, Judge Judy and even Oprah because of controversy and subject matter. Why not add Beck?

Please feel free to use this letter as is, edit, change, link to, re-publish or whatever (for any other rightwing idiot also). The more people that write or email, the better. A list of Beck’s biggest advertisers is on the bottom – there are links to them all over the internets.

Chief Marketing Officer (or VP of Marketing)

Dear (Mr/Ms) xxxx:

In these tough economic times, why would a company like [xxxx] put themselves in a position to lose customers and revenue based on their marketing plans? With consumers stretched or holding back, and [xxx] needing to reach as many as customers as possible to keep business flowing – I assume generating any sort of negative press would be an unwelcome item in your media plans. After all, every sale counts these days. On that note, did you know that [product/company] is being advertised on a Fox News program hosted by Glenn Beck? In case you haven’t seen or heard, last week Mr. Beck went on a different Fox show – Fox & Friends and called President Obama a racist. Not only did he call the President a racist, but he also said that President Obama “hated white people.” Controversial to say the least, wouldn’t you agree?

The near collapse of our banking system and the deep recession we are currently experiencing means this country has a long road back to financial stability. On top of that, people like Mr. Beck are raising the political temperature and rancor with respect to economic and social policies to an all time high. This combination is proving to be lethal to many businesses – as many firms have found it necessary to cut back, lower their goals, lay-off workers, declare bankruptcy or even close their doors. I would think the last thing a company like [xxxx] would want to experience is a further erosion in sales due to association with a hate-monger like Mr. Beck.

Glenn Beck has the license to say whatever he pleases, no matter how outrageous or how unfounded. That is one of the beauties of this country – freedom of speech. On the other side, while this freedom exists, it also exists with some boundaries. This is why you cannot shout “fire” in a crowded movie theater – there needs to be consideration for other people and some respect for the truth, both also traditions and (alleged) norms in our society. Mr. Beck’s accusations, without one iota of proof, example or historical reference are nothing more than hate speech akin to yelling fire in a theater. They were made to turn up the heat (or rather hate) on an administration he does not agree with or like. We are all free (and encouraged) to disagree with the policies of the opposing sides, what is not acceptable are hate and lies for the sake of hate and lies (and in Beck’s case – higher ratings). What is also not acceptable is outright or even tacit endorsement of such divisive speech.

Whether you agree or not, to this consumer who gets freedom of choice in spending my limited dollars, the placement of advertisements for [product/company] in his show says that you are endorsing the views, style and hate coming from the mouth of Glenn Beck. Call it guilt by association. I find it both offensive and irresponsible that [product/advertiser] finds it necessary to attract customers using Beck’s program as the messenger. Just because the show has high ratings, it does not mean it will translate into higher sales, especially if consumers like myself find Mr. Beck distasteful.

So while Glenn Beck has exercised his right of free speech and you have exercised your right to advertise in his Fox show, I am exercising my right to not buy the your products advertised in Beck’s show. Or any product of yours for that matter. I will also encourage my friends and family to boycott (yes the nasty B-word) your products. It would be nice to see a company like [xxxx] take a stand and withdraw their advertisements without any threats, but apparently the only way to turn down the rancor and hate is to hit sponsors in the pocketbook. To that end, until you remove your advertisements from Mr. Beck’s program and issue a statement to that matter, consider me one less consumer for your products.

That is why we have choice.


Some of his biggest advertisers (yes many are Direct Response advertisers, but that is no excuse for not avoiding his program):

Nutrisystem, Orbitz, Sharper Image, TD Ameritrade, Geico, Scooter Store, Rosland Capital, UPS, Men’s Wearhouse, UPS, (aren’t they everywhere and they are not free), Ditech, Wall Street Journal, ADT, Pharamcia, Apple, Sprint, Lowe;s, Susan G. Komen Foundation(!), Mitsubishi, Procter & Gamble, Avis, Verizon, Exxon Mobil, Zyrtec, Doubletree, Steinmart, Purina Beggin Strips, Bose, Tylenol, Applebees, Target, Amway, Subaru, 1-800-Flowers, DirecTV, Joseph A. Bank, Michael J. Fox Foundation (again !), Red Lobster


  1. Oh great, now you're going to make Beck cry and we're all going to drown in such briny seas and it's all going to be your fault.

  2. randal, there is nothing like seeing a grown racist cry. Beck is so offensive it is actually almost laughable.

  3. I genuinely believe that Beck is nuts. Never mind "mentally challenged." He's deranged. I guess it's good that his family won't go hungry because of his pay as an "on-air personality" for lack of a better description, but there is NO OTHER VENUE anywhere that he could be successful in. Could you see this guy in an office? Or working in a store? Or even driving a cab? He'd be out on his ass before long before his 90-day probation period was up. He has no genuine worth, just a big mouth. He is fortunate (for the time being — they all flame out eventually) that he is earning an income as the result of the poor judgment of his employer and his audience, much of which is just as unhinged as he is. He won't last. Enjoy him (ha ha) while you can.

  4. volly you are rught – he wont last, but he gets the last laugh – millions of dollars. think of all the teachers, social workers and other assorted professions that actually DO REAL and GOOD work and get paid bubkus – but Beck – millions to hate. nauseating.and our fault – people buy the products that are allow him to spew you said – no worth, and he is mentally unstablemaking this even more offensive

  5. Hi Cap;Finally a man who knows how to really fix this world.Hit them in the pocket book for green is the supreme being :)Congratulations 🙂

  6. ich – thanksbut i wish i could fix the worldone step at a small as this is — i have written before and it has surprised me how many do actually write back – and not send form letterswhat is the bigger shame is we even have to do this

  7. Sometimes I think about pretending to be a Republican wingnut and getting my own radio show just to rake in money.After manking about $10 mil, I'd announce that my listeners and fans are idiots, that it was all a farce and tell all of them to take a flying fuck.:)

  8. Thanks for doing this D'Cap.. I have a list of some of them and a link to the addresses of some of them. I put up a post about this the other day. I think it is something we have to start doing, we have to start calling these idiots out. The worse part of this is that I really don't think he actually believes all of this, like Hannity I believe it is all an act. He is only in it for the money, and if he starts to lose advertisers it will stop.. Buchanan as we talked is a different matter, he actually believes the shit he puts out. The scary part is that while they spew this stuff they rile up the ones that listen to them. Thanks again.. I really appreciate your call to arms and your letter.

  9. kz – the fact that these get 5 cents is so disturbing…. but then again the fact they even have listeners/viewersannette – thanks. i will digress – i actually think Beck is a racist and believes his shit. some of the others it is an act – like Coulter. but if it is an act – THAT MAKES IT WORSE. we all know how many people really think Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Malkin, Coulter, Goldberg and a slew of others think these are REAL journalists with more knowledge than the average Joe the Plumber. the rts in the NYC subways are smarter than any of those. and the fact this "advanced" society allows hate to pass off as news for the sake of a few benjamins.well no wonder we are like Rome at the fall

  10. i think glenn blechhh is a lot like chimpy. he's an addict who had to replace one addiction for another. they both chose religion, and they are both empty vessels into which others pour shit, and from which the shit is recycled. they have no true convictions, only that which others tell them to believe. they simply aren't smart enough to figure out anything for themselves. i don't think either one truly believes in anything. that is, except that they believe that they truly believe. it's a mental house of cards that will fall with the first good gust of wind.

  11. I have to agree that Beck believes this shit, as does Hannity, Buchanan, Gordon Liddy, and many others. To assume that any of them are doing it just for the money in my opinion dangerously underestimates them. Gordon Liddy, who was on Hardball recently about the "birthers", made mention of several military officers that are refusing orders to be sent overseas because they do not believe Obama is the legitimate president. Many of the wingnuts I'm around openly speak about how they believe Obama will declare martial law and throw anyone who voted against him into camps.I've had several beers so I know this idea is crazy but right now I wouldn't put too much beyond anything happening.

  12. Beside our vote, for what little value there remains, we have our remaining collective voices and cash as our last non-violent voice.The organization of targeted boycotts would be difficult without media inaccessible to the masses. It would take an online campaign of historical magnitude to pull it off. So we keep trying for as long as we can.In the meantime we have to call, write, plead, and scream, if need be, and rattle their cages as often as possible.I bet things could be different if we all called advertisers, congressional reps and senators every week.If we won't be freedom fighters, no one will do it for us.

  13. Excellent post, as usual, DCap.And Karen…I hear you. I think about it too, but since we have scruples–and consciences–I doubt that either one of us could pull it off. The Becks, Malkins, Limbaughs of the world don't give a shit. They will literally do anything for a buck. Like common street hookers.

  14. I hate to see a grown man cry, that's why I love to see Beck cry.

  15. Glenn Beck easily has 30 times more viewers on FIXED Noise than he had on CNN.I remember seeing Beck on CNN and I thought, who the hell is this nutcase? His ratings were totally in the gutter but, Time Warner really made an investment in this Mormon alki.But alas, CNN lost out and Beck took his crazy circus to FIXED Noise. He's a moneymaker for Rupert Murdock and as long as he attracts an audience, Beck ain't going nowhere.The only way to trim the kooks from cable news is to restore the Fairness Doctrine.

  16. I wouldn't mind seeing Glen Beck cry some more. Luckily, I hardly ever SEE Michele Malkin, as I never tune in to Faux News, no that i haven't heard her in the past. I'm all for trying the boycott process, but with Faux – it is the almighty $$$. I need major drugs when I know Man Coulter is going to be on one of my CNN shows. I honestly believe, that she/he believes the garbage spewing from her mouth.

  17. I don't have dish/cable, so I am not subjected to these lunatics. Still launching a campaign to hit both the advertisers AND the network. The network needs to hear they are offensive AND you will boycott advertisers and that you have notified the advertisers. Like you said…. if it effects cash flow, it will be addressed. Sigh.

  18. The problem Dcap is that the advertisers pay ad rates based on eyeballs viewing a program. They don't care one way or another what people think as long as they have "potential" buyers. The other problem is that some on the left will risk their vision and sanity to actually watch this blathering on a daily basis just to comment.I say stop it. Let's nominate one person to check it out and risk permenent brain damage and report back.

  19. Demeur,Media Matters and FAIR do a great job doing just that for us.Media Matters for America ( ) and Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) (

  20. I think my Big Two lately are Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs.Great letter! I just might have to send out a few of these.

  21. Dcap-you and me both! I cannot stand Beck!!! Arrrgh! The mere sight of his ultra- stupid face really makes me enraged. My standard "test" if you will is I think: if this guy wasn't a raging extreme right asshole, would I be able to hang with him/her? With Beck-there is no question-NO! I just don't like the guy. Ok I actually hate him-I do! Even with Hannity maybe-(there's like a 10% chance) that maybe we might find some non-political thing to laugh about/discuss-music-maybe not-if he really does-(I think its a "show")-like right wing country music! Malkin-same thing-pretty much. They are just distasteful, turds, these people. Sorry to rant about this-(whenever Newshounds or CnL has a clip of Beck, I have to leave my two cents!If I had a list of them-Beck would be at the top!

  22. Volly said that Beck, being insane, could not find any other place to work where he wouldn't be out on his ass within a week. But then he'd be crying foul play and using the ADA to say he was wrongfully terminated. He'd say it's not his fault he couldn't do the job because he's a fucking lunatic, then get a multi million $ disability settlement. After all that, Fox News would still give him his own show to do, because then he'd be a hero who was being screwed by the system, but he wasn't crazy he was smart, and he beat those liberal jew bastards at their own game, bwahahahaha. You can't win with these ignorant fucks, because they are sociopaths who will stop at nothing to get their vitriol heard. Meanwhile, GE is silencing the anchors over at MSNBC because they all pick on Billy Boy so much.It's fucking bullshit. The best thing that can happen is maybe one day one of these nut jobs that they inspire to go on a killing spree will walk right into the Fox News offices and start firing. How's that for ironic justice?

  23. Amway is run by rabid conservotards anyway. They don't just tacitly endorse his message, they proclaim it from the rooftops.

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