Posted by: distributorcap | August 21, 2009

Here’s The Story

Here’s the story of a man named Obama
Who could govern with an iron will.
Then the Congress decided they knew better,
And decided to craft their own confusing health care bill.

Here’s the story, of a dork named Grassley,
Who was busy with Death Panels of his own,
Then the finance committee, they got together
and decided they would toss no one a bone

Till the one day when the our Prez met this Grassley
And he knew it would be much more than beer with lunch,
That this gang of six would form an awful policy.
That’s the way they all became the Health Care Bunch.
The Health Care Bunch,

That’s the way they all became the Health Care Bunch.
The Health Care Bunch.


  1. Mister, we could use a man like Hoybit Hoover again.

  2. W00T! I love this song, you rock DCap! 😉

  3. Grassley, Grassley, Grassley!

  4. Grassly! Watch out for that football! Ouch! Who's gonna pay for that broken nose?

  5. This brightened my day… even though it's a little saddening… but anything with a Brady Bunch spin on it makes me smile.

  6. Here's ObamaWho we once trustedThen he threw his lot in with this slimy bunchThen he chucked it all to go out on vacationSo he, the wife and kids can go eat brunchI hope he's chosen as a vacation locale GetYourShitTogetherVille so he can return to DC with his balls re-attached.

  7. Brilliant! No…Stupendously Brilliant!

  8. max baucus is sam the butcher. he's butchering anything in the bill that doesn't favor the insurance companies.

  9. Great reworking, DCap. But it's not congress or Grassley or Baucus that's responsible for the current state of affairs. If Obama and his team really wanted strong health care reform, they wouldn't have taken single payer off the table. That was the sign. And Glenn Greenwald has written about this recently saying the same thing–Obama wants this (i.e., a shitty health care "reform" bill). Man, I knew I would be disappointed with his administration, but not this quickly nor this strongly. Wake me up in 2011, 'kay? Because maybe there will be a primary, that's why.

  10. The hills are alive with the sound of music . . .Ah ah ah ah

  11. If his "O"-Ness fucks this up and fails to pass healthcare reform without the public option (I wanted Single-Payer), then I think, and I believe, the president will have a difficult time making a credible case to the voters why we should reelect him in 2012.I always said, I want four things from Obama:1. the troops out of Iraq2. universal healthcare3. the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'4. the repeal of DOMAIf he delivered, I would be happy with him. If he fails to deliver on these four items, then I want him gone from office in 2012.Is this too much to expect???

  12. Christopher: That's interesting. I should think about what my bottom line for supporting Obama in 2012 would be.

  13. So great DCap. I'm hoping that September will prove to be one of the most interesting on record. Bill Maher had Chuck Todd and a Dem. rep on last night…and they presented some interesting proposals as to how this should have been presented in the first place. Maybe the "powers that be" were listening.

  14. Seems like a dysfunctional family, for sure.

  15. Hillary's not looking so bad about now. At least she's performing her job efficiently.

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