Posted by: distributorcap | September 11, 2009

Road Trip

Folks – this is your Republican Party – a episode of I Love Lunacy

Upon learning that Lunacy and Rickety (Joe Wilson) are preparing a motor trip to Washington, Mrs. McNutjob (who was not euthanized by a death panel) shows up at the Retardo apartment, insisting on going along for the ride. Through a series of lies, town halls, and teabag parties, Fried (Samuel Wurzelbach) and Methane (Michelle Bachmann) become convinced that they’ve been “uninvited” to accompany the Retardos to the White House — and when this happens, Lunacy refuses to go as well. When Fried tries to pack the car with all the luggage, Lunacy remarks “I should have shot you like Cheney.” Even more complications ensue before the trip can get under way with the now-famous rendition of “US White House, Here We Come”

US White House, Here We Come
Just the place we’ll dictate from
Where bowers of birthers
Teabag in the House
We’ll make sure – no Health Care
Cause the GOP lies and then they grouse
The rightwing loonies say, “You Lie”
That’s why we get the media’s eye
Open up your purse so high
US White House, Here We Come


  1. Thats great. Fred Mertz could run this country better !! LOL

  2. Man, the GOP has really run off the rails . . . How about that lobbyist's "eye-patch" in Cali?

  3. Lunacy;"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"LMFAO, Dude, you have some serious talent.

  4. Methane? Retardos?BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. D'Cap..just when I think you can't do any better…you do.. I love it.. Great job and wonderful way to highlight the lunacy…lol

  6. Oh, Lunacy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

  7. Another super post. At this point Lucy and Desi could handle their party better. The lunacy and STUPID just go on and on!!

  8. D'Cap,Thanks for a great laugh to start a day.Fried would be a great President.Nicely done!

  9. Damn it Graves! You swine you stole my line!

  10. perfect, but with parents like that, i hate to think of what little pricky would be like.

  11. thanks to all of usand little pricky! love itwe have become one giant Lucy episode – except it aint funny

  12. Great minds, DC. You're lookin good, old friend. Imagine that the once great Republican party of Abraham Lincoln has come to this.

  13. Ha! Where's little Ricky? Abstinence only, my great Aunt Gertrude!

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