Posted by: distributorcap | September 12, 2009

Separate But Equal

In 1896, the US Supreme Court ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson, that separate but equal’ was constitutional, making segregation the law of the land. In a sweeping 7-1 decision, the Court, led by Chief Justice Melville Fuller, legalized and institutionalized discrimination by allowing any entity (in the Plessy case it was the railroads) to create a separate area for ‘anyone’ (read: blacks).

58 years later, in 1954, the US Supreme Court finally overturned that travesty under Brown v. Board of Education. The Earl Warren led-court ruled 9-0 that separate but equal public schools for black and white students denied black children equal educational opportunities. Legal segregation ended, but now society had to be transformed

55 years later, in 2009, the US Congress, under scumbag Joe Wilson of South Carolina – decided 1-534 to revert to pre-1954 America and show the entire world that the President of the United States needs his own separate but equal White House. Joe Wilson’s little moment in the sun announced out loud and for the world that Barack Obama did not deserve the respect afforded to the President in such a setting, that he did not belong as Chief Executive, and that he should not be addressing the US Congress.

Yes, Wilson’s shout of ‘you lie’ was that bad and that obvious. And the GOP is relishing every moment of it.

Despite 8 years of lies – proven lies – by George Bush, no Democratic congressman heckled Bush during one of his inarticulate and fact-light speeches. While many Congressmen and Senators might have been twisting as Bush talked about such non-truths as “yellow cake” and other assorted prevarications over the years, not one of them shouted or booed during his speeches. While Bush might have earned his animosity, if anything, he did deserve some respect when he addressed the Congress and nation. Our elected representatives could then could heckle all they want when the House and Senate were back in session. [Then again, there is a good rule – when someone is digging themselves into sink hole as Bush constantly did, let them do it without interruption].

While the decorum around political debate has been sliding into the cess pool for years, the outburst of Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina in front of hundreds of millions worldwide was a ‘jump the shark’ moment in many ways and put an end to any pretense of ‘bipartisanship’. For more proof of the GOP’s complete lack of interest in Obama’s speech, Representative Eric Cantor was caught on camera tweeting on his blackberry. At least Representative John Shimkus had the ‘decency’ to walk out in the middle of the speech.

What is going is plain as day. While the ‘media’ is tiptoeing around this – I won’t. We have blatant, obvious, in-your-face and undeniable – RACISM. The rump of the Republican party, along with their mouthpieces on Fox News, the lecture circuit and talk radio – (choose your invective) hate/loath/despise/disdain/detest/abhor the fact a Black man is our Chief Executive. They simply cannot deal with it. And when a Republican cannot deal with something – they kick, scream and make a scene. A time-out wouldn’t be enough.

President Obama better get used to this – the GOP in Congress will do anything to make him fail (not look bad – fail). He could cure cancer and they would outright laugh in his face. And with a good chunk of the media enabling and legitimizing the behavior of cretins like Wilson, Beck, Grassley, Limbaugh etc. – there is a very good chance they will succeed in their Karl Rovesque tasks.

Considering a large section of the population of this country is pretty stupid (these are the same people who are fighting to keep the million dollar salaries of insurance company executives in place over a more affordable health plan for themselves – that is pretty stupid) they will fall for the tactics lock, stock and death panel.

Look at what has transpired over the past few months. Glenn Beck has been unabashedly proud about his hate for President Obama. He finds humor in saying Obama hates white people and is a racist. Limbaugh is no better – the diarrhea out his mouth is just as disgusting – only Beck’s sheer insanity has stolen the limelight from the shadow GOP party leader. Pastor Steve Anderson of the Faithful World Baptist Chuch (CHURCH folks, CHURCH) – leads his congregation in prayers for Obama to get brain cancer. The underlings, under the whispered direction of whackjobs like those three – have been bringing guns to town halls and speeches by Obama and other Democrats.

Two words – Brown shirts.

But it wasn’t until Wednesday that the Republicans in the halls of power out-and-out showed their contempt for this African-American President – by calling him a liar. Yes several, including McCain (who for a lunatic at least has some class) asked Wilson to apologize. Wilson obliged by giving a half-assed, insincere, obviously forced apology. It looked like a kid apologizing for toilet papering a house on Halloween – he got caught but was still glad he did it. But most of the GOP elders and leadership – DEAFENING SILENCE. Bush, Cheney, Cantor, Erection, McConnell, Blunt, Romney, Huckabee, Rice – nothing.

And you know what nothing mean – tacit approval.

So having found his 15-minutes of fame, Joe Wilson has decided to make hamburger out of his cow shit. He has gone on the internets soliciting for money. You have to watch his disgraceful begging to actually believe it. He is an embarrassment to this country and to the human race. Better yet – one poll showed 68% of Republicans approve of his conduct. To the country’s credit, his opponent for the seat in ’10 has raised over $1 million so far.

While I do believe that anyone Democrat in the White House would be subject to the “hell hath no fury like a Republican scorned” obstructionism of the GOP – the hate has been turned up a couple of notches by the color of his skin. Until someone finally calls the GOP out on their increasingly errant and dangerous behavior – my fear is we will head down a road of no turning back.

And since the media doesn’t want to talk about the blatant racial overtones – everyone else should. Separate but equal – equal as defined by the GOP.

This is not snark – this is what is going on.


  1. Exactly, you are 100% right.. I have believed this from day one. It is and has been obvious and yet no one is really calling them out on it.. I agree it needs to be done and should be done over and over again. One of the new bloggers who comes to my site and comments named Sue did a post the other day calling out some of the people who comment on her blog and the GOPer's for this same thing. Thanks for this D'Cap, between the racism, and the right wing religion creeping back in we can be in big trouble if we aren't careful.

  2. Ditto. Ditto.Found some pix of the Fascist Bund ralies in NYC in 1939, and of the KKK in DC in 1925. The Tea Baggers et alia are updated versions. The KKK scoundrels are carrying US flags; the Bund, US flags and one with swastika. Even more connected, though, in symbols, at an interior meeting of the Bund, there's a huge image of George Washington and several of the original Thirteen star flag — just like the current crop of brown shirts. Keep at it, man.

  3. the most sickening thing to me is how so many of them are employed by the 24/7 news channels. ed schultz keeps giving that piece of shit tancredo a platform, and pat buchanan is all over msnbc. of course, faux news has a racist box you have to check on their job applications to be considered for employment. i haven't watched a lot of cnn lately, but i'm sure they're given face time there, too.

  4. The only way to fight racism is to grab it by the scruffy pencil neck and drag it down screaming in its pee-stained tighty whities to the town square for an old-fashioned 'understanding session'.No appeasement. No turning the other cheek. No 'kumbaya' or 'Can't we all just get along'. And no mercy.A simple choice for racists – Change now and forever, or suffer painful consequences that don't stop when you start to cry or beg…A binary hopefully even the most doggedly ignorant will comprehend fully.

  5. Hi Cap;It may be my ignorance of the fellow who yelled out during the speech, but I didn't take it as racist, more in line with frustration.When I read articles about someone in congress contemplating fining families without "health insurance" $3,800 a year and seeing money funneling out for bail outs, wars to nowhere and nukes, I can understand the anger.There is deep seated anger on both sides of the fence. I am not a fool and realize there is a lot of racism and class distinctions in America as in other countries.Obama has back pedaled or changed his tune on a few issues, even before he became president. He is not the only President who has done this.I don't see much difference in Obama or George W Bush other than oratory and visibility.I also realize the President is not a king, so he is limited to what he can do.Until the people of America can set aside their differences and prevent this polarization, it will get worse as the extremists on both sides are playing this to the hilt.I see the need for getting rid of the "health insurance" the way it is now and the unreasonable costs involved in the health care field.I also understand people who are questioning how all this will be paid for.There is no easy answer. In my household, when I am pinched for coin, I make choices to what is necessary and ditch that which is not. Common sense. Democrats and Republicans manage households.I can't understand how the government is running its household. It appears they really can't get it together.If the man yelled in frustration, I can understand it. If it was racism, no.

  6. bravo dcap … would love to repost this over at a world of progress ( with all appropriate attribution of course … up for that?

  7. I read your blog Dcap but rarely comment and I also agree you are right on and it is truly racism that I am seeing too. I guess I wonder if it was just there all along and I missed it because it was not so public?

  8. hews writer – of course – feel free to republishich – this is frustration and racism – the rancor would not be this bad if this was anyone else – even Hillary

  9. Hi Cap;I don't agree for one simple reason…money.We have come to idolize money, the means to power, happiness, security, health care, status, education.We exist because of money.For many in America, the source of money is threatened.We are seeing the consequences of that fear. It may result in racism, lack of respect for fellow man, but many people are now learning or seeing what life is without coin.That is scary. Millions had shares in GM, Chrysler, AIG, Lehmann and others wiped out, retirement and college savings funds are now gone.We don't hear much about the real losers these days. Credit card companies are canceling cards, reducing limits and people are worried about next week. Unemployment benefits for many will start running out soon.That will cause more rancor than anything else.While many in America are dealing with bill collectors, past due slips, they see and hear their government going further in debt than they can imagine, even further than the indvidual can handle his or her debt.I think that is the prime motivator. This is turning into a crisis of those who have against those who have not.That will aggravate other unsociable behaviors.

  10. 2010 will tell us a lot. Hope it kicks these fringe loonies out of office.

  11. When Joe the Cracker called out, "You lie!" I wonder if he intentionally left out "boy" at the end?I'm thinking of making a new bumper sticker that says, "He won, get over it."

  12. Liberal South Carolina underground calling from the very center of Joe Wilson's power base to report the situation is far worse than you can imagine. Joe is not some escaped mutant but a prime example of the type of person that inhabits Lexington county. Changing cultural niceties prevent the open burning of crosses in the more suburban areas, although what goes on in the backwoods is different,but racist habits are alive and well.During the campaign when Michelle Obama said something about finally being a proud American I happen to overhear my son's piano teacher rant to a friend over the phone about Michelle's comment. The utter contempt was palatable and only based on how she perceived Michelle as a black radical out to spoil America.Of course this piano teacher wasn't happy with McCain either, she felt he was too liberal and at the time was supporting Romney or Huckabee. All things considered her "hate" was rather mild compared to others who regularly joke about how long they think it will take for someone to assassinate the president.On a different subject one television pundit talked about much money Joe Wilson's opponent raised after Wilson's ignorance he showed during the president's address. Knowing the average person in this county Joe's seat is safe and there has actually been a reaction with Joe Wilson raking in money for his campaign. In short, Joe ain't going anywhere!

  13. I think the fact the Joe is a member of the group The Sons of the Confederacy kind of says it all don't you?

  14. Hey D Cap! Thanks for calling a spade a spade. I thought of that right away when I read the story of what he did. He has no respect for the president because he's Black, and you can be damn sure he wouldn't have done that if he were a white male.The incease in contributions to Wilson's opponent is at least a glimmer of hope for decency …

  15. I would like to say the racism I see originates exclusively in Republican circles but the reality is, I see it oozing from liberal Democrats, too.Two years ago, during the primary, when I decided to support candidate Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, I was accused by some — mostly Hillary supporters of over-playing the race card. They said I saw racism where none existed.Well, nearly 9 months into President Obama's first term and the racism I said was very much part of the political landscape is more omnipresent than ever.People can say what they will but I think, and I believe, these kooks won't quit until they harm Mr. Obama. I don't mean harm him politically, I mean harm him physically. There are the phony Christian preachers in Tempe, AZ saying "Obama must die." The Secret Service reports they receive 30 credible threats targeting President Obama each day.I don't get it. I don't pretend to get it. All I know is the hatred and the racism directed at our president by miserable Americans on both sides of the political aisle is very disturbing. I hope ObamaCare provides treatment for Obama Derangement Syndrome before something truly awful happens.

  16. The roots of deception run deep, though. I can't get my father to see it because he's so wrapped up in the justifications and rationalizations for said justifications.

  17. The only time anyone made waves in a Bush address was I think during a State of the Union address– he said "Parts of the Patriot act are about to expire", and one lone democrat applauded.But in that presentation applause is an appropriate response. So much applause goes on in those addresses, you start to think you are watching a nature special of trained seals. If they cut out the applause, the speech would be about 15 minutes. Anyway applauding (even if solo) was within "decorum", yelling at the President "you lie" is immature & childish. Any congressperson has every right to disagree w the president. But that does not give them the right to yell out some rude name calling. If looks could kill, Pelosi would have shot Wilson dead right then & there. Wilson did apologize to the president, but he has now said no more apologies. There are rumors of him making a formal apology in the House of Reps, or face being censured….. In any case– the gloves are off. Don;t know how public it will be, but I'm guessing a new goal in the 2010 election for Dems, is to have Wilson kicked to the curb. Out of there. He made history. He also probably made his political career history as well. Maybe the silver lining is he made the entire GOP look bad.

  18. Ha! I love the sign! I might steal that… ;o)

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