Posted by: distributorcap | September 16, 2009

All They Can Offer is….

Lipton Beck is a sensitive moron whose lack of interest in the “manly” pursuits of sports, race-baiting and girls labels him “sister-boy” at the cable channel he works at. Head master Pekoe Ailes’ paramour, Nestle Bachmann, sees Lipton’s suffering at the hands of the progressives, and tries to help him find himself.

Rightwing-ness is not all swagger and mountain climbing. It’s also creepiness.


  1. Love the poster. That's great.. You did good work.

  2. Just don't ever do From Here To Eternity with Beck rolling on the beach with his tears.

  3. Please! Never again offer a scenario where Lipton and Nestle might ever breed.Talk about your demon spawn.

  4. True, but at least he knows how to brew a nice strong cuppa shit-brand Chamomile. I hear he's a two-bag man.

  5. …and outright craziness!

  6. Dcap that is one huge teabag! And the one in Beck's mouth is huge too!! lol

  7. I can feel the throw-up coming in the back of my throat, DCap.

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