Posted by: distributorcap | September 17, 2009

Caption this….

Stealing an idea from our good friend Tengrain — it is Fashion Week here in New York and I decided to be part of the scene.

Straight from the studio of RBC (designer extraordinaire – Reechard Brewce Chanee) – the straight out of the terrorist bunker look…..

My mother told me I should never wear stripes with polka dots.
Then again when do I ever listen to my mother


  1. Looks like a blend between Darth Vader & the KKK??

  2. "I'm too sexy for my hatToo sexy for my hat what do you think about that…"

  3. Pac Man's ghosts updated?

  4. Rhode Island sorta beat me to it… it wasn't until just now that the Pac Man connection was clear. Regards,Tengrain

  5. Here's mine.

  6. he has the same designer as dumb donald from fat albert and the cosby kids.

  7. Not a look for you. Besides, you are too handsome for that hat.

  8. D'Cap,A true vision…of what I am not certain.

  9. Is that Chevy Chase before he became famous?

  10. Dumb Donald from Fat Albert hides among crackerdom.

  11. Nice Shoes

  12. "look at me how cool I am with my tin foilpith helmet painted white"

  13. Holy shit, he looks just like the character "Gerald" from Steve Lafler's legendary comic strip "aAluminum Foil"

  14. Benb and Gerald

  15. He should've lined up the eyeholes so he could see BEFORE he picked out the rest of the outfit.

  16. He's not wearing it right, where are the knee socks?

  17. Also called, "Why Straight Guys Should Not Design Clothing."

  18. foks — i went out and bought one of these. i am just about to walk around Union Square.LOL

  19. "Boy am I glad they let me wear this hat, that way this crappy modeling job won't come back to haunt me."

  20. Hey, I think Levi Johnston's first stab at modeling was pretty good.Not just anyone can pull off polka dots.

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