Posted by: distributorcap | September 17, 2009

Something in the DC Air

What the hell is in the air on Capitol Hill.

I think it is time for a third party. The two we have are really not much different except one at least has the guts to be more obviously insane.

Max Baucus – Democrat of Montana, finalized released his “health care bill” – the one he has been holed up for months working on, the one only his gang of six could participate in, the one that would bring us all together as one big happy family.

“Why a four year old child could understand this. Run out and get me a four year old child, I can’t make head or tail out of it.”

As every sane person has said – Max made a lot insurance companies very happy. His bill would actually make families earning $66,000+ – pay more. His bill would force people with pre-existing conditions off insurance for 6 months if they change. No public option, forced insurance (or pay a a fine), and a ton of other ridiculous proposals.

To put it mildly – I don’t think the Republicans could have come up with such a gift to insurance companies. And while this has little chance of passing – the fact that this is what we are given as a “starting point” for debate is nothing short of insulting. Watching Baucus talk about this with a straight face was actually right out of a Marx Brothers movie. To quote Groucho again from my favorite movie “He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.”

Thanks Max

99 totally clueless, pathetic and embarrassing people have been chosen to usher this country forward. There is no doubt in my mind whatever bill gets passed will make a bad situation – even worse.


  1. this is just so disgraceful that there are no words. max and the rest of them need to be bombarded with pictures of people who died or are suffering, because their insurance companies refused to pay for their care. i know you aren't supposed to wish bad things on anyone, so i won't say anything further about max.

  2. Hi Cap;No one has the guts in congress to put forth a simple system, government administered and paid for by taxpayer dollars.Even though Canada's system is reviled in the US, I do not personally know anyone who is suffering or dying as they can't get medical attention.That says it all.The USA is not what is represented to its own people. Less than a year ago the Russians actually predicted a breakup of the Union.Divided, it shall fall. I see it happening with the rancor between left and right. They should outlaw Republican and Democrat and start a party called Sanity.

  3. I'm really weary of hearing about the Canadian and the UK systems as examples of what we can do here.We already have a perfectly good single-payer model in the U.S. and it's called Medicare.Medicare takes .4 cents of each dollar for administrative costs, compared to .30-to-.40 cents per dollar insurance companies take for administrative costs.Is Medicare perfect? Of course not, nothing is perfect. What the Feds could do is close the 20% of expenses not covered and increase reimbursement to doctors, PAs, and nurse practitioners.By making Medicare available for all Americans, the insurance business is removed from the healthcare equation. You get instant cost containment too. What's more, doctors, PAs and nurse practitioners like Medicare because they don't have to spend an hour on the phone arguing with a clerk in Phoenix making $7 an hour to approve a test or a procedure.

  4. Once the white slavery begins, I hope I don't get one of the really crappy tasks, like being the butler at the Baucus household.

  5. Hi Christopher;What you say makes sense and is logical. Why aren't they doing it?

  6. Reason why Doctors don't like Medicare for all? Because Medicare pays $35 an office visit and private ins. will pay more. Medicare fixes prices- doctor in million dollar state of the art office gets paid same per visit as the family practitioner in the strip shopping plaza. Can't have that, can we.How do doctors in heavy medicare populated areas compensate? By practicing assembly line medicine, think volume. 5 mins with the doctor, and out you go! Unfortunately the winner will be the ones with the clout- Insurance companies & Doctors.

  7. Whatever plan they pass you can bet the insurance companies will be taken care of by the government. That's why Christopher's plan is sensible but as you all may know we live in a FASCIST CORPORATIST OLIGOPOLY. They will not destroy insurance companies.

  8. Ichabod,I think and I believe, because it removes the insurance industry from universal healthcare.Insurance is every bit as powerful in Washington as oil, Big Pharma, crack and hookers.

  9. It ain't over till it's over. Unfortunately, this topic will go on through November. Obama will then get something workable AS A REFORM, and we can move on. I hope!

  10. I think there need to be four parties: Democrats, Republicans, Progressives and the DRA: Dumbshit Racist Assholes.

  11. Plain & simple Baucus is an industry whore. Montana should do a recall.

  12. The neat things is that Senile McCain, Sweet Lindsey, and Elmer Joe Lieberman Fudd all have their panties in a uproar now because the president decided not to build that stupid missile defense system in Europe.No money for health care but shit we got to spend money on an unproven system so we can keep the Russians nervous.


  14. Mandated purchase of private insurance!!!I hope there's still some respect somewhere in the Courts for the Constitution that will stop a tax JUST FOR BEING ALIVE.On the other hand Illegals will not have to pay, and won't be covered.I'll just become a freaking Illegal.

  15. I just can't listen to Washington anymore.

  16. Sometimes, part of me actually agrees with the GOP when they claim that "government can't solve anything."Yes: the current U.S. government can't solve anything. It's broken and is corrupted by lobbyists' money.I think a well-run, reasonably honest government can do all kinds of wonderful things (governments in Europe actually do good things for their people and actually work to help solve society's problems). They're not perfect, but they represent the interests of working people, at least part of the time.By contrast, the current U.S. government is completely broken and has become corrupt and rotten to the core.In this sense, I DON'T think the U.S. government can fix problems like our health-care crisis.We're putting the cart before the horse, if we expect otherwise.We need a whole new government—THEN we can work on fixing the problems, like health care.

  17. marc – i agree with you – our govt is corrupt and damaged to the core. for many reasons – not just the lobbyists. we have a broken electoral system, gerrymandering, 2 parties that in many ways are virtually the same, a media that is asleep at the wheel – i could go on.why the us govt probably couldnt fix a broken handle on a cabinet door, it seems corporate america is not much better equipped – especially when it comes to health care.they have had free reign (or almost free reign) and look at the mess. the insurance companies- which currently ration out health care already – are more concerned with answering to wall street and ensuring their million dollar CEO salaries than providing even decent basic benefits. so it looks like we have the lesser of two evils in many ways – when it comes to buying crap, buying clothes, even buying food (tho you can talk the whole safety issue) – i'll take corporate america and let them have profits . but when it comes to health and medical – i think at this point we should be willing to let the govt try it, since the insurance companies have been a complete and utter failure in this regard (unless of course you have one of those golden policies). my fear is your fear — that the govt will do it worse. i dont know if it can get worsewe need a completely new govt. period. new structure, new system, new politics, new laws – that work in the context of 21st century technology, not 18th century.but that is a total pipe dream. unless rick perry has his wish

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