Posted by: distributorcap | September 19, 2009

See The Pyramids Along Denial

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Friday that angry criticisms about his health care agenda are driven by an intense debate over the proper role of government — and not by racism.

Tell me when to stop laughing, or rather crying. I may not be the most fair minded person around when it comes to American political discourse, but even I know when complete and utter crap is being dished out – even from the left. Everyone knows that Obama himself even doesn’t believe that – but the state of American society today unfortuantely forces him to makes such an inane statement. Obama, Rahm, Gibbs and the entire administration may want us to believe that race is only a small microcosm of this debate, but as sure as Glenn Beck is insane and Rush Limbaugh is evil – race is not a minimal part of the current Health Finance debate – race is virtually driving the entire debate.

For all their insanity and evilness – both Beck and Limpdick both know how ridiculously easy it is to rouse the stupid in America and stoke the fires of racism with something as simple as using hot button words like socialism, death panels and rationing, especially during times of economic hardships.

The health care/socialism argument is merely a pretext for the true anger of the teabaggers and right wing. Their animosity towards democrats, liberals and the government is completely trumped by their hate of a black man running this country. (Can you imagine if the President was a liberal Democratic Black Jewish woman who was married to an Hispanic agnostic?)

And the media-enabled rightwing zeitgest that is running rampant — Obama is not an American, Obama is a Muslim, Obama pals around with terrorists, Obama is a socialist (all somehow thrown into the Health Finance debate) is of course not borne of any racism, it is just a bunch of frustrated people using their constitutionally given rights to vent (like bringing guns to political speeches). Who is the media fucking kidding? Even the biggest moron knows when it walks like a duck…..

It comes as no surprise that not one administration official or so called main stream journalist wants to touch this third rail. While it is okay to report on the virtually anointed sainthood of Joe Wilson by the rightwing for breaking decorum during the President’s speech, it is not okay to break ‘decorum’ by talking about the deep-seated racism the right is showing (or any other societal break for that matter) since last November. Because heaven forbid the administration mention the “r” word and have to endure criticism for addressing it.

I bet you didn’t know that in America, because we are the greatest country evuh and do no wrong – when you don’t talk about something, it magically goes away.

Psychologists will tell you the first step in the road to curing and healing almost any problem is admitting there is one. Denial only festers it even more. For years racism stayed under the radar in this country for many reasons – legal, political, generational and economic – bubbling up to the surface every now and then. But when the economy all came tumbling down in the last 18 months just as an African-American became the leading candidate for the presidency, the lava from Krakatoa has just come pouring out.

And it is stinky, evil lava.

While most people on the left and in the netroots (you know, those untrained and uncouth know-it-all bloggers) have been talking about this months, it took a statement by former President Carter to wake up the sleeping faux-journalists. The media, never one the address real issues when you have Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson to talk about, immediately called Carter a cranky old man and decided this subject is a no-win situation for Obama. Maybe it is a no-win – maybe opening the wounds of 150 years of racism (especially Southern racism) is an ultimate lose for Obama politically. Personally I don’t think so. I think the noisy teabaggers and rightwing are getting more attention than their numbers would justify. But ignoring, poo-pooing and shoving this topic back inside the racial closet is ultimately a big lose for the country.

Obama and his people are pretty smart. They full well know that the more the administration wants to wish this problem away, the more intense it is going to grow over the next 4 years. You ignore it now, it will only be used more and more as a wedge in the future to put the kabosh on anything he wants to do. The failure to take a chance and step on the third rail is giving the racists a blank check to continue using these insidious tactics to stop this President.

“There’s been a long-standing debate in this country that is usually that much more fierce during times of transition, or when presidents are trying to bring about big changes,” Obama told CNN.

Let me rephrase that for you President Obama. “or when black presidents are trying….

Now there are some who are, setting aside the issue of race, actually I think are more passionate about the idea of whether government can do anything right,” Obama said told ABC News. “And I think that that’s probably the biggest driver of some of the vitriol.”

Wrong. You know it and we all know it. It is time to lift our heads out of the sand. The vitriol is only partly pushed by the lack of confidence in the government. The vitriol is being driven by the preponderance of hate from maniacal racists like Glenn Beck and Rush Limpdick, who spew out-and-out lies to their millions of listeners every day. Listeners who already find you less legitimate because of the color of your skin.

What a teachable moment this could have been.

And finally… Does it get anymore racist (and disgusting) than this?


  1. Man, I hate to disagree with you, but I do. If Obama had come out screaming about racism, he would've lost the debate and all future debates in American politics. Every time he would complain about any legitimate topic, they'd all say he was crying about racism and point to whatever he would've said to Stephanapolous.Paul Robeson suffered broken bones playing football for Rutgers to become the great man he became and still had to play Bosambo in Sanders of the River. All our great black leaders have suffered physical and emotional abuse so we could one day reach a place to actually complain about racism. How about the time the Klan physically attacked Nat King Cole on stage in Alabama?Suffering these slights are just a part of it. You might think that this would be a "teachable moment" that Obama passed up. I think it is–just not in the way you might want it to be.It shows that, even still, we face racism and discrimination and still just have to grin and bear it–despite how we're always betrayed as "whining about racism" as some would like folks to believe.If he would've done what you liked, he would've torpedoed the health care debate (as it would've become "all about race"), any future debates, and forget about other minorities being able to legitimately run for the high office again any time soon.Besides, why is it always up to black folks to have to scream about racism? Isn't it about time that white folks put the onus upon themselves to clear their own minds–much like a lot of men feel that we men need to seriously discuss gender-based violence?PS. I would agree that MSM has been dodging this issue for far too long, and I'm glad Carter actually said something.

  2. boukman – you are right – if Obama had come out screaming about racism it would have ended the debate on most things, including health care — but not because he came out to talk about it — because the MSM would crucify him for even mentioning it – and they would never let it are also right – it is about time some white leaders, who have less to lose (gee i am already contradicting myself) – say something and start calling out teabaggers, beck etc on the racial hate. maybe that is what we need — maybe that is the teachable moment – that there are leaders who can stand up.someone has to stand up to beck and limbaugh – the undoubted leaders of the insane republican party. someone has to call them on their bullshit. maybe obama is not the right person.but sadly i think obama is just pushing this back in the closet by saying "it is not true" — when everyone knows it is.this is a real quandry and really puts obama in the proverbial rock and hard place. but the first black president was going to suffer this outrage – there was NEVER any doubt of that. i just think denying it is worse than any other choice.and thanks for your opinion and thoughts – they are most enlightening and welcome.

  3. D'Cap,Thanks for the thoughtful post. I have thought since the beginning that the right wing screaming has had a to do with race, but more about scaring people with it than just their inherent racism.Obama, for political reasons, will have a difficult time even mentioning his "blackness" in relation to his presidency, but what of all his alleged white allies? There should be someone pushing back and the Beck/Limbaugh insanity. It doesn't have to be him. I think in his way that is what Carter had in mind. As you say, the MSM, dismissed it all as the irrelevant noise of a cranky old southern cracker. I disagree, but maybe that "first" black President, Bill Clinton ought get his mouth open and call some of these crazies out. Some one might then follow the bloggers who seem to have known this since last November.It makes me sad, but somebody of some political cosequence has to say it or it will get worse and worse. If we are at this point now, and let's forget the healthcare stuff for now, what will it be like in two more years?Doesn't make me happy.

  4. I disagree too, the president is not going to rid this country of racism, and if he plays the racist thing- he won't win, and he will distract us all away from the important issues at hand.Ignoring them doesn't allow them to redirect the country into an endless battle over race. what will end racism in this country is a few generations of people who DID have a black president, and as the older generation of haters dies off, the youth will gradually emrace equality.

  5. Good post D-cap, one of your best and of course, it's a hot topic. Obama wouldn't have won the election without the white male and female votes in great proportion to their state voting registrations regardless of party because we know many crossed over to vote for him. That puts the majority behind him big time and brands those morons who say they are Republican but act more like the old Libertarians I grew up with in the South. Racisms is alive and well down here and anyone who doesn't believe it just spend a summer in Mississippi or Alabama for starters. They are racists, they vote for people like Joe Wilson who campaign on a wink ticket because he too is racist, and racist views are alive and well in the U.S. Congress, a place where those folks took an oath to uphold the law, the Constitution. It's a rats ass game as you described in this post. But I'm personally glad they have labeled themselves racists over the fact that a smart black man is showing us the way out of this white man created depression. Bush can't hold a candle to Barack Obama and the electorate knows it. So get along little dumbies, Limpdick, Beck and the bunch. Who cares? I scream "FOUR MORE YEARS"!

  6. remember what joe biden said about ted kennedy never being small and making people around him bigger? i think that obama is making himself look bigger and scum like beck and limbaugh look smaller and smaller by not acknowledging them. if he ran around screaming racism (and i have no doubt whatsoever that he accepts that is exactly what it is), then the haters will scream that his is the affirmative action presidency. obama is rising above it, and the more he rises, the more the haters will sink.

  7. Of course it is racism, but our president can not EVER admit it, he has too stay above the fray on that one, remember his mission is health care and environment and peace, he has way too much on his plate as it is…TomDem

  8. I agree with Boukman, too.As a white woman living in Texas, I "get to" hear plenty of racist comments aimed toward Obama and any people of color who are doing well.I just want Obama and his family to watch out for themselves carefully and stay out of harm's way. I fear that way too many maniacs would love to harm them.

  9. Part of the problem is that invoking race has become almost counter-productive, even when it is justified, because it just polarizes the debate to no good end. We then assume our time-honored position and lob charges and counter-charges at each other, rather than really getting to the meat of the issue.

  10. I agree with the general consensus, we know there are racial motives, but if The White House jumps in, it will become the issue, and everything else goes to the back burner and gets spoiled. It might get spoiled anyway, but let it be not for the want of trying.

  11. Hi Cap;Racism is an ugly disease and whites are not the only ones affected by this.Fortunately, it appears that through Obama's election, the disease is less prevalent than a generation ago, which is a positive sign.As long as the seed to foster racism is alive it will continue.

  12. you guys are right – obama cannot speak about this – but someone of clout has to — letting it go unanswered is a call for future problems

  13. Poor Jimmy Carter tried, and a few others (even Bill Cosby weighed in) . . . but, man, you are dead on.Everywhere I've ever lived has had spectral or overt race/ethnicity issues, from Philly to Chicago to St. Paul to NC and VA to Detroit and beyond. It's only slightly less brazen these days, the "backlash to change" and diversity than in the 1920s, when the KKK openly roamed throughout the North and South alike. Times have changed, but not enough in the direction of a real civil society.

  14. I agree about this being a most important teachable moment, and it being missed because of obvious fears on the part of Obama and his minions (Rahmbo undoubtedly).If only the most articulate president of the 21st century had taken the opportunity to couch this set of challenges in the proper terms that would have alleviated the fears of the ignorant instead of strengthening them.Bravo, DC. You rule today.And the media-enabled rightwing zeitgest that is running rampant

  15. This isn't about race. It's about racism. I think that is an important distinction. Race has little substantial impact, aside from vulnerability to a few genetically influenced illnesses. Racism, on the other hand, has a huge impact. Pretending that race is important in politics plays into the ideology of the racists, even though it is unintentional. The corporate media have a strong white supremacist bias, and we need to be careful not to let them warp and twist the language.

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