Posted by: distributorcap | October 29, 2009

Eat at Joe’s

The US Congress is filled with some loathsome people, but none compare to Joe Lieberman.

LOL Joez

Joe the Retailer

Joe the Bagman

Joe Sauce




  1. Remember that scene from "The Pope of Greenwich Village" where the character played by Mickey Rourke (I think) put horse laxative in the cop's coffee? Yeah, I want that to happen to Holy Joe. While he is on the senate floor. With the cameras rolling.

  2. i don't know why anyone is surprised the little asswipe is being a little asswipe. his little menage a trois–mcliebercain, capt underpants, and lindseypoo–can't stand it when they aren't getting attention. limpy snowe was getting too much attention, so joe mcliebercain had to do something to get the cameras on himself.

  3. What a steaming pile of dung he is. His web site says only his Connecticut constituents can write him– but his fricking vote will effect the whole nation. One way Joe. I tried calling his office, and the voice mail (hate mail) box was full & the talk to an aid line was busy. I hope the bastard catches hell until he changes his vote. Connecticut needs to recall this waste. Joe has a new low. Why not just change his last name to "Vermin"?

  4. I just blogged about that turd.I'd love to be at a seder with Droopy Joe and Rahm Emmanuel.My hunch is, Lieberman would end up with afikoman shoved where the sun don't shine.

  5. Lieberman loves it, he is a real center of attention type of guy, he is not finished yet.

  6. Being this much of a narcissist, MoJoe has a bright future in Hollywood.

  7. Funny thing about that, Pissed in NYC, my favorite scene from that movie (no, not really) seems more appropriate for this piece de merde.You know, the one where they are threatening to cut off Mick's thumb?SNot my thumb!!!______________________

  8. Change his vote? He's a bought and paid for whore.A good future in Hollywood, in a cartoon no doubt.

  9. "Keating Five" McCain is even worse, but Lieberbush is reprehensible. They both should tatoo the words "For Sale" on their foreheads.

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