Posted by: distributorcap | November 14, 2009

Reading Is Fundie-Mental

Yesterday, the long-awaited instant literary classic from America’s Moose Queen – Sarah Palin – was released. Going Rogue – An American Life (rather an American Joke) was set upon the American public, much to the detriment of thousands of innocent (and non-polluting, Mr. Reagan) trees.

From the reaction of the media, you would think that the economy was humming along, there was peace in the Middle East, global warming had reversed itself and the unemployment rate had dropped to 0% – because there was nothing else the yapping bloviators on cable could talk about. Nothing. After all – the most incompetent and least intelligent candidate ever for the Executive branch was back – Sarah Barracuda had given cable a new lease on life (boy is health care is so 5 minutes ago).

Surfing through the talk shows on the teevee, you would have thought you were listening to an Agatha Christie book on tape.

Whom did she talk about? Whom did she trash? What about Levi and Bristol? What really happened behind the scenes of the campaign? Why did Katie Couric go after her? And finally what did she do with the dry cleaning bill from the $150,000 worth of clothing given to her?

Where is Hercules Poirot when you really need him?

The biggest complaint from the literati class? – Not that it was penned by a hack GOP-loving ghost writer, not that it was filled with tons of misstatements and out-and-out lies, not that this woman has no redeeming qualities or zero reason to write this book, not that this was just a big FU to the McCain campaign. What did the avuncular cable bobble heads complain most about? – The fact that the book had no index and they were forced to waste their incredibly valuable time hunting and pecking for (or even – heaven forbid – reading) the juicy passages.

You can find Going Rogue – An American Liar, Idiot, Moron and Joke in the appropriate section at Borders or Barnes & Noble.

Instead of throwing the book in the garbage and wasting all that good paper, people have already found some terrific (and practical) uses for Going Rogue – An American Liar, Idiot, Moron and Joke

And finally, when it comes down to brass knuckles – this is the book that actually was written. I hope Oprah asks her about it during the upcoming [softball] interview.

Straight from the heart of a woman who has torched the soul of America, has unleashed a fire-brand of evil and idiocy across the nation, and who has made critical thought and intellectual curiosity a trait to be mocked.

It is $9 on Amazon – do yourself and the world a favor, and donate the money to a good cause, not a lost cause like Sarah Palin.



  1. Wait, there is an index:Bullshit: pps 1-400

  2. This is hilarious and Karen's comment is like a cherry on top!Palinheit 451 by Rush Limpdick! hahahahahah

  3. Now that is the most intelligent dawg I've ever seen!

  4. "I laughed, I cried, and then I read the book.""It must be an important work, it has 400 pages.""My table doesn't rock as much since I got this book."The critics all agree!Regards,Tengrain

  5. Karen wins. Unless she read even an excerpt. Never get those 8 seconds back.

  6. Umm, you do realize that you're actually contributing to the discussion, don't you?In other words, its easy to blame the MSM for going gaga over it, but you're reacting to it.Why? Why not just ignore the whole thing?JAS

  7. i can't top zippy's comment, so i won't even try.

  8. I was thinking the book was not worthy of even collecting animal droppings, so I think this dog deserves better. You could not pay me to read this book. Does it have one of those 3D pictures that winks & blinks when you move it???Now THAT would be a collector's item!

  9. She will be at a book signing at a Meijer Store here in Fort Wayne this week. The local GOP chair is hawking this like it was some major event for "our neck of the woods".Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll slip on some of the horse shit that appears in the parking lot from the numerous Amish consumers in the area.

  10. Instead of "writing" books, perhaps McCandy might try reading a few?This silly bitch is a member of that unique, Christian cult who believe all life began on earth 6,000 years ago and humans and dinosaurs co-existed.McCandy is also a member of a Xristian church who hold that gays can be "cured" through prayer.There are conflicting reports as to how much she was paid for this effort. Some reports lowball the number at $1.5 million however, a few say McCandy received a cool $7 million.Ain't America great? Where else can you get paid a huge amount of money to celebrate your stupidity?

  11. "After all – the most incompetent and least intelligent candidate ever for the Executive branch was back"I think she's tied with Dan Quayle for that one.Anyway, I love the pic of the dog crapping on the book.

  12. I say we hold a contest. Fun things to do with Sarah Palin's book.My vote: Door stop or fire starter.As Jim of Average American Patriot pointed out to me it's already too full of shit to use as toilet paper.

  13. Oh the battle juggernaut rolls on. Who dropped the fecking f-bombs? Steve Schmidt says "nuh-uh, not me, no fecking f-bombs."This could get interesting.And it is far too full of shit to be used as tp.For once, I am ready for a book burning.

  14. Good one Dcap, send this book review to Amazon!

  15. Exactly. I love the Palinheit 451 . . . Perfect. But wait, many of these peeps will have new libraries, featuring their one book.

  16. The same willfully ignorant bastards who learned everything they know by reading Rick Santorum's book are gonna love this!

  17. I'm still having fantasies about going to Barnes & Nobles and relocating all her books to remote areas of the store.

  18. Hercule Poirot wouldn't touch a case involving Sarah Palin, even if the life of his mustache depended on it.

  19. Come on, DCap, filing it under "Science Fiction" is an insult to science fiction everywhere — science fiction, after all, usually contains something resembling science, and, above all, has to be internally consistent and make sense. None of which applies to Palin or her book, ever.It should be under Fantasy, or maybe Humour, because she's a total joke.

  20. I'm gonna wait until it comes out in comic book format. Oh, wait! I mean as a **Graphic Novel.** ;o)

  21. All so true. The biggest regret I have that this book has been published is, that Palin will now be around more than ever. No matter what we do, we can't seem to get rid of her!

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