Posted by: distributorcap | November 19, 2009

The Final Frontier

While I take a brain break from another episode of As The Stomach Turns, enjoy the grand tour….. for there is no more a magnificent sight to behold


It would be truly amazing if we could dedicate ourselves to exploring and learning more about the universe rather than nonsense like death panels and Sarah Palin.



  1. I hear you. Enough already. The only good side is I hope that she is peaking early. Your post brings up something I've said for a while about the fight by religious wackos to deny gays basic civil rights. Namely, imagine if all the money spent trying to deny gays marriage through Prop 8, and all the money, sweat and tears that has to be spent to fight them could be used, instead, to say, iimprove public schools, start small businesses, refurbish public buildings to make them more energy efficient, etc. What a fucking waste. Just like Sarah Palin. There, I went full circle.

  2. Amen to that! brother D'cap

  3. Great montage D-Cap, thanks for posting that!

  4. Agreed on all fronts.

  5. "Dusty in Memphis" is one of my favorite albums. This is Windmills of Your Mind as performed by Dusty Springfield. Great song selection for the video.

  6. Deep space exploration looks to be more of a reality than ever now that NASA has found water on the moon.The space agency is testing a new hydrogen propulsion system that will use water so we won't have to tie humans to a rocket and fire it off from a base in Florida.Hydrogen propulsion will cut the travel time from earth to Mars from 12 months to 28 days — much less stressful for human travel. NASA plans to use the water on the moon for such an endeavor.Not quite Warp drive yet, but a huge improvement and the increase in speed makes exploration of our solar system within reach.Pretty cool, huh?

  7. gees, I doan know…. I kinda thought of Sarah like Space Exploration….. A Black Hole of Intelligence. And she is kinda, sorta from a strange, alien, different planet…. and her comments have a weight-less lost in space feeling.

  8. dcap, you just wanna be the 21st century Kirk and get it on with all the alien babes.

  9. Dusty Springfield – What a voice.

  10. Video not available, but I agree with the premise.

  11. Dusty Springfield is one of the best female singers from the era.Her 'Wishin and Hopin' is staggeringly good. Dusty never sang a bad song. She was in a class unto herself.I adore her.

  12. i would have paid to hear dusty springfield sing the phone book.

  13. GMTA!

  14. Dusty's voice and high drag look made her a forever gay classic.A friend of mine in England knew her well. She was a high drama diva with a taste for liquor and butch women.i.e. My kinda gal.

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