Posted by: distributorcap | November 21, 2009

From Dallas, Texas – The Flash, Apparently Official

No matter how many times you watch it, the outcome is the same……… and history forever changed.

I spliced together the following movies taken of the Presidential motorcade before and at Dealey Plaza that Friday in November:

Charles Bronson (not the actor), Malcolm Couch, Elise Dorman, Robert Hughes, George Jeffries, Maria Muchmore, Orville Nix, Patsy Pascall, Tina Towner, David Wiegman and of course the 27 -second, Kodachrome 8mm home movie from Abraham Zapruder (the most watched and analyzed movie in history).

The Bronson, Nix, and Muchmore films all capture the assassination from one angle or another, but none in the gruesome detail that the Zapruder film shows. Other known films from that day include Thomas Atkins, Mark Bell, John Martin, Charles Mentesana and possibly the infamous “Babushka Lady”.

Then I added a few scenes from the days following to give an overview (and hopefully feel) of that tumultuous day.




  1. D-Cap in a little more than 5 minutes you brought the whole ordeal back to life.The Kennedy assassination was one of America's worst cover-ups and botched investigations in history.Our country's innocence was stolen that day, and we'll probably never know who was behind the murder.As a Texas, to this day I detest Dallas and all it stands for.Excellent job on the video compilation. Thanks for reminding us all of this horrible tragedy. We need to remember it, and if we weren't around for it, we need to learn about it.

  2. make that "as a Texan"

  3. I still find watching these clips painful. There was so much political back story about JFK and Texas … Southern conservative Dems and attempting the cohesion which FDR had mastered and Truman had not.But how the Dallas police handed the afterward was tragic and so forth through the Warren Commission – it was as bad as it could get.Yes, we lost our innocents and a lot more.

  4. The American coup in a well-edited 5:43. And so began the cancer on the presidency.

  5. This brings back the realization for me that we don't really control our lives in this country…contrary to what we are taught when growing up.

  6. This is outstanding, you have done an amazing job. Thank you for doing this; your history posts are always remarkable.

  7. D'cap,Yhank you for putting this together. it is, I am sure, as Fran says, as remarkable as all your historical posts.I regret I still do not have the nerve to see it again. For any of my family who were touched by that day it is a clip not yet seen except in person. I hope it stays in your archive. One day I will want to see it again.It was a day the country died a little.Reamus

  8. Elton John's Funeral For a Friend is a unique choice. Did it again, DC.

  9. Half a century later, and I'm still crying for us all.

  10. John F. Kennedy was courageous.He dared to oppose the rightwing hawks in the Pentagon and the neoconservative who authored the "domino theory."For this, he paid with his life and history was forever changed.I don't understand blaming Dallas for what happened that awful day in November. Dallas was just the selected backdrop. They could've murdered President Kennedy in St. Louis, or Sacramento, or even in Washington DC.The Pentagon has always functioned as a government within the government and I see troubling similarities between Kennedy and Southeast Asia and President Obama and Afghanistan.Lt. Gen. Stan McChrystal is pushing Obama hard to give him 60,000 more U.S. troops and Obama is pushing back equally hard. I hope Obama realizes what a mistake he made by keeping Robert Gates. He needs to fire the lot of them before we have Vietnam 2.0 on our hands.

  11. I blame Dallas because Texas is in the middle of nut country and Dallas is nut headquarters.For a huge metropolitan city, Dallas still leads Texas in rightwing rich asshole Republicans.Look no further than where W. decided to retire.Enough said.

  12. I was 5 years old when the assassination took place. I remember the presidential funeral cortage footage was broadcast on every channel, and really remember the scene where a very young Jon Jon Kennedy stepped forward & saluted the passing horse drawn carriage, (caisson), with his fathers casket. Of course so many conspiracy theories have been floated, and the more you know about US politics, the more you realize those theories are probably correct. It seems pretty choreographed that the alleged shooter was quickly killed and silenced forever, so we will never know the truth. There was a time in the Nixon era, I ignored politics, deeming all politics corrupt & tainted by money- that they are all crooks & liars. I later realized they hold the cards & call the shots, so I'd better pay attention. Now that I watch the bribery in the light of day going on in the health care debate,,, and war profiteering ruining this country, I think my early assessment was accurate. Kennedy was a visionary & had come around to support the Civil Rights movement– so the fear & loathing erupted on the other side. They probably labeled him as a Communist, Socialist as well…. having the nerve to supportthe Civil Rights movement. BTW- KZ made some excellent points- even tying it in the the Shrub's current residence. There went the neighborhood. I could relate to the Bush presidency more if he were behind bars– preferably in Gitmo. Karmically, Bush deserves to have enhanced interrogation methods applied to him. How about a little harmless waterboarding, George?

  13. Through my tears, and my sobs as I watch this compilation – I remember that day and the silent horror. Indeed the death of innocence in America.

  14. Thanks for putting this together, you summed up what a nation was going through quite well.

  15. It was nothing less than the Death of a Nation.The horrible difference today is the large segment of idiots cheering the notion of a Dealey Plaza for Obama.

  16. I find it interesting that everyone in the nation remembers where he/she was that day except one George HW Bush who was the head of the CIA at the time.

  17. JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King all killed and in between all this and after we get LBJ and then Nixon. Hard not to wonder if the guys behind the curtain controlling things got scared.

  18. My hope is that someday we'll know the full story.

  19. Thanks for the remembrance, DC.It happened the day before my birthday, changing my idea of my country forever.What did you think of Russ Baker's exposure of Abraham Zapruder's CIA background? Didn't his possession of the film and his location at the overpass seem just a little bit too pat?S

  20. thank you for doing this…still stunning..horrible all these years later….

  21. Thanks, DC. A sad reminder.

  22. Wow! Those film montages are still very very powerful! I wasn't quite yet born yet when it happened but I now know that there are many more questions than answers about what really happened that day. I am not a big conspiracy person, but some of the events, and people's backgrounds lend themselves to just that.

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