Posted by: distributorcap | November 23, 2009

Please Don’t Squeeze the Sarah

Last week on Oprah, America’s newest Princess called her ex-future-son-in-law’s posing for Playgirl “porn.” Said Palin: “I call that porn, yes. So it’s a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he’s on right now.”

You know what those lovely ladies of the GOP do when one of there own goes rogue and poses full frontal. They brink out all their weapons.

Maybe one of you know which teabagging lady is supply the wind to knock Levi off his pedestal?

Actually Sarah, what is heartbreaking is to the see the road America is on. With double digit unemployment, businesses shuttering, overwhelming debt, and endless wars, people still find the wherewithal to plunk down $4.97 (through Newsmax) or $9 (on Amazon) to buy a book that really only has one use.

Last time I went rogue, it was after eating some bad Alaskan moosemeat and I used a whole roll of Going Rogue



  1. She is getting way more attention than she deserves. I heard someone say that she is more poised and maybe more interested in becoming a celebrity rather than pres. Either way, we are stuck with her. A warty nasty zit upon our nation that makes GWB look like barely a blackhead.

  2. I wish we could learn from this, but so long as the media is even more parasitic then usual, then expect more of the Sarah, me first, publicity tour.

  3. Porn? I saw all the photos and if she considers a male's bare butt porn, then she's nuts.You see more naughty bits in an art museum than you saw on Levi, but then I'm sure Sarah Palin has never been in an art museum.

  4. Finally! An appropriate use for her book!

  5. Forget the books, it's all about the bucks.For the first time in her life she's got her hands on some serious money, she wouldn't take the pay cut to run for president now, she has found her self a few million people who will gladly part with their hard earned cash and give it to her.

  6. Good one; that would make some killer toilet paper.Or you could drop her book from a helicopter and bonk Sarah on the head with it.

  7. God I love this post! So much here. First, as a wannabe cartoonist…superb cartoon.Picking up on Fran's comment…I can see it, Sarah holding a daisy, plucking one petal after another, saying "President…Celeb…President…Celeb" ad naseum.And Holte, is not that the definition of…er, whore? I could be wrong.Finally, DC, where do I get the pictured Charmin TP? Seriously.

  8. funny how when levi shows his tush, it's pornography, but it's fine for janine turner to campaign for princess sarah, even after ms turner has flashed her own ass in the movies.

  9. D'cap,Good post.Sarah is a stone cold bitch who has decided she will "run" for anything, so long as she never gets the job (see Alaska) and she makes every single dime she can sqeeze from her loyal band of crazies.(see Sarah Pac). She believes she is beter and smarter than all of them and does not know truth fom fiction, yet it will be reported because the media loves this story and will tell us about her every wink and "you betcha" for the next several years.I am appalled but reconciled.

  10. Reamus: Great comment. Must add though that I hope she squeezes all the money out of those nutbags that she can. And then they look around, Sarah is bored of pretending to run for president and they have nothing to show for it. leaves more room for people with some sense to fight the complete corporate coup over what passes for a republic nowadays.

  11. Seems she's come to a bad end.

  12. Nice tits.

  13. Unlike other toilet papers, which have quilted comfort, this one is abrasive & sticky, and may even potentially have side effects of quitting, and spastic eye blinking & winking. May be lethal to animals & require a VooDoo Doctor to make you stop being possessed. Buy now & get a FREE Drill baby Drill t shirt w purchase, while supplies last.

  14. Wait..who is the farting Diva?Very enjoyable post dear Dcap..thank you kind sir. I have been sick and out of the loop lately 😉

  15. ahhh I knew you would do Princess SaraPee the way she needs to be done…Going Rogue has different meanings in the UK that is for sure…her craptastic tour continues..and we all know that she did not Write the damn book…her ghostwriter did…the lines for her book…..the first time Klan women have gone to Borders or B&N…it's funny…we spent all those years fighting Bush and his Regime…and now this era is even worse…

  16. Our future pretzeldent!

  17. DC, why would I want to squeeze her? Wouldn't all the moose dung squirt out? 😦

  18. I would never eat any meat shot by Sarah Palin.

  19. Sarah sucks! Badly! Yes that is the correct use for that "book" of hers!

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