Posted by: distributorcap | December 5, 2009

Where’s Waldo?

With all credit to Chris at Some Guy’s Blog

I watched the episode of This American Life he suggested on Showtime – Going Down in History – which had a segment on high school year book pictures.

Chris wrote:

At one point there was a rapid succession of portraits with each student in the same basic pose and with the same basic expression. I love seeing sped-up stuff like that.

I also love time-lapse photography.Considering I had the whole thing scanned years ago I just dropped the pictures into my Sony Video software, added the transitions, and compressed 3 years and 655 people into 3 minutes, and they sure lookoed like they were morphing considering virtually every pose is the same. I then added a soundtrack. First I tried the Grateful Dead, then Bruce Springsteen, then Neil Young, then the soundtrack from The Great Escape, then Layla from Derek and the Dominoes, then some really bad 70’s music – none of which worked. So I just went with one of my favorite songs of all time. The whole thing took 1/2 hour.

As in Chris’ there are plenty of 70’s haricuts, big hairdos and hair parted down the center. At some point I am in there — but considering no one gets more than 0.5 seconds, it might be tough to spot.



  1. That was just awesome D-Cap!

  2. This is great. I haven't looked at the yearbook in years. Brings back memories of the days when we were so young and idealistic. We had few cares. I don't know if life as less compliated or we just weren't aware.

  3. Great job, DCap! I love these! That happens to be my favorite Beatles song.

  4. that was so cool! there were only 200 kids in my graduating class, so i guess they'd each have more face time, or i'd have to pick a shorter song.

  5. Was that you with the fro?

  6. Betcha were the dude with the short hair, huh?It probably would take longer (a lot longer, actually), but my friend who worked at Industrial Light and Magic told me that the secret in effective morphing is to align the eyes.Anyway, this was cool, and I think that the soundtrack is perfect for it.Regards,Tengrain

  7. Nice work, DCap! The crazy thing is that I feel like I saw myself, Dr. Monkey, and Cher in there several times, though I know none of us graduated with you!

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