Posted by: distributorcap | December 6, 2009

We’re Gonna Take A Call On

Old shows never die — they just come back to haunt us…



  1. You're a regular Steven Shlmielberg, Babycakes!And Shitto is the perfect sponsor for these teabaggin' clowns.

  2. OMG! so funny. feedback: You don't need any clips from the original show. The stills are perfect as they are.and Driftglass will be suing for royalties, but that's the story of his whole life…

  3. D'Cap,Well done! No better sponsor than that…

  4. Poor, poor Charles Addams!

  5. makes me wonder who would play cousin It?

  6. Oh that Pugsly!Regards,Tengrain

  7. Bab's really is good DCap, so natural! Gawd I hate that broad.

  8. You rannnng?All Palin is missing is the bouquet of dead roses.

  9. Sir, you've outdone yourself–which is really saying something!

  10. That is so rich!!!

  11. hilarious!! babs looked so natural. my son came in to see why i was laughing so loudly. every time 'tea bag' rang out, i cracked up. i wonder if that's the sequel or if this was.

  12. Those guys ARE monsters so….it fits! Wonderfully!Great job, Dcap!

  13. Awesome! Both of these videos are awesome! :o)

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