Posted by: distributorcap | December 21, 2009

She Flies Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease

They need to bring back more 60’s television


  1. OK, I'm giving up booze forever, because I could swear I just Saw Pegginton fly!Regards,TengrainPS – an all-time CLASSIC! Bravo!

  2. CRAP! That was awesome! OMG.

  3. Son, one of us needs to give up the drugs. And I'm sending you my keyboard cleaning bill.

  4. I was expecting a Sarah-Palin-hunting-wolves-by-helicopter video, but this was oh so much better!And my word verif is BUMBUT. Amen to that.

  5. Excellent. But I doubt that Peggington could be a nun, what with her playing hide the salami with Jeff Greenfield. Just saying.

  6. Ahahahahaha!

  7. Someone call an exorcist.

  8. Some of my teachers were nuns, none of them could fly, but two of them could walk on water.

  9. Sweet Reaganomics, that was masterful.

  10. Bwaaa ha ha ha!

  11. so much for convent-ional wisdom. i didn't see a bit of wisdom in any of them.

  12. I kept looking for Sally Field in the group. She's the only one I'd believe was real.The others are just appearingas walk-ons in this decade's farce.And it's not even funny.S

  13. Domin-inique inique inique…. (remember the singing nun tune???) nuns you showed need exorcism!And Saint Ron! The patron saint of "Ketchup is a vegetable"!

  14. Thank God the 19 Greedies have gone past.I also call it the Raygun 80's and thankfully again they have passed.Unfortunately the REPUBLIKLAN Party has infiltrated the Democratic Party and now the health care bill looks like one HUGE HULKING version of MEDICARE Part D that rips off the middle class.I have joined a new political party

  15. By the way Ronald Raygun deliberately changed the proNUNciation of his last name.His family pronounced their name as REEGAN but when he went into acting he changed the proNUNciation to RAYGUN.

  16. Yikes. A few drinky-poos, and she flies away…

  17. Perfect. Peggy Noonan is despicably "civilized." I loathed her on sight and within ear shot.

  18. If you had featured Gary Cooper instead of Reagan, we could call the movie "High Nun."

  19. Wonderful!

  20. thanks to all of youmore old tv is bound to reappear

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