Posted by: distributorcap | December 22, 2009

Health Care Reform simply explained

From Death Panels to insurance anti-trust, there has been a lot of misleading and outright false information spread about the Health Care Reform legislation currently being debated in Congress. Here to explain it all for is Peggingtonella Litella.

Peggingtonella: What is all the fuss about the pubic option? Why does Congress need to approve the pubic option? With the Olympics going to Rio de Janiero, isn’t important that all women get Brazilian waxes. Do we really want to be forced to have those little hairs stick out from out from our bikinis. Shouldn’t that be an option for American women? If President Obama had gotten the Olympics for Chicago (like the greatest President ever, Ronald Reagan would have), would we even be worried about the pubic option? Only because they are in Brazil do we have to worry about the option of those little pubics showing. Isn’t this country about choice, even when it comes to pubic hairs. I never heard of a governmental body not allowing a woman to trim her pubic hairs. I wonder if Kay Bailey Hutchison voted again this pubic option? What does she have perfectly shaped pubic hairs? or that Olympia Snowe. I know in Maine they like to go au natural but…..

Mooseliniella: Peggingtonella, we are talking about the PUBLIC OPTION, p-u-b-L-i-c, not pubic.




  1. D'Cap,Somehow, this seems too fair to the garbage they are going to [pass.Maybe if the had called it the pubic…oh, the hell with it.

  2. Sign this petition

  3. Clarence Thomas, is that you?

  4. I see a follow up with Rosanne Roseannadana.

  5. I had Pubic Ice once…. she didn't like my pick-up line and dumped a whole drink down my pants. Told me to Chill Out.oops… Maybe I'm thinking of Public Ice…. isn't he a Rapper?yuppers, never had a mind.

  6. A pubic option would have passes, expecially if it included a Minneapolis Airport restroom provision.

  7. a pubic option would have been a slam-dunk with the c street crowd.

  8. What's all this fuss I hear about a public auction? Are they going to sell the public out to some high bidding insurance company? Why can't the public do the bidding instead of the corporations, buying all the politicians? This is a terrible public auction. I feel we are being sold out to the high bidders.

  9. The politicians should have their pubic options plucked out slowly, one by one.

  10. Well done, DCap. The Pubic Option. Excellent.

  11. I'm with Madam Z.And tell that ignorant slut to SHUT UP.heh hehS

  12. Brilliant!:)

  13. Peggy is only upset cause her knocker upgrades, which she appears have frequently to my discerning eyes, would not be covered.

  14. I like the tanning tax. That should make the Boner happy. I think they got rid of the botax. Too many wrinkly old republican wives complained.

  15. First, enjoy the silly season DCap! I hope you have a sufficient number of dayz off to spend quality time w/those that matter to you. Hug Carlos for me ok? ;)I think you are much too kind to this crap-ass wanna-be journalist. The welfare for insurance companies bill will be passed bright and early tomorrow morn..oh goody.

  16. thanks to all of you – and even peggington wishes you a merry maitaimas

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