Posted by: distributorcap | December 25, 2009

And to all, a good…

AsI sit down to the traditional Christmas Eve meal of mooshu pork, chicken with cashews and ginger shrimp — I want to make sure I don’t forget that there are people that do take the holidays seriously (LOL). So…..

To each and every person that reads my rants and dysfunctional brain – I wish you all a very happy holiday (whatever day you want to call it) – because even I know there is NO war on Christmas and it is just a holiday to celebrate what is good in our lives.

Including all the ridiculous crap I got as a kid.

may 2010 be much better



  1. D'Cap,Thanks for the rantings…enjoyed them all. have a great day.

  2. aww, you were cute even back then, dcAp. i hope you and all of your readers have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday.

  3. Best wishes; keep ranting; and pie is always good.

  4. We always eat Chinese food on New Years Day for good luck.I think 2010 will be a better year.Even numbered years are better than odd numbered years. Don't know why but, it always seems to work out that way.

  5. I'm with you, DC, I also hope next year is better – but we have to ignore a lot of economic data to keep that faith.Thanks so much for all you do to educate an ignorant populace.Don't stop.S

  6. DCap we love your rants, it's why we keep coming back!

  7. Keep the rants coming DCap! We love them. Enjoy your holidays and a may 2010 bring more on-target rants!

  8. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to all you cool cats and pretty kitties! And have a purrrfect New Year!

  9. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year.

  10. '09 was our reality orientation year. 2010 should not be so disappointing.Yet, somehow I have faith that there will be plenty to rant about.Enjoy the holidays.

  11. Best wishes to you this holiday season and in 2010. May Christmas be joyful and the Boxing Day exchanges and returns go smoothly.(My Christmas dinner with be goose and steak and kidney pie, Christmas and Mincemet puds with hard sauce and copious amounts of alcohol.)

  12. The best of the holiday season to you and yours, DCap.;>)

  13. Happy holidays to you and yours, man — and thanks for a great year of rants against the idiots — happy (and yes let's hope a good) 2010!

  14. Hope you are enjoying it DCap 🙂

  15. Merry Whatever!Fun watching that ancient clip…..batteries not included

  16. Happy Christmas, DCap!Have a swell Pegginton Noonington Christmas, and be sure to ask for extra pancakes for the mu shu, they never give you enough to begin with!Regards,Tengrain

  17. DCap, hope you had a Merry Chinese Eve and a very enjoyable day today! Thanks for all the great posts all year long!

  18. Yeah, what they said – Happy Holidays to you, and thanks for the catharsis!

  19. Look at those jammies! Merry Christmas, Distributorcap! ;o)

  20. That's some yummy holiday eats! Steamed rice, or fried?

  21. May 2010 be the start of a wonderfully better decade than the last one!

  22. Cute kids. Wait…you have a sistah?

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