Posted by: distributorcap | December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Friends, Romans, Countrymen – and everyone else who reads this — may you have a Happy New Year and let’s say goodbye to 2009 with a bang

all of you make me much more creative (and smarter) and I cannot thank you enough



  1. D-Cap,Not sure we have much to do with it.Have a better 2010!Best,Reamus

  2. My sister and I started collaborating on something similar earlier today and I can see you already did a great job, so thanks!Happy new year, D-Cap! XoX

  3. reamusthanks — you guys definitely inspire me to do better and be funnierhave a great new year and thanks for coming by and being a pal!

  4. kz – thanks for EVERYTHING! to a better '10 xoxoxox

  5. Happy New Year D'Cap.. You are the best.. and deserve every Kudo you get.. All the best to you my dear friend.. all the best.

  6. Wah – it won't play. I will come back later. You know I love you – happy new year to one of the best people I know.

  7. Happy New Year DCap!

  8. 2,010 hugs and kisses, dcAp!

  9. A happy New Year to all. Because 2009 blew and we are due a good year.

  10. Good riddance 2009!Best wishes for 2010

  11. Happy 2010!I'm so glad 2009 is over.The Palin pic really captures her.

  12. You are the greatest sir, and Skyler still has the mug you sent him prominently displayed.

  13. Although I resolved to give up abstinence, I'm sad to report that I did not say goodbye to 2009 with a bang. :-(Happy New Year to you, DC, and to all here.

  14. DCap -Have a festoonious Peggy Noonious year!Regards,Tengrain

  15. DCap -Have a festoonious Peggy Noonious year!Regards,Tengrain

  16. Happy new year, buddy. Glad to see you are still on the job.Word verification: minguhfuI don't know if this is Asian cuisine or a martial arts style, but whatever it is, I'm pretty sure I don't want anybody doing it to me.

  17. annette, fran, cdp, nonnie, fran, libhom, skyler, tomcat, ten, matty, kz, reamusthanks for all your support …… to a peaceful and joyous new year, even if it cuts down on the comedy

  18. I'm reminded of a excerpt from Kropotkin's "Spirit of Revolt"The morality of yesterday is today recognized as revolting immorality. Daily, the popular conscience rises up against the scandals which breed amidst the privileged and the leisured, against the crimes committed in the name of the law of the stronger, or in order to maintain these privileges.Happy New Year!

  19. Happy 2010, keep raising hell.

  20. Back atcha, D-cap!

  21. Overall, 2009 was still much better than any of the Bush years.Thanks for being an entertaining, thoughtful, and most welcome voice of consciousness and conscience.

  22. Happy New Year, DC.

  23. Well as I have not much left in the old bank account thanks to Bushco I can only send you the political playwrite of the year award. You have been one of the few to set the standard for political snark along with Darkblack, Watertiger, and Tengrain. Should I ever master photoshop I'll make you up a shiny wall plaque suitable for framing. In the mean time all you get is this crummy IOU much like the rethugs would give. Shame on me acting like a rethug. ;-P

  24. Well, it won't play for me either; must be a sign from Jeebus that I ought to go to bed!Happy Hew Year, DCap, and thanks for visiting in 2009. I'm hoping to get back to writing more in '10, we'll have to wait and see!

  25. Happy New Year to you too, man!Here's to a nifty fifty 2010!

  26. Muffin Top!How are you? I know, I know, I know, Jewgirl has been bad in 09. She is changing that in 10. Can you believe we're in a new friggin decade?! WOW. I was shocked when people were hawkin "naught-naught" in 2000. Remember that? I miss your posts, you polilicious writer, you. I will see you around in 10. Happy, healthy New Year,Jewgirl

  27. Happy New Year D-Cap. We need to plan our next outing to the Old Town Tavern. Perhaps a toast to 2010?

  28. Creative and entertaining, thanks love 🙂

  29. Have a great New Year!

  30. A mildly belated wish for a happy and prosperous 2010, 'cap.;>)

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