Posted by: distributorcap | January 3, 2010

Of Course, Of Course

They just don’t make TV like they used to



  1. I didn't recognize her at first. You turned her around.Best, Reamus

  2. You know, that's really unfair to horses, mules, donkeys and asses. SP is more like an oversized low budget atomic rodent destroying Tokyo or New York.

  3. You are a stitch, DC.HNY.We can only "hope."Real hope.S

  4. I don't buy it. I hear she also shoot horses from helicopters with high-powered sniper rifles.

  5. Palin could also have a lead role in the old show "My Favorite Martian"- w Palin of course, being the martian. Notice Todd seems to be gonesville from the book tour? He used to stand off to the side in silence for the photo op– but what gives?Maybe he now has achieved marital bliss…. the bitch is off making a million bucks, he quits his job & can spend winters riding Snow machines & drinking w his buddies. Todd & Sarah let the girls stay home & raise the babies, change diapers. Alaska bloggers report they are being blacklisted from Sarah's book signings in Alaska. One was actually removed from a mall by police simply by virtue of showing up. No tomatoes, no protest signs….. Todd was quoted as saying they might just be there to *Stir up the pot*. When Sarah's in town, First Amendment rights are goin' down!Here is the blog reference: is the Palin banned blogger list:

  6. How can you do that to poor Ed? This is just so unAmerican.And the fact that Mrs. Wilbur(Connie Hines) just passed away just shows how insensitive you really are.JAS

  7. Wilburrrrrrrr!It's amazing what you can do with a nag and peanut butter on the lips.

  8. Mr. Ed's lawyer called. He wants to speak with you.

  9. It won't play for me!

  10. Now it plays!Well, with that much horse pucky, Palin had to have a pony somewhere.Rgds,TG

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