Posted by: distributorcap | January 8, 2010

What’s My Lie?

Today on Good Morning America, America’s Mayor – the one and only Rudy Giuliani, became the latest Republican operative pundit fart bag to rewrite history out-and-out lie on national television about 9/11.

Without blinking an eye, the has-been and loser candidate for President simply stated “We had no domestic attacks under Bush, we’ve had one under Obama.”

There is no need to even explain or correct – enough blogs have done that already. Coming on the heels of similar comments from both Dana Perino and Mary Matalin (I have major trouble even typing the latter’s name), it is quite apparent there is a planned Republican narrative circulating through the media world – it is always the other guy’s (read Democrat’s) fault. As I have stated many times before, Joseph Goebbels is smiling down at his protege Karl Rove – tell a lie big enough and often enough, people will inevitably believe it.

It is only a matter of time before we hear this one “George Bush left Obama a budget surplus and he squandered it.”

Sad thing is most of this country is so stupid and so gullible, they probably believe anything that comes out of the mouths of the hero Rudy, the insider Mary and the former press secretary Dana.

21st century America is fast becoming one of the most misinformed and clueless societies on the planet. Years of neglecting education from the likes of Reagan and Bush coupled with the obsession over frivolous shit like balloon boys, runaway brides and American Idol, have taught people to take pride in their ignorance. These are the same people who (as Obama rightly said) “cling to their guns and religion” (and you can add in hate) and vote overwhelmingly Republican. Remember 2000? – vote for the guy you can have a beer with, not the stiff and straight laced nerd who just presided over eight solid years of prosperity. No wonder you have the current rapid worship of mental midgets like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, two people who actually make George Bush look smart.

As Rudy, Mary and Dana are showing, the game of What’s My Lie? is working quite well for the GOP so far…why should they stop? They have always had Rush, Ann and Hannity to blast the lies to millions of their legions. Feeling empowered, the GOP hate mongers now readily hit the main stream shows to spout off. And with plenty of airtime to fill – those shows are all too willing to accommodate.

The failed underwear bomber gave the GOP gasbags their latest excuse to get back in the “Obama must fail” wrestling match.

As bad as the three stooges (Rudy, Dana and Mary) were with their blatant lies about 9/11 – what is actually far worse is the fact that the “news” media – in this case George Stephanopolous – does not bother to call these people out on their lies. If you watch the interview, Stephanopoulos not only let the 9/11 line go unchallenged, he wasn’t even listening to Rudy’s responses. You could see he was to busy thinking what his next softball question should be.

Stephanopolous’ performance today was just another example demonstrating that real journalism is dead and entertainment is king. We don’t have journalists – we have stenographers and ventriloquist’s dummies, eager to sell lots of detergent and not alienate the guest. This is your left wing liberal media in all its glory.

We all know Rudy is a completely evil douchebag. Our 9/11 “hero” was the same mayor who was told not to put the NYC Disaster Control Center at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing (but did it anyway) and was the same mayor who didn’t ensure that the police and fire departments had working radios. In the aftermath of the attack, Rudy (with no place to go since the Command Center was destroyed) marched around the city against anyone’s better judgment, knowing he could use this for his some political points down the road. What he brings to the discussion now is anybody’s guest – but the talk shows just love this phony piece of scum.

For all his creepiness, Rudy Giuliani is a politician. It’s his job to be pugnacious – lying is part of the political persona. Knowing this is the game, it is a requirement of someone like George Stephanopolous or Diane Sawyer or Rachel Maddow to question every statement from a politician – and delve for some semblance of the truth. Stephanopolous has been doing this for years, it should be second nature to him. If he really was a good journalist or reporter – it would have automatically dawned on him to stop Giuliani at that point and say, “But, that’s not correct, what about ….” If he doesn’t he is aiding and enabling the propaganda. And no after-the-fact retraction (on a blog that few people read) can take that back. Even Goebbels knew that – first impressions stick – well before everything remained forever on the internet.

Watch any “news” program today and it is the same melodramatic script, only with different characters. They all round up the same 10 usual suspects pundits, regurgitating the same old trash. There is never any surprises, never any real breakthroughs, you know exactly what they are going to say. There is just a lot yelling about how bad and weak and awful the other side is. And if you bring real hard facts – well you are relegated to speaking just as they have to go to a commercial break. CNN should be renamed CON (as in con job or Cable Opinion Network). The Onion has more integrity than the likes of Fox News (where all criminal politicians carry a “D” after their name).

When blatant (and unchalleneged) lies become the mainstay of political discourse – you know that it is only a matter of time before… well you fill in the blank.

But American doesn’t have to worry. I can guarantee the next Tiger Woods or Casey Johnson is just a few news cycles away.



  1. Great post – and sadly, true.I just hate the media. I keep saying before we can repair our democracy, we have to repair the media. The truth doesn't have a chance right no, so it wouldn't matter if a good person was nominated, they'd never make it through the Village.Regards,Tengrain

  2. You have to know that right now the media is kind of taking it easy on the Dems agreeing that "we must pass healthcare now" even if the reforms proposed have so many holes in it you could drive a truck through it… But as soon as the flawed junk is passed they will be tearing it apart for every flaw and blaming Dems for it.And nobody, not a pundit nor even a Dem politician, will dare to ask those media freakshow idiots the obvious question:"Why didn't you mention this before it passed?" That would be the responsible thing to do. But they are only responsible to shareholders.I was talking to another Blogger about the commercial real estate bubble that they rarely mention – they only talk about those nasty poor homeowners ACORN helped get a loan from Fannie Mae, ya know, because that is how all this really happened, right – and this is the truth:Wall Street owns the banks at risk because of that bubble. Wall Street owns a lot of the commercial real estate in that bubble. Wall Street owns the shadow banks with the massive "CDS's/gambling debts" that dwarf the bubble. And Wall Street owns the media that isn't telling you that story.The commercial real estate bubble is the really expensive one that has hit the shitter. But you don't hear much about it in the media. You will find it buried in the financial sections of some papers or the WSJ and the financial Blogs. But rarely in the media for the mass consumption.Poor homeowners must be publicly humiliated and kicked out of their homes but the commercial real estate owners? All in the family and MOST will quietly be taken care of.Sorry to rant off topic a bit. This getting to diary proportions now.

  3. How rude of me to stop by and forget to say this:Happy new year to you and yours, Dcap. Hope you had a great holiday season too!

  4. I think Rudy was doing the usual republican trick of repeating a lie often enough with the hope that people might buy it. Problem is, they love talking about how masterful W was when he grabbed that bullhorn and told them terraists that we wuz gonna kick their ass. That said, a friend speculates that Rudy might be on chemo and memory loss sometimes occur (apparently they call it chemo brain).

  5. Matelin, Perino and now Rudy Noun Verb 9/11 Giuliani is denying. Well they've told the lie, it's a big lie, they will keep on telling it, and eventually everybody will believe it.

  6. If Rudy has "Chemo Brain, someone should find out and not book him on the DSunday Morning news programs, don't you think/ Lying is not part of the politiocal persona. It is part of the persona of the politicians who peddle hate and have very few reasons to be anywhere near a legislative body or in and executive branch. You are right, the first impression sticks, the big lie works and the media types it and hits send. As Tengrain says, you don't fix those that are hired to inform society, who are there taking notes because we are busy trying to work or find work, who are our representatives excercising outr First Amenedment rights, and you can't fix anything because we will never be honestly informed and when we realize taht, as most do, we will stop listening to facts and settle for the rants of a has been Mayor and a never was press secretary.This has been a sick decade. We can hope for better, but don't hold your breath.Best, Reamus

  7. The fact that these truths need stating, as you so succinctly have done, speaks more to the willful ignorance of the American sheeple and the complicity of our so-called "liberal media" and less to how special we are to know the truth.I suspect that everyone who comes here does so because (s)he agrees with your perspective, and they do so because they have an information source other than Fox "News."My life-line to the truth is WAMC Public Radio out of Albany, available world-wide at it on.And thanks, DCap, for this excellent take on the present situation.

  8. It Pays To Be Ignorant.

  9. I saw this on Keith's program last night. The always excellent Lawrence O'Donnell was subbing.The problem with Stephanopolous is, he wasn't listening. This isn't new and it isn't unique. Many of our most famous pundits and anchors are more focused on filling the three minutes until the next bank of commercials can begin running."America's mayor" could've said, "You know, George, I married my cousin (which he did) and she gave great head," and Stephanoplous wouldn't have blinked an eye because Rudy's remarks didn't register.

  10. Cap, I see it this way. Foxy deliberately lies because it can get away with it. It's brain dead drooling followers don't watch anything else. The rest of us do, and know the truth. All the Keith O's in the world make no difference, since the sludge that watches Foxy never watches anything legitimate anyway. Sadly the right wing nuts have no clue that they are simply fodder for the foxy power base. I don't know a solution. You are right, our educational system basically turns out little patriotic dead heads.

  11. Connecticut Man 1 pretty much nailed what I was going to say. And now we see that Congress is controlled by the insurance and oil companies. Nothing will get done unless there's a big profit to be made by someone.As for your encounter with Michael Steele Dcap, I would have been tempted to be caughing "Whig, Whig, all the way up to his floor.

  12. Today I see an apology from Rude-y, he said he meant to say " no attacks, since 9-11". But we all know Rude-y has embraced 9-11 as his "platform", so it should not be a 9-11 surprise to us.

  13. When blatant (and unchalleneged) lies become the mainstay of political discourse – you know that it is only a matter of time before… well you fill in the blank.The Dupes, Hypocrites, Chicken Hawks, Bigots and War Profiteers which comprise the supporters of the Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party love when they are lied too. The other thing they enjoy is having Cowards ramp up the fearmongering.

  14. I'm afraid you're right, that there was a method to Giuliani's stupidity. It's easy to make fun of him for being out of it, but I think he's making shrewd use of the Big Lie technique. If "there were no domestic attacks during the Bush years" gets repeated often enough, millions of gullible dumbasses will believe it.

  15. copycat!! ;o)the lies keep coming, just the panelists change.

  16. D Cap~ You are right about the news cycles…. tonight's big story- Kate Goslin's new hair!!!Ugh!

  17. Another great post DCap. There is very little left uncorrupted in this country I'm afraid. And what can't be corrupted is plain ignored or underfunded. The media is part of the problem as are our courts. Our system of justice is NOT just. Like all other systems, it's corrupt and does the bidding of the rich. Money rules our country and we aren't in the least bit democratic.

  18. D-Cap: this is one of the best posts you've written. It's a sad post too, when you think about how rich a country we were and how lousy an education we give our kids. Guns and Religion sum it up and although I don't think those folks are totally stupid, they do buy all the stupid stuff mentioned here. They love Rush, Beck, DeMint, Mitchell, clowns that lie their ass off and put their audience into fantasy land. Shame on Stephanopolous, he should have known better. But I agree, he wasn't even listening.

  19. You know many of the biblethumpers I'm around have no idea how liberal Rudy Giuliani was before 9/11. They think he has always been conservative and refuse to listen to when I explain something about his marital escapades, which are hardly Christian.

  20. Giuliani was such a pathetic excuse for a mayor. I wish he would just retire into obscurity already.

  21. libhom – And take McCain and Lieberman with him.

  22. ten – the media is the BIGGEST problem in this country – we dont have a media, we have propaganda armsConn Man – i dont think the media is that easy on the Dems – i think they are easier on folks like Dick Cheney – who should be torn to shreds by the media – but is allowed to get away with his shitThe comml bubble is hitting – but you are right, it will barely break a blip – and the media continues to insulate the bankersconn – thanks, you too (what is the time limit on wishing happy new year??)PINY – rudy can eat shit, for that is all he deserves. rudy was an evil SOB before cancer – there is no excuse for his lies – and his half assed retractionHolte- yep – think of all the people (esp the media) who think Reagan was a great presidentReamus – the only think rudy should be booked on is central booking into Rikers. You are right, lying should not be part of the political persona – but sadly it is, because most americans cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth, if cheney is saying it MUST be true. the media is supposed to inform society, not have an agenda – and it does. i dont think the next decade will be any better, look how it is starting – and the rancor is getting worsecunning – thanks. the fact that Fox News is allowed to pass as News (give them credence to the most incredibly stupid american populace) is one of the biggest crimes around. roger ailes is a piece of shit. periodzen – it sure does pay to be ignorant. much eaiserchristopher – stephanapolous was NOT listening at all – the morning shows are fluff fests anyway – and his bosses must have taught him fast to be more of a fluffer (so to speak)sherry – what i think has evolved in this country (on both the right and left) – is people wanting to CONSTANTLY have their own beliefs reaffirmed – but especially on the right. honestly i dont listen to beck or rush – i only know what i read, because watching them makes my blood curdle (as does i assume most of left). i would guess the right cant watch maddow or olberman. Problem is maddow and olbermann spend a lot of time correcting the lies of the right – becase Fox News and Limbaugh are nothing more than lying machines. it is a pretty one sided game -with the right always on Offense and the left alwasy on defense.demeur – congress is completely controlled by big corps – before the internets they could get away with a lot more, not now – well they get away with it, only now it is more blatant. there is only ONE party in amerca – the who has the most money partyfran – rudy is a fucking liar. he knew exactly what he was saying and he knows no one will listen to his retractionGrung – they love watching the left, dems and progressives cower in the fear mongering – hence the ENDLESS stories about the underwear bomber and how weak the dems are. the mainstay GOP is nothing but a bunch of fascistsTom – there is a grand plan in the GOP to keep lying and lying – because they know the media just will not call them outnonnie – great minds think alikefran – if it isnt kate, it is the media whore david goldman – cant he just be with his son and turn out the media. doesnt that kid have enough to get throughlib – thanks the media AND the courts are huge problems. and guess what – the Supreme Court is about to let the corporations spend unlimited money in elections. any shred of democracy we had (which was small) will be gone

  23. zoey – thanks so much. it is very sad. education is dead last on the priority list because it isnt sexy and the is no immediate 40% ROI. the scariest name on your list is DeMint – he has actual legislative power. he is a warped, and i will say this – fucked up and deranged person.beach – everyone gives rudy tons of credit and accolades for his performance during 9/11 – he walked around because he had no where to go – the only thing worse than his camera hogging was watching Bush on the rubble – the most insincere thing ever in US historylibhom – you are being kind to rudy – i wish he was only a pathetic excuse. he was worsedemeur – lieberman, the most embarrassing member of my tribe – ever….

  24. George S chastizes Rudy, in his blog, after the fact.

  25. Ari Fleischer was the one who first said this kind of thing, back several months ago. He said, "How dare you say 9/11 happened on our watch?!"I think Cheney also said it a couple of times, so that's at least five different right-wing talking heads spewing variations on a theme of the same lie. The most frustrating part of it is that once they've managed to tinfoil the radar enough to confuse the average person, we're going to be the cranks, because we remember what actually happened. *headdesk*

  26. Fantastic picture.

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