Posted by: distributorcap | January 17, 2010

Genie In A Bottle

Based on the inept and almost comical leadership in the House and Senate, these two are going to need way more than three wishes.

Again, they sure don’t make TV like they used to



  1. Yep, Dc, I'm wishing for some real LEADERS. Where TF are they?

  2. That is fabulous. And it is pathetic that it needs to be done. But true!

  3. wow sounds more like a nightmare!!

  4. Think the voters on Nevada will cross their arms & blink (sorry) Harry Reid out of the Senate?He's not winning any awards for pulling together a strong majority in the Senate, now is he???

  5. That's great, thanks 🙂

  6. These just get better and better!

  7. And for the rest of the cast:Eric Cantor Dr. BellowsChris Dodd Major HealeyMichele Bachmann Mrs. BellowsJohn McCain General PetersonBobby Jindal HajiYes, I watched this waaaaay too much.

  8. *Gasping for air*But who plays major Healy? And Captain Bellows?Regards,Tengrain

  9. Jonathan, your casting is *beyond brilliant*!!!!!

  10. This was Magnifique!!!!

  11. BRAVO!This has to be one of my favorite Cecil B. D-Cap productions.As far as I'm concerned, the Democrats have squandered their majority and been as chickenshit as humanly possible.Starting with Mr. Obama, I'd like to see less lip service and more backbone with these damn donkeys.

  12. I wonder why my IE8 always say blogger video is 'unavailable'. 😦

  13. Captain Bellows: ObamaMajor Healy: Rahm

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