Posted by: distributorcap | January 18, 2010

Bobblehead Theater

Last night at the Golden Globes, there was one movie conspicuously missing: You know the story of the upstart bimbo who is plotting to take over for the aging speech writer. Sort of like All About Eve meets Broadcast News meets……..

For your consideration (please note there is 10 seconds of color bars in the beginning)



  1. Peggington certainly looked comfortable sucking down that butt smoke. And Palin should have flushed that wig-hat down the loo.

  2. That Mooselini is a living Doll.Jackie Suzanne would be pleased, methinks.Regards,Tengrain

  3. volley of the dulls. an instant classic.

  4. ooooh and I love Nonnie's title.

  5. Hah!!!!!!!! And Nonnie does have the best title for it!!

  6. I vote for the lavender bar.

  7. I wonder what attracted him to her.

  8. It can be discussed infinitely..

  9. In it something is. I thank for the information, now I will know.

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