Posted by: distributorcap | January 20, 2010

Caption Contest

Caption this photo and win a prize (seriously). And a good prize, not one of those crappy door prizes.

[and yes, I will get back to the serious issues at hand, just taking a well needed comic break]



  1. The Dress That Made Thousands of Men Glad They Are Gay

  2. Vinny knew he picked a winner when he hooked up with Marie. That's why he sprung for the boob job before they were even engaged. Now that they're getting hitched, Vinny wanted the world to see what his missus was packin.'

  3. Release the Hounds !

  4. I gather that he has to have a really tiny package. Otherwise, he's be wearing a thong in order to complement her dress.Seriously, though, she could have saved a lot of money by buying an outfit at Wal-Mart and then carrying a sign that read "Slut".

  5. Danielle wanted a dress that would make her the center of attention, so why was everyone looking the other way?

  6. Pole Dancer Marries Best Customer

  7. Guido: "Hey, my balls are that big too."Boobsy: "Anyone know where Tiger is? I gotta purfect place for him to tee off."

  8. In case of a water landing, your new bride may be used as a flotation device.

  9. got milk?

  10. Boob marries boobs, film at 11.

  11. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the future Mrs. Newt Gingrich."Regards,Tengrain

  12. Look at my brides rubber baby buggy bumpers. Nice, eh?

  13. felicia coughs and realizes at the most inopportune time that she should not have agreed to that experimental surgery that replaces silicone implants with automotive airbags.

  14. Part of me hopes she doesn't sneeze. Part of me hopes she does.

  15. "Why won't men look me in the eyes?"

  16. Well, nuts. SkylersDad already got the one I came up with. I'll see if I can't come up with another, and put it on the same post.

  17. OK, I felt foolish posting one that someone else had already come up with, so I made two more.

  18. "Gesundheit!"

  19. "Do you like my tits? Each one has it's own Congressional District!"

  20. The line forms here to InspectHer Trousseau.

  21. ok – i hate to say thisit is randal…… i still cant stop laughing(at all the comments)randal, email me for your prize

  22. I know I should be thinking, "Man, what a great set of boobs" but I am more impressed about the engineering and design work supporting those things. I'm guessing titanium flying buttresses?

  23. "What do you mean I forgot the matching jacket?"

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