Posted by: distributorcap | January 23, 2010

Objects in Motion, Remain in Motion……..

Jefferson Davis should have just hung on for a 145 more years. The CSA is alive and well and living because of the five non-activist, non-partisan and non-politicized judges on the SCOTUS.

Section 4 of the Patriotic Code regulates the Pledge of Allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the logo of the Corporate States of America (CSA), and to the Plutocracy for which it stands, one shareholder under the God of Money, indivisible, with stock options and gigantic bonuses for a select few.”

Furthermore, the pledge should be rendered while standing at attention facing the logo with the right hand taking $10s out of the wallet. When not in blue pin stripes, men should remove any non-profit headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the logo, and render the secret handshake.

Now that the Supreme Court has determined that corporations are persons – where are all the pro-lifers saying we cannot abort? As of this week, it is now possible for corporations to buy elections, policies and candidates. This will ultimately result in a government for the corporations, by the corporations and of the corporations (which is what we already have, but SCOTUS has allowed them to come out of the closet).

We are doomed. Other than Dred-Scott and Plessy vs. Ferguson, I cannot think of more despicable SCOTUS decision (I am sure Palin couldn’t). America’s slide down to the abyss was already going a decent clip, Scalia & Co. just threw a whole can of Exxon-Mobil’s 10W-40 on the slippery slope. While the right wing kept voting for the GOP to rid the country of abortions, gays and liberals – what they finally got was a bunch of judges that have allowed the US Congress to be outwardly and legally controlled by corporations – corporations who want your money, no matter you political persuasion.

This is more damaging to democracy than any other ruling made in history. Let fat fuck Rush complain all he wants about judicial Democratic appointed judges – this is the ultimate act of juris activus. A corporation is a person. Orly Taitz better start hounding them for birth certificates. The cycle is complete – Republicans, who proceded to dismantle the foundations of democracy with Saint Ronnie – found an an effective door-slammer with Bush. I don’t want to set a time frame, but the Wicked Witch’s hour glass has been flipped and I don’t see any pair of ruby slippers stopping the destruction of the middle class and probably the great experiment called the United States.

Objects (and SCOTUS decisions) in motion remain in motion…..unless acted upon by an outside force.



  1. Your cynicism is well founded. And yet, it's much more fun to fight on than to simply stand still.

  2. Well, there was Lochner v. NY in 1905, which was used by the Supremes to invalidate every worker safety and child-labor law that came in before the court for the next 30 years. I think that reactivating Lochner is what those five black-robed bastards are up to.

  3. I hope this back fires on them. Remember, we have all the smart funny people.

  4. A sad day for demoacracy. A sad day for the republic. Hard to fathom.

  5. Add Wickard v. Fliburn to your list.

  6. And of course, the 1886 SCOTUS decision in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad set this nasty ball rolling. In it, the court declared corporations were "natural persons." If that seems reasonable (not!), note that it affords corporations (as a whole!) the rights and privileges of personhood, but preserves their protection (as a whole!) from the consequences of illegal behavior. (You can prosecute a CEO, but not a corporation.) Not unlike the way we have continued to move to privatized profit, but socialized cost/risk (in other words, "too big to fail" private business that require bailouts at the taxpayer's expense).Thursday's SCOTUS decision is bad, no doubt about it. But as you note, we were already on this slope.

  7. If you haven't done so, check out Keith Obermann's assessment of this debacle…he all but calls Roberts a traitor. He certainly labels this decision right there with Dred Scott, only worse. aside, but certainly related: Amazing to me that one right winger on another blog commented that this decision would benefit the liberal element of the Democratic party. She has no clue as to what is going on in her country.

  8. So NONE of you are trusting in our corporate overlords after ALL they've done for you? Ungrateful ingrates.

  9. I get so depressed. When the wacko right doesn't get its way, it gets its guns…Liberals move to canada and Denmark…lol…They get what they deserve. Who would have thunk that the worst thing Bushie did was pack the court with asshats.

  10. It's simply a shocking decision. I am finding it harder and harder to believe that the U.S. will be able to turn itself around.

  11. We are fucked, and I'd say we should all take the money and run except for there's no money to take.Feh!

  12. I'm still just stunned by this awful decision, and I don't think it's in any way hyperbolic to rank it with Plessy v. Ferguson or Dred Scott. What happens when all the corporations decide to assert all of their constitutional rights? Can Halliburton and ExxonMobil raise their own little militias because they have the right to keep and bear arms?

  13. and the kicker is that when they donate to their causes, they're using someone else's money. stockholders don't get to decide which political candidate or what cause a corporation donates to.

  14. If corporations are declared as a person this could actually work to our advantage. It would follow that now they can't hide behind corporate protections. As they've watered down the bankruptcy laws we just might be able to squeeze blood out of a turnip just like they expect to do to us.

  15. It would be nice if it worked that way, Demeur…but this isn't the first decision to declare corporations have the same status in the Constitution as persons. And none of the ones before have allowed this interpretation to extend to accountability.

  16. United States v. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., 366 U.S. 316 (1961) was a pretty bad case, too, simply for this line: In civil proceedings, courts are not authorized to punish antitrust violators, and relief must not be punitive; but courts are required to decree relief effective to redress the violations and restore competition, whatever the adverse effect of such a decree on private interests.In other words, the purpose of antitrust law is to breed fitter corporate criminals.Oh, and if you haven't seen the semi-rational libertarian response to this case yet, you should take a look at it. To sum up both Ed Brayton and Glenn Greenwald's positions, "Relax, it's not as bad as you silly liberals think it is, because corporations already own everything and you're dangerously naive to think otherwise." Now I know why libertarians are the way they are — they are just trying to make sure they're properly ingratiated to our corporate owners before the hammer falls…

  17. Remember when the title "Supreme Court Justice" was revered? Well glad I lived to see that's over with. Now Obama can nominate a fucking cab driver for the next vacancy. This country's going down the shitter folks.

  18. yep there have been plenty of bad SCOTUS decisions – and they have dramatically affected history – but this is one we are living through and a court we are STUCK with courtesy of Bush – but how fast we forget

  19. For anyone interested in the history of key Supreme Court decisions, I recommend Peter Irons' A People's History of the Supreme Court.

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