Posted by: distributorcap | February 2, 2010

Family Ties

Still refusing to accept blame for eight disastrous years, George lashes out at what he believes is the real reason for his failed presidency. But at least he has finally learned what he really is.

(remember the color bars)



  1. He's still the best brush cutter the White House has ever seen.

  2. maybe i need to shine my tinfoil hat, but i don't think that was really chimpy talking. the reason for my doubt is obvious–chimpy would have said, "i could'a been a contenderer."

  3. I still say people do not cut brush in Texas. It all grows back the next day, so you need heavy equipment to dig it up and drag it away.If millionaires do want their brush cleared by hand, they sure as hell don't do it themselves–that's what their illegal aliens are for.

  4. The tragic thing in all this is that after 9/11 Chimpy could have done things that at least could have made him an actually leader. He could have called for energy independence from foreign oil. He could have sent enough troops and money into Afghanistan so we could have stabilized the place. He could have stayed out of the sinkhole of Iraq. And he could have been honest with the country about how much it would cost to pay for all of these things. But that would have required some intelligence and actual leadership skills beyond jingoistic phrases. Far beyond his mere spoiled rich kid abilities.

  5. Too funny.Marlon Brando is probably turning in his grave to hear his voice coming out of the Bush Crime Brothers.Still…LOL.

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