Posted by: distributorcap | February 3, 2010

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Today I am officially throwing in the towel, hanging up the skates and going out for coffee. I have decided to stop the blogging for awhile. Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Call it a lack of inspiration, a lack of desire, but more likely it is thorough disgust at what this country has become – and is rapidly heading towards. All the hope and fanfare of a year ago has rapidly vanished in a sea of mismanagement, disappointment and “more of the same.”

What finally pushed me over the edge – a couple of things:

The announcement that AIG employees in their financial products division – the division that nearly created the next depression and took $180 billion in tax dollars to get back on its feet – would received around $100 million in bonuses. Bonuses generated, earned and paid for with our (mine and your) money. Sure there are the usual “this is so bad” articles and some lip service from some sycophant in the government. But at the end of the day, these criminals (and they are criminals) are getting bonuses (money many of them do not need) for ruining the lives of millions of Americans. After the griping ends in a few days, the wonderful media will move on to the next soap opera. And we let this happen. Bad behavior – unpunished.

My little blog is not going to stop the rampant greed and criminal behavior of the people really in charge.

Second, I watched part of the Roger Ailes spectacle this weekend. In a nutshell, he basically told Arianna Huffington and the gang at the round table to go fuck themselves. As long as someone is willing to pony up money for the likes of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to spew their hate, lies and diarrhea – I don’t think there is really is much hope for this country. I used to think it was OK for these people to continue to lie and spew hate in public – because they would be exposed. I don’t think that anymore. Their lies have rapidly become the truth to millions – including our government!

For Ailes, he could care less that his organization is splintering this country every day – as long as he can laugh all the way to the bank, it is easy enough for him to dismiss Arianna and Krugman as angry lefties. Nothing changes – it seems to only gets worse. Bad behavior – no repercussions.

This little blog is not going to convince anyone that Beck and Limbaugh are actually bad for this planet.

And finally, the media’s obsession with and constant attention to the devil herself – Sarah Palin. This is a woman so unworthy of anything, the fact that she is the daily version of One Life To Live really riles me. Sure I make fun of her – but I cannot grasp what any person with a brain see worthwhile from the world’s emptiest brain. With all the horrible people we have as leaders, policy makers and “journalists” – none are more repulsive than Sarah Palin. She is stupid, unqualified, a moron and downright evil diva (somewhere there is a 666 plastered on her). But the descamisados love her and the media loves her even more. You laugh – the way this country is going, she could grow up to be President. Bad behavior – rewarded.

What I am seeing is that a huge chunk of this country is either fast asleep or simply doesn’t care what happens in the future. The live for the moment attitude of the entire GOP and a lot of Democrats as well is something that is going to come back to haunt us in the most insidious ways. Health Reform should have been a no brainer – Bush got more passed with less of a majority. And the fact that someone like Sarah Palin or (the new poster boy) Scott Brown or Mike Huckabee could actually be president (and that people actually pull a lever for the even creepier Steve King or Michele Bachman) makes me lose a lot of faith in what this country really stands for. Too many people with no redeeming value or qualities are determining the future of this country.

What I am feeling today (in addition to the nastiest cold I have had in awhile) is that I have very little to give to this discourse any more. I hate watching stupid America win – but I fear that is what is happening.

Again, this little blog doesn’t affect a damn thing – and that is what is so frustrating.

A year ago we were saying the GOP and there bad for American policies was through. But given the shape of the Democratic leadership – the Republicans are back and gaining strength. Yes, America is about to vote back into office the very people who brought this country down.

And if that is not the definition of insanity – nothing is.

Plus, this break will give me time to read all your work, something I have found little time for.

I am not closing this down, and who knows, I might be back sooner as opposed to later, but right now I don’t feel the drive. Plus I was thinking of just doing all history and science posts in the future.

But before I forget – I want to thank each and every person that has every read or commented – you truly were inspiration and taught me a lot – and I have met some terrific people and made some good friends along the way. For that, I am truly lucky.



  1. I will patiently await your return. Until then, all the best, DCap!

  2. Hi Cap;I know the feeling of losing the desire to continue blogging and I saw it coming in the frequency of your posts. My thought was that my friend Cap is taking a rest for a bit, but the post above says a lot and maybe a million readers aren't looking at distributorcapny every day. However, the readers you do have are intelligent, articulate, like minded and sometimes not so like minded people.There are times I see over twenty comments on one of your posts and that says something.Besides anyone who wears socks with those colors is bound to come back :)Anyway you are great at illustrating your thoughts to us all. Sometimes the frustration comes from not being able to change what we perceive to be an injustice, deceit or plain old criminality, yet you let us know and give us a foundation which supports your reasoning.Think about it Cap. It's in your blood. :)Anyway, I want to thank you for providing me with plenty to think about.

  3. I too felt the same way last month. I find myself more interested in commenting than posting. You it seems to me have put much effort into whatever you post. Shrink the amount of words and be more of point and shoot guy. "short and sweet" comes to mind. You have value.

  4. I get what you're saying … It does seem the idiots and greedy bastards have won. Maybe they have but for all those that agree with you, you need to remember, your stories and tirades are tiny pieces of resistance. And when railing against troglodytes, stupidity and an entrenched establishment … what can we do but tell stores and poke fun at the bloated dumb asses who have taken over this country.The circle will turn, maybe not with this president, but it will happen … just maybe your gags and bits will be part of the tipping point to a better tomorrow.Take week or so off, go kick something, sharpen you pencils and then c'mon back to the trenches.

  5. every day, my first stop in the blogosphere (right after checking in over at the raisin) is distributorcapNY. my routine won't change. i will click over here every day, in hopes that my buddy dcAp has once again graced us with his wit and intelligence. you might not think you're making a difference, but you never know when someone might stop by, read something he never knew before, and tells his friends about it. how many votes did norm coleman lose by? sometimes, every little bit really does make the difference.mmmwwaahhhhhhh dcAp!!!! love your guts!

  6. You'll be back; they all come back.DCap – just consider this moment as being the clarion call that all the awake and smart people need to step up their game. We need your voice now more than ever.Take a break, well-deserved, and then get back in it.Please?Regards,Tengrain

  7. Don't give up hope, DCap. Take a break if you need to, but don't give up. We'll be here to read you when you come back (and I love your history posts)

  8. Oh my love, I have known you a long time now and I hear you, I get it. I stopped too and came back in a different and less intense and not daily format. Do what you need to do, but do not give up hope. That is so not who you are.We jumped into this pool together and together we will stay, one way or another. Two opposites – like identical cousins or you!

  9. I can't blame you, man. Take a breather and who knows, maybe something good will happen out there?All the greatest anti-war artists could not and cannot stop war or other calamities but it is a good thing to bear witness, always. Good luck, best wishes, and salud! Have enjoyed it all'

  10. I'm a relatively new reader – I came here first from a link on Maru. Your page is interesting, informative, and sorta 'scholastic' (that's meant as a compliment). I understand the giving up – I've given up on the USA. The soul of this country is irredeemably fucked up. I'm finally very glad that I'm old and childless. Thanks for the enjoyment you have provided me, and here's hoping that you find peace & solace.

  11. D'Cap,With all due respect my man, and you do deserve everyone's respect for the time and effort you put into these pages, understand something. This blog by itself will never catch the criminals, will never make the world a better place. But, as my Daddy used to say, we read to be informed and you do that.My blog or yours isn't going to change what is wrong with the country or the world, but it is about real life and it is one of the many voices trying to be heard above the cacaphony of the Becks and the rest and somebody has to keep pointing out right from wrong. You do and you do it well. Peace. Do what you have to do and know you have contributed to the knowledge base of many of us whether it was about politics or Robert Hall stores.Thanks for that.Best,Reamus

  12. I hear you. I felt burned out just awhile ago, and then decided I would just post whenever I felt like it.I will wait for you to come back at your own time an pace, because you are the best.

  13. You are at the top of my list, DC, and I read you as much as my writing schedule allows: first read DC; then write (or vice versa). Your knowledge and fervent belief in the inherent decency of our system of Constitutional government (whatever that is now) helped me continue on with some faith in real change (not Obama's) eventually occurring despite all evidence to the contrary.Amid all the bad news we get hit with everyday, this takes first prize. I will miss you and hope you get some rest, heal up and return soon full of vim, vigor and new enthusiasm for the fight which will have only gotten tougher in your absence.(And exactly what Ten said (as usual).)Salute!S

  14. A hiatus from blogging is good for the soul. Plus, why blog when you are sick? When I have a cold, all I want to do is stay home, and watch daytime TV.You'll be back. Maybe, with a renewed focus about where you want to take things. Focus more on history or culture?Politics can be toxic. Always has been and always will be. If you doubt this, read Shakespeare.

  15. Some guy – thanks – don’t think you will be able to get away without me snarking on your blogIch – thanks for everything – yes the steam was going out, for lots of reasons – and I have to say that you and everyone else made me a better writer and a more informed person and I cant thank every one enough. I probably will be back (I already wanted to write about the R word and Sarah Palin) – but I need this breakIahru – thanks for stopiping buy and thanks even more for the compliment – I do want to enjoy and learn from others as wellBill – it really does seem the idiots are winning, and it kills me every day I turn on the set (which at work I have no choice) and see the ugly puss of Palin or Limbaugh. I hope the circle turns – as disappointed as I am in what has happened since Jan 2009 – obama has the capability to make a difference – lets see if he wants to. I also guess I felt I stopped being funny and started just looking angry – there is a fine line between that. While being funny is great, being angry is not very persuasive or attractive.Nonnie – you are too sweet. You are right – every person really does make some sort of difference – even if it is one person. Like I said above, in my mind I think I started being angry as opposed to being funny. And I need to get the creativity back (trust me, I am not one to sit around – besides I am learning how to animate to make my own cartoon movies, so I guess I will be back as the new Disney)Ten – you guys have me pegged, it is a hiatus, not a cancellation (unlike some of the shows around here which go on hiatus and just seem to never be cancelled.) I will continue to do Peggington Photoshops for you since that makes ME laugh.CDP – thanks so much. I am really considering history/science/economics only next time around – since that is what really drives me. We could learn so much if we just took some time to see what history can teach us. Fran – I just spoke to you, so no comment LOLErik – I hope something good happens, but it just doesn’t look all that promising. It is important to bear witness – and thanks. PS your stuff is greatJohn STL – st louis huh? LOL. Thanks for your note and thanks for your compliments – much much appreciated. I am glad I could make you smile on occasion – we can all use that and if I made a few people laugh, well that I definitely made a differenceReamus – thanks so much, these words mean a lot from all of you. And Robert Hall will show you, the reason they give you high quality ( I know way too much crappy pop culture). I aint gonna change anything, but I guess I accomplish a lot if I inform one person or make one person smileSkyler – thanks so much – maybe it is just a break I need. Even Guiding Light got cancelled after 70 years.Suzan – ah what can I say my friend, you are too kind. Your words are inspiring and strong – and I am glad if I made you smile or more informed. Wouldn’t it be nice if really didn’t have to write about how bad things were, and just about how things are getting better. Christopher – you cant keep up this pace without needing a break, and I think after all this a break is in good order – and maybe it will be a new focus – Shakespeare is right, the political world is toxic and I was tired of drinking the hemlock (except that was Socrates wasn’t it?) thanks againThanks to all – I will now have more time to read all your marvelous work

  16. Yeah. These are the same frustrations that led me to stop blogging. The whole direction this country is moving in is just too depressing.Hang in there. Feel better. Get some rest.

  17. Enjoy your time off…but do come back we need every candle shining brightly in this age of darkness

  18. Back in the Bush 2 era they called it "Fuck Up Fatigue"… just one outrage (mostly human rights violations, and or unconstitutional item) after another. You could barely process one incident, before a new one arrived. I think we all share this big let down- had such hope for real change, set up with Dem majorities in both the House & Senate & wound up with incessant squabbling & a GOP so blindly in lockstep, they can't even find one with a soul enough to have compassion for those who desperately need health care, but are locked out of the "system". It's disheartening & disgusting at the same time. To have these flaming assholes play the "socialism" card over something so important as healthcare– is hard to witness– as the fat cat bankers carry on w business as usual- wen they have a debt to pay (should be with interest)… & no governmental spine to tax the hell out of said bonus money to make the practice be discontinued. The people who lost their homes, or still have no health care ( in part because there are allegedly no funds ) suffer greatly as a result. So I really do understand how discouraging it all is. I think of blogging as a kind of cheap therapy. You get to vent & share your thoughts & feelings- but also shed light on subjects, that does create a spark in others too. We can use this as a tool for change. What you post matters. Like minded readers bask in the knowledge of a glimmer of sanity, and can at least have a safe haven to express disgust with the status quo quagmire. It is important to have solidarity. So by all means take a break. Nurse yourself back to good health. Feel the love from your readers AND know that we share the disdain for the cesspool of the beltway. Together we can get through it.

  19. //Again, this little blog doesn't affect a damn thing – and that is what is so frustrating.//Aw, bullshit&stuff… it is blogs like this…. people like you… that make me feel like there IS something that can have impact! .. And the impact IS.. that all across the nation there are hearts and minds that care and think and if we are all driven underground.. so fucking WHAT….? Goodness, truth, sodaal…sodalit….sodialit….soudaality…… ah shit, togetherness…. will not die!Ps. cool socks. Just settle down and watch a few Jack Benny reruns. You'll be fine. &bless you sir, too!

  20. You can't fool me one bit. This whole political whinefest is so you can spend more time watching sports. 😉

  21. Understand completely what you are feeling. Been there, and expect to return at any moment. Take a break, focus on a new passion, even in the writing, and it will come back. It's in our blood I'm convinced. We can't help but holler at the world to wake up and SEE the Freakin truth! Best of luck DC and you ain't a movein outta my reader!

  22. Darn it Tengrain you stole my comment. Sick minds think alike I guess.I can't think of much to blog about either. You have the Grand Obstructionist Party and the balless Dems muking things up. Why not just retire them all as they aren't doing anything anyway and getting paid nicely for it.

  23. Waaaaah, things aren't going how you like so you decide to pack it in and quit. Waaaah. You don't like the direction of the country under Obama and the Democrats you helped elect? Then do something about it. Something like write a blog. Oh wait, you decided that your little blog isn't going to do anything because it's too small or you're tired of writing it. Waaaah. Get the hell over it. If you don't like thing then get off your ass and work to change them and don't accept the fate the corporations and the corrupt politicians want for this country. Or not. Maybe it's best you stay a quitter. And if you don't like me saying this stuff to you, then man up and do something about it, other than whining and quitting that is.

  24. @Dr. MonkeyDo "something" like what? And how do you know he hasn't done "something" about it? How effective have these things been anyway?It's easy to be an arsehole in the comments section of a blog. It's a bit more difficult to suggest what that "something" needs to be, particularly in the face of a corporat-ocracy that has deep pockets, owns the media and frames the entire debate.

  25. I've been blogging since 2006. Truth 101 was my original, then became THE ORACLE and had far more success, traffic wise anyway, than since I got tired of the character and went back to Truth 101. None of us is changing the world or even changing anyone's mind. The question is really whether or not it's fun. Reading your blog is fun DC. If it's not fun for you though then take a break. You'll either come back or you won't. Enjoy your hiatus, or retirement, whatever is more fun for you Brother.

  26. Take a break man. You aregood at this and will find some reaon to come back. I would like to make one point when it comes to feeling helpless and that there is no tangible result from Blogging, just this one example should give you some hope.When The Left went after that skeezeball Glen Beck and directed their collective displeasure at his advertisers, the skeevy mother fuck lost over FIFTY, paying advertisers.That, my friend, is a tangible result of the collective power of us Dirty Fuckin' Hippies.Just remember that.Take care, you have my best wishes and I too, will faithfully drop by, awaiting your return.Busted Fucking Nuckles.

  27. What? you didn't know I had a middle name?

  28. I'm with Busted. You do make a difference. D'cap, It really sucks to watch the country we love be cannibalized by a bunch of psychopathic capitalists. We had such high hopes only to have them dashed on the rocks of monied politics. I love your stuff, read it almost every day. I will look forward to your return. -g

  29. Enjoy your sabbatical, you will get your mojo back.

  30. on smash – thanks, actually i think a break will get me going againfran – thank also – i love your style – righ tto the point, we need more of that — and thanks for your kind wordsok – thanks (i should create a thanks macro LOL) – you mean burns and allen reruns, except you cant get them anywhere – and down a fell local brews while i am at itrandal – only you could make me spit out the coffee on the keyboardfeather – again, you are too kind – dont worry i will be at your place because you are one of the best arounddemeur – wouldnt be nice to live in a world with no harry reids or glenn becks – 8-)dr m – i wont comment, i learned to control my anger when i had to deal with slappz. you, whom i like and respect – well i think judging my decision is just not appropriate.toujour – 8-)truth – not that everything has to be fun, but you are so right – i felt i was becoming a slave to it – and if you HAVE to do something, often you dont do it well. i like writing and researching as well as expressing my opinion – and for the past few weeks, the joy was gone – and i think people could tell as well and thanksbusted – you are riht – collectively we can make a difference and i shouldnt discount small steps – and stop expecting big ones – like throwing that fuckface Beck off the air. it just drives me crazy that there are so many hard working and good people struggling or falling way behind – and Beck gets paid millions to make us miserable and ruin the countrygreenday – thanks so much — i think a week in my foxhole will make this all go away LOLholte – thanks – i might get hojo as well – are they still in business?

  31. I hear you, DCap. I try too avoid focusing on politics and post the absurd and, of course, politicians and preachers caught putting their dicks where they shouldn't. My apartment deposit fund (growing very slowly) has been renamed my deposit/escape fund. Because I don't know if I want to stay here. That said, I will check to see if you post, because I learn something from you every time.

  32. Jeez I just found you.Don't quit.People like you are invaluable.

  33. D-Cap, I've grown to love you as a dear friend and intellectual inspiration.Take a break, relax and refresh.Sooner or later, I suspect some news item will reinvigorate you and cause your return.Meanwhile, the crack reporters at my crib have uncovered a new entry in Sarah Palin's diary.Seems she a little threatened by Scott Brown being prettier than her.I await your snarky comments.xoxKZ

  34. You think we'll miss you? Bah! You'll miss us.Just wait.I will.JAS

  35. P.S. That pic of you and your suit n' socks is adorable.You are definitely lesbian catnip.

  36. Have a good break!

  37. Good Luck. Rest and Recoup.

  38. It's terribly frustrating and yet the good people stay in the fight daily. It has to be that way because there really is a better world for all mankind. This period of allowing the stupid and insane to control our vast wealth and spend us into oblivion is happening for a reason. Once done, we will all learn why it had to be this way. Palin, Bush, Cheney and the rest of the crooks, all came about for a reason. Hang in there. We need you back when you're ready.

  39. I reached that point in 2004, when George W. Bush was re-selected. That was when I realized that a) the Democrats were inept hapless spineless wimps who were incapable of doing what it takes to rule a nation, b) the Republicans are vicious venal liars who have no problem doing things that hurt the nation as long as it gets them what they want for themselves (power and money, mostly), c) the majority of Americans are either cretins who liked what George W. Bush did, or who approve of Republican venality, and thus d) democracy in America is doomed, the USA is on its way to becoming Mexico North and until utter national disaster happens nothing we say or do is going to change it.Everything I've done since then is about documenting the atrocities, not about any hope for change or anything. The bottomless suck of American stupidity and venality mitigates against any change until things hit rock bottom, at which point a whole lot of bad shit happens. So it goes.- Badtux the Cynical Penguin

  40. D-cap! If all the good guys give up, the bad guys will have free rein! Not that I blame you for getting discouraged. You put so much thought and care into your posts that it's understandable that you may sometimes feel that it's not worth the effort. But if you make your followers think about the issues, maybe you will inspire them to help spread the word.I remember seeing a sign in the Grand Canyon, several years ago, which said something like this…Don't drop your trash into the canyon, thinking that your one piece of paper or one soda can't hurt anything. Because if EVERYONE who visits the canyon drops his trash into it, eventually the canyon would be full of trash.Okay, it's an awkward analogy. But I believe that although your GOOD, VALUABLE words may not fill the canyon of ignorance and apathy by themselves, every little bit helps. So rest up and come back to us.

  41. If you did one thing, it helped me remember that there were others feeling the way I do and seeing the things I see. And one quote attributed possibly erroneously, but very ironically, the father of conservatism, Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I think you'll be back.

  42. I hear you, but as others have said, I hope to have you back soon. Sometimes stepping away for a little while is needed.

  43. Hello CapFigures I just found your Blog. My timing is flawless. From what I've read your little blog does make a difference. We have to change how we protest I think. Strength in numbers gets the attention as opposed to good manners, don't make waves.. I'll check in time to time..

  44. One of the difficult things to keep in mind when doing anything grassroots, be it blogging, activism, or whatever, is that the significance is in being part of a collective effort, not that your efforts alone will solve the problems. I hope you start blogging again. You are a valuable part of the liberal and progressive blogging community.

  45. It's good to step away from the nonsense and let the real world soak in a bit. I put my little blog on hiatus until spring for the same reasons.We come back, we always come back. How many times has Jim Yeager over at Skippy hung up his blogging shoes?Enjoy the coffee, have a danish or three. Deal with rent and bills and snowstorms and loud-assed neighbors and that guy down the street who listens to Rush a lot but still can't figure out how to get his Christmas lights working.Since my hiatus, I've been working on my new novel, sitting on the beach with hot and cold running MaiTai's, topless native girls at my bidding, roast pig every night and smoke so good it'll make your toenails curl.or not.We'll miss your voice, D. but take the time to get your mojo back. Our future is too important to stay on the sidelines long. Perhaps we'll see you in the Spring too!Shamanaqua

  46. If anyone has earned a well deserved break, it's you, my friend. Even the worst of teachers get three months off a year, and you have been an excellent educator.You have contributed more than your share and have gone above and beyond for the cause.Enjoy some time off and take care.

  47. PINY – if you move across and ocean i am joining you, and dinner when i get back from FLoridaAnon – thanks, i will be back – whoever you areKX -awwwwww i am gonna do the secret scott brown diary. jas – hehehehehe – i know where you live''kz – i didnt know there were lesbian sockszen – thanks – i will definitely be reading your stuffgrung – i will and thankszoey – thanks – you area good one too – and anyone who loves cats…… i hope this period does endbad tux – you are definitely one i learn from – and smart idea, dcoumenting the mess we are – maybe they will be able to get us back to sane place, because this country is just not sane anymore. madame z – you are right, the good guys cant give up, but sometimes they just need a break – and your kind words are exactly what i needed to hear. every little bit does help. i am hoping the rest will invigorate the juicesJY – another one of the good guys! and what a great quote and thankskevin – thanks. it is exactly what i needtim – i will be back — just have to rest these little fingers and the angry mind. and i hope you come backlibhom – thanks your words mean a lot – and i also have learned a lot from you. i just need to rest the minddavid – i am having the coffee and danish already and ignornig the guy who sits next to me at work who loves rush and palin. and thanksdave dubya – thanks! you guys have been so kind. makes this crotchety guy weep LOL

  48. Maybe none of our blogs can do a damned thing about changing the big things in this dumb country, but it was always a pleasure and an education to read your blog. You'll be missed, friend.

  49. I understand the lack of inspiration, but give yourself a break and see if you don't feel better soon.

  50. Oh, if I move you will know. Have fun in florida.

  51. quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  52. DCap,I've been so burnt out it took me almost a week to discover that you are burnt out also. I hope you return sooner than later, but believe me, I get it.I'm also with Tengrain, now is not the time to completely turn away.Peace.

  53. I don't think there is really is much hope for this country.Come on DCap, we bloggers are the 21st century version of Edward Gibbon. The Chinese will appreciate and salute us as those who chronicled the bridges being burned and screamed warnings as the lemmings jumped off the cliff. Hell, after they take over they may keep us around just for giggles.

  54. Well I agree but I contemplate the post should secure more info then it has.

  55. I did have to snort beer out of my nose whem I kept seeing that us Bloggers are kinda like Horse buggies anymore. Ya know, we are SO old school!Yeah, fuck you little morons on Twitter and Texting cracks me the fuck up.Lick my fucking balls.

  56. Please know that I am with you 100%, I understand how you feel because it is exactly how I feel. I too am filled with despair over the current state of things. It does seem hopeless. I am trying to take a break too by not turning on any news media on TV, but I can't avoid skimming the news online. I am hoping that in another month or two things will seem better at least because spring is coming. I want you to know how grateful I am to you for your blog – reading it daily helps me know I am not alone (although we are certainly in the minority). Take care of yourself. I hope you will be back with a refreshed spirit and renewed strength. xoxoxo Craig

  57. Enjoy the breather, 'Cap. The War On Stoopid ain't done yet.;>)

  58. dg – thanks. you guys make this all worthwhilematty – i would be the inspiration does come back – i enjoy writing too much and more important i really enjoy mocking the assholes out therenunya – i dont think i could completely turn away – there is comedy gold is douchebags like Palin, but it is the fact that it seems like they are winningbeach – your stuff is so worth the read – keep up the good work – and i hope i am kept for gigglesbusted – you crack me up. LOLcraig h – thanks so much – i am glad i am to able to reach out and others have gotten something from this – more to comedark – the war on stoopid is one of those hundred years war

  59. You leave just as I come back! Bummer! I would be more disappointed except I get the feeling you'll be back eventually, if only from my own experience of dropping off the blogosphere for a year… Twice. I know how you feel about feeling insignificant, but I can promise you have you've made a difference, at least to me. I love your writing and as someone younger, you have opened my eyes to the non-textbook reality that I missed having only been born in 1982. It might seem like you're preaching to the choir, but at least in my case, you've been teaching a mis-lead kid. So thank you. Enjoy your time off. I hope to see you back again soon.

  60. Thank you DCap, for all the knowledge you have passed on to all of us. I find the world is a worse off place today with this news. 😦

  61. The people who lost their homes, or still have no health care suffer greatly as a result.So I really do understand how discouraging it all is.

  62. Well crap. I don't stop by for awhile and world goes all to hell.BTW, I gotta go with Dusty's comment on this one.

  63. Take this break (we all need one,) then come back swingin'.They want us to quit in despair, but if we do, THEY win.

  64. DCap,Echoing what everyone else said,best regards,SA

  65. *sigh*

  66. I hate to admit it, but I feel like you do. It's sad.I still am hanging on to a very thin thread of hope. I don't know how much longer til it breaks. I hope and pray that Obama sits up straight and gets pissed, I mean really pissed off, and akes things work like we believed it would during the campaign.I will miss you and your blogging. I hope that something realy inspires you to come back sooner rather than later. I'm sure you have done a lot of good, and reached a lot of people with your intelligence and humour.Take good care. I'm looking forward to your return to blogging.At the very least, get out and have some fun!

  67. It's a lot to ask of a blog, that it stop the madness.It's a lot of madness to stop.I read this as a regrouping declaration. I read this as a figurative flaming of the feathers, a piling of the ashes, a planning for the firey rebirth.Apparently the last year hasn't killed all hope in me.Yet.

  68. in putting into words what I too have been feeling, and apparently many others have as well."this little blog doesn't affect a damn thing"No and not mine either, that's why I took a break, that I may be starting back out of.Individually we don't amount to a Rupert Murdoch operation, I don't think it's where we're lost in the roar of the wind.Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz are nothing special, individually – or as a group. They are disposable peons to the Machine.I think it's our "character" that keeps us or one of us from rising to the point where we can create a wide scale platform to counter that damned monster of News Corp.WE NEED TO GET RUTHLESS

  69. 用行動來支持你~~~不留言不行!........................................

  70. Okay, I'll try again in March.

  71. DCap, I'm late to this comment thread because I've been derailed from blogdom by my mom's health issues – but let me be probably the 72nd person to wish you well, tell you how much I've enjoyed your thoughtful, insightful and sometimes scathing or humorous posts on current events, as well as your fascinating ones on history and other subjects. I truly hope you will be back. We need all of our voices to keep the faith – and as CR said, we can't let them win.

  72. Damn, DCap! I'm not going to tell you to stay or go, but I'll say that I will miss reading your posts. I fear that we are in for another 20-50 years of political horrors before things really turn around. And it will be harsher for people in rural areas than for those in urban centers. Factories and mills are closing, railroads are abandoning tracks and idling trains, it's all spiraling down. At 44, I may not live long enough to see the rise of progressive politics in my country again. Hell, I'll be lucky not to end up in a cattle car headed for North Dakota.I'll miss your commentary, dude. I'll miss it a lot. You're way smarter than me and can put words to the things I fear but cannot articulate. I'll be glad when you decide to return.

  73. Hi DCI'm rushing through to let you know that I have moved Politics Plus to have you in the blogroll there. Would you update me in yours?I realize you're on haitus, but I'll heep your link active.

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