Posted by: distributorcap | March 6, 2010

I Have A List….

With an inspiration from my good pal Dusty

When it comes to the most evil family in America, the nut sure doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Cheney clan.

It is an already established fact that Liz Cheney has shit for brains. But in addition to a manure-laden cranium, it turns out Little Miss Shining Path also has hydrochloric acid running through her veins. Through the group Cheney founded Keep American Safe (what a misnomer!), Lizzie Borden has decided that lawyers who represented Guantanamo detainees are basically terrorists themselves and deserves forty whacks.

Cheney’s Keep America Safe dubs the lawyers “the Al Qaeda Seven” and asks, “Whose values do they share?” while flashing a picture of Osama bin Laden.

Even many on the right and some of Bush’s former administration officials think the American branch of the Brownshirts has gone too far in their (rather, her) criticism of Obama and his policies.

This poor excuse for the XX chromosome combo has been relentless in her attacks on Obama for his security policies. Fox News cannot give her enough oxygen time (I wish they would give CO2 tikme). If you have half a brain not filled with dung you know that La Liz is the real terrorist. The entire mantra of Keep Amerikkka Safe is to Keep America Fearful (then again that is the entire strategy of the Republicans). Like Miss Gulch – this one woman Baader Meinhof gang thinks just because she owns half the county she has the power to lie the rest of us!

These lawyers are a menace to the community. I’m taking them to the Sheriff and make sure they’re destroyed.

And finally (only 16 seconds)….

(PS – Cheney’s other spawn isn’t much better – a self-hating lesbian who defends the party that wants to see her disappear – what a family!)



  1. It is sooooooo good to have you back!There was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday that you would have enjoyed: #lizcheneynicknames . It was like a combo of villains and drag queen names; totally made it totally worth while to play with Twitter yesterday. You would have loved it!Regards,Tengrain

  2. I've noticed that the more Liz Cheney becomes like her father, The Marquis de Cheney, the saggier and wider her face and body are starting to look.It must be exhausting to have to lug around all that bile and hatred.Who knew 5 years ago that bitches like Dick's Liz and Sarah Palin would make Ann Coulter seem cuddly by comparison?P.S. I'm also glad you're back, sweetie pie.

  3. As you know, m'dearest DCap, I have had many 'moments' lately where I would love to take a louisville slugger to various rightwing nutters…They are so vile and rancid. They can lie with a straight face…time after time after time..But I think you channel that energy much better than I! I love your graphics and your video…bless you sweetie, for coming back to the blogosphere. 😉

  4. It's people like this that make me want to introduce press censorship. I don't really… but sometimes I think there should be a law against giving idiots this kind of platform.

  5. But of course you do know that the family that preys together, stays together…just saying.

  6. not just lizzie, but bill kristol and deborah burlingame, who is the sister of one of the pilots killed on 9/11 (i wonder if coultergeist thinks she's enjoying her brother's death). all three started this bullshit keep america safe propaganda machine.

  7. Thank god the other daughter is gay. Otherwise both of them would be out there spewing evil. Now I don't doubt that the gay one would be willing, but while the sperm donor is ok with it, their base isn't. Sad.

  8. By using fear to gain political power in the US, the Cheneys are truly the allies of al-Qaeda. In addition, Dick's wars have been terrorizing millions of people for many years now, with many to follow. Cheney is a terrorist of the highest degree.Bin Laden is a lucky amateur by comparison.

  9. Didn't you know that CO2 is good for plants and therefore proof that human-induced climate change is a good thing? True story.Dick Cheney is — and unlike Limbaugh and Beck I don't use the word lightly — a fascist. As VP, he supported unprecedented executive power at the expense of the other two branches and promoted militarism and the private armies of Halliburton.

  10. I see you're back!!!There is rejoicing in the land.

  11. …it turns out Little Miss Shining Path also has hydrofluoric acid running through her veins.Fixed. And it's great you're back. Keep an even strain, Cap'n.

  12. This Nellie Olsen scion of the Cheney Enrichment Party (Keep America Scared division) won't quit, so it's good you didn't either, 'cap.;>)

  13. to all of you – thanks. I think I might have to make the Lizard the new Sarah Palin – since it appears Palin is going the celebrity route and we all know they arent much fun to mockbut Liz – this is one scary ______

  14. Aww, leave the Nice Lady alone – she's only trying to help……the Filthy F'n Rich!

  15. Oh, and welcome back! 🙂

  16. And to think if Dick Cheney hadn't been a Chicken Hawk Coward Liz Cheney would never have been born!!!

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