Posted by: distributorcap | March 7, 2010

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Unemployment

Just fill your basket full of sandwiches and weenies
Then lock the house up, now you’re set
And on the beach you’ll see the girls in their bikinis
As cute as ever but they never get a job

When Jim Bunning threw out the first pitch in the 2010 Contributors vs. Deadbeats ball game, we should have known the Let Them Eat Cake All-Stars would have been waiting on deck.

Earlier this week, Senator John Kyl (who aside from no-chin McConnell, maybe the strangest looking person in government) added a new corollary to the Albeit Macht Frei Theory of Trickle Down Economics when he said “In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work.”

Who knew eating dog food and watching Oprah in a La-Z-Boy recliner was a far better way to support one’s kids?

Proving that Kyl is not alone in his belief that the Albeit Macht Frei Theory of Trickle Down Economics (which transferred 80% of the wealth of this country to like 2% of the population and which spent trillions of dollars of wars, armaments, no-bid contracts and bridges to nowhere with Chinese loans) – is really an entire school of thought, ex-Congressman and currently fat-as-a-pig bug killer Tom Delay said exactly the same thing.

Today on CNN Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay called Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) “brave” on Sunday for launching a one-man filibuster of unemployment benefits, arguing that they dissuaded people from going out and finding work.

(please note, the Candy Crowley of the “liberal media” sat there and barely challenged the Bugman on his latest round of revisionist history. This was her tough question – “People are unemployed because they want to be? “)

It is truly amazing how Bunning, Kyl and Delay can go around and simply call the millions who are out of work – almost all due to NO fault of their own – a bunch of deadbeats queens who while driving their Cadillacs are basically leeching off the rich. Just because the top 1% of the country do all the work in this country, I guess the bottom 99% are just a bunch of roaches feeding on their success.

And when you have roaches, who you gonna call – Bugman Delay!

When is this country going to wise up and realize it is the callous, greedy and selfish people like Reagan, Bush, Armey, Delay, Kyl and the incredibly creepy Phil Gramm with their pay for wars on credit cards combined with feed-the-rich tax policies who have destroyed the economic base of the middle class. If you watch enough of the punditorium, you would believe that we are about to vote in the same people next November who left us at the abyss – just because Obama is giving us socialized medicine.

What a stupid country.

What Kyl and Delay want the workers of the world to believe is that any person (and they mean liberal, since a conservative would NEVER lose their job) who has supported their families for years, now just wants to sit home and watch everything they have worked their entire lives for, just go down the drain, so they can get an unemployment check. The reality is very, very few people use unemployment as some sort of Power Ball lottery win. Someone who made between $50-75K surely loves the fact they can lie around and drink mai tais while the $405 per week rolls in.

Kyl and Delay act like jobs are available for the taking everywhere. Maybe Kyl and Delay have the privilege of turning down offers, but eight years of their policies (complicit with the Dems) – have moved a lot of well-paying jobs outside the country, while at the same time basically bankrupting the Treasury. In addition, millions are under-employed, barely making enough to get by.

It truly does amaze me that anyone – even a Republican, can believe this Orwellian double speak. I am convinced there are really only two kinds of Republicans – the mega-rich and suckers. How can anyone actually think that their pro-fear and anti-middle class (and anti- immigrant, minority, women, gays, elderly, Democratic, and especially anti-Black President) attitude is good for this country? While we can argue that the Democrats have not done anything to correct the course (and they haven’t) – we know exactly where Kyl and Delay want to take us.

Delay is a special case – he is the Genghis Khan, Sauron and Nero of the political world. The only thing that flows in the caverns of his empty head is hate of anything that is not in his world. There is not on iota of compassion, only a fear-mongering extremist who would rather spend money on wars and stuffing the pockets of his rich friends that helping those in need.

But the most pathetic part is that the media continues to give the unemployed and maybe-a-felon Delay an open mike to peddle the fear.

(you might want to click on this picture – there is a lot going on at Delay’s Diner)



  1. I'm totally groovin' on this diner. Never gonna eat there (the short order cook looks kinda shady to me, like she might spit in the food), of course, but groovin' on it nonetheless.Regards,Tengrain

  2. Yeah Candy and so many others ask those tough questions…NOTOne of the worst is David Gregory (Lurch). I think it was so cruel of Candy's parents to give her that name. Candy should be a stripper's name. I so miss Walter…..

  3. kyl isn't even close to being one of the strangest looking people in government (though i agree with you about yertle mcconnell), not even in the senate. look at john cornyn and his giant easter island head and jeff sessions, who could be cast as the evil dopey in a bizarro snow white film. half of the rethuglican senators look like they'd fit in the cast of 'deliverance.' and don't even get me started on the house!

  4. While it's highly depressing that the MSM still think Tom DeLay has anything worthwhile to say, while Al Franken, Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, etc. are NEVER invited on the Sunday gasbag shows, the even more depressing part is that this is all by design.Republicans are very good at getting their memes out there, and what they are doing now is trying to get it out there that "those unemployed people" aren't you, or me, nor could they be. If they can succeed in turning the one-in-six-workers who is unemployed into just another n—–, just another illegal immigrant, just another welfare queen, then they think they can come into power and continue eviscerating the middle class even more than it is.And the problem is, it's working.

  5. Jim Bunning: Had it made his entire adult life. Helped build one of the most powerful unions ever (the Major League Baseball Players Association), then pulled the ladder up after him. Bill Clinton said that trying to work with Bunning gave him the slick willies.Phil Gramm: Has sucked from the federal teat since the day he was born.Jon Kyl: Son of a Republican congressman and a lobbyist before becoming a politician.Tom Delay: The Exterminator. Too corrupt even for Texas. So mean-spirited that he makes Newt Gingrich look like Santa Claus. An uber-hawk who received multiple draft deferments during the Vietnam, he somehow contrives to call Bunning — who spent the war playing baseball — "brave."

  6. Well, it is a stupid country.Since when did Unemployment Insurance become welfare? It is essentially is a insurance programme that workers and employers pay into so that we can draw out of if we lose our jobs. You only receive it if you are terminated for circumstances beyond your control and you must prove you're actively seeking work.What's next? Does workers comp dissuade workers and employers from being safe on the job? Does car insurance dissuade people from being good drivers? Does malpractice insurance dissuade doctors from best practise?It's not welfare: it's an earned benefit. But this is a stupid country. Now that they're turned on the poor, made them the enemy and created a permanent underclass, they are going after middle class workers. And many of these middle class dumbf*cks, the blue collar and white collar workers that may need these services, will continue to vote for these morans.

  7. Hi Cap and Toujoursdan;They forget it is an earned benefit, unlike the stupid bailouts, such as the one England and the Netherlands paid to the 'poor' investors of the failed Icelandic Banks. The countries forget every investment anyone makes carries with it the risk, however small or large that repayment or values are not guaranteed, as is life itself, not guaranteed.I have to give the people of Iceland credit for refusing to pay according to the 'terms' set by the two bailout countries.Even if the economy improves, debt laden governments are going to force people underground.The money spent on wars, bailouts and "stimulus" would have been better spent helping those out who were innocent victims of the derivatives, real estate balloon and fake asset valuations that the mighty had endorsed a few years ago.This is the start of a new revolution as technology and capacity will prevent the lost jobs from ever reappearing.Just my take on it is all.

  8. It's like the whole collective maturity level of this society is going backwards. When I read stuff like this I imagine Nelson, the bully from "The Simpsons", pointing and saying "Ha ha!" at these people.

  9. Oh and speaking of right-wing hypocrites, I noticed that Sarah Palin admitted she went to socialist Soviet Canuckistan for healthcare. The vocal opponent of health care reform in the U.S. steered largely clear of the topic except to reveal a tidbit about her life growing up not far from Whitehorse."We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada," she said. "And I think now, isn't that ironic." Canadian Press

  10. You have a stronger stomach than I Dcap. If Face the Nation comes on I'm too tempted to throw a brick through the TV. Yeah I guess there's a lot of us 'welfare queens' out here who worked construction the last twenty years and just want to suck off the government tit. The real 'queens' are the ones in congress who sit there flapping their gums and blocking bills that might just get us back to work. But they wouldn't want to do that because that would require them to actually come up with an idea which means work. And why should they bother when they have a parade of lobbist whores lining their pockets to prevent any help for Main Street.These TV talking heads are nothing more than shills for the corporations they work for. Why not ask a hard question like "How come your party's actions 'are' killing grandma and her son and the grandkids?" Then there's the hordes who follow them who not realizing they're voting against their own interests. And if I continue this rant I just may be tempted to throw a brick through the monitor so I'll stop now.

  11. When is this country going to wise up and realize it is the callous, greedy and selfish people like Reagan, Bush, Armey, Delay, Kyl and the incredibly creepy Phil Gramm with their pay for wars on credit cards combined with feed-the-rich tax policies who have destroyed the economic base of the middle class. If you watch enough of the punditorium, you would believe that we are about to vote in the same people next November who left us at the abyss – just because Obama is giving us socialized medicine.I know it boggles my mind. We need class warfare only in reverse. Instead of the rich, and their hired minions called politicians, continuing their war against all the rest of us–we, the middle class and the working classes, need to whoop up on THEM. The French did it when they got mad enough from starving. Cuba did it and continues to keep on doing it. So why can't we?

  12. My new-to-the-job hunt son was reading the classifieds.Ha! Who would want a minimum wage job with no benefits- he scoffed…. wait a minute– requires 1 year experience???I bet at least 60 people apply for that 1 job, many of whom are overqualified. He has no idea. It is that bad. I'll pass on that poop pudding…. although so close to Delay, it should be flaming.

  13. Loved the diner!I bet DeLay refuses to wash his hands.

  14. Man I hated that job…

  15. Hey dcap … this post was great. Thought you'd like to know that the Campaign for America's Future ( picked it up. You can find it on the right side under Progressive Voices (and it also just came to me in my evening email from them).I harp on Reagan, et al, all the time. It's amazing to me that even some of us don't see the damage that he did, how he put us on the road to where we are now. And with the current drive to pay no attention to the past, I fear we're just gonna end up repeating the same mistakes and likely coming up with worse ones.Thanks so much for your voice.

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