Posted by: distributorcap | March 9, 2010

Live From the Rose Garden

Text from President Obama’s address to the nation:

And now ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States

“Good Afternoon, thank you for coming to this quickly called press conference. I will keep this short and please understand – there will be no questions taken.

For the past year, many members of the Democratic Party have been working on various aspects of a comprehensive Health Care and Insurance reform. While I realize that there are aspects of the bill that will not please different and various constituencies in the country, I believed that passing legislation was critical in turning the health of the nation around.

It does not take a great leap of faith to realize that any sort of reform is not popular or desired by people who already have the best benefits their money can buy – the entire Republican establishment, a majority of the punditry, and a large section of the so-called main stream media. But after months of wrangling, tea parties, polls and very vocal Palin-idolizers, I have decided to stop my administration’s drive for change in the nation’s health care system.

I thought that a plan to ultimately cover every American with basic health coverage and insurance, and make the system more efficient and affordable was a policy that would enrich, unite and move this country forward in the difficult times we live.

But what I am finding, and what I am seeing, is that our Congress, including many Democrats in my party, with their generous health plans already in place, does not want to move forward on this – they would rather grandstand and play to the cameras, with the thought that it will get them a few more votes from the opposition.

What I am also hearing is that the American people, using the pundits as their version of Charlie McCarthy, think this proposal is some sort of socialist plot to control your lungs, kidneys. ovaries and other assorted organs.

When it comes down to brass tacks – you, the people of America, do not want any Health Care reform.

  • You want to have the PRIVATE insurance companies continue to dictate policy, coverage levels, and institute their own death panels based on their profit margins, stock prices and million dollar executive salaries, not on your needs.
  • You like the fact that 47,000,000 or more of your fellow citizens are not covered for health care and are happy they must go to the emergency room for care. This of course will increase your rates, but you do not seem to mind that.
  • You find it acceptable that when you leave your job, whether by choice or not, you cannot take your health insurance with you – you are left to fend for yourself, perhaps not even get any insurance in your new place of employment.
  • You do not seem to worry about minor illnesses, and the fact that you can be denied insurance in the future based on these minor illnesses or some other prior conditions.
  • You believe the words of health reform-haters like Sarah Palin, John Cornyn, Glenn Beck and the drug-addict Rush Limbaugh, who have the best health insurance money can buy, over the ideas of many economists and health care professionals. You even believe them over your own instincts.
  • When the state-monopolistic insurance companies raise your rates 30-40% without batting an eye, you do not mind there is no oversight or competition to reign in these astronomical costs. You might protest, but you have no recourse or choice, and you move along.
  • When you hear that over 2/3 of all personal and family bankruptcies are due to medical costs, you say it can only happen to the other guy – not to me.
  • It seems that you, the American people, like everything that the way it is with respect to health care. After all, for a country that has by far the most expensive medical care in the world with some of the lowest health indicators and vital statistics in the industrial world – keeping the status quo is far superior than any government policies to change.

Well, after some careful deliberation, you are getting your wish. I am instructing my aides to drop all plans to reform health care and withdraw all support from Congress. Any bill that might emerge from the legislature will promptly be vetoed by me.

You have spend a considerable amount of time and energy and tea bags telling your congressmen, telling the media, telling the pundits and telling me that you do NOT want change – any change.

So in my desire to follow the will of the American people – I will take your lead, and there will be no change in the way health care is financed. You have made it clear that doing nothing is preferable to doing something. Instead of wasting more and more time on a policy that is obviously not wanted or needed, we should move on to other issues.

Thank you for your time.”


There are a lot of things in this Health bill that are far from ideal and not that good. And sometimes I think that doing nothing in some cases is better than doing the wrong thing. But this time I am beginning to believe something is better than nothing.

The behavior of a large chunk of the American people during this interminable and unnecessarily drawn out process has been nothing more than immature, spoiled, childish, greedy and idiotic. Other than the very rich, I do not see how anyone can not want some sort of reform. But for some, the hate of government and hate of Obama far trumps anything that might be beneficial.

I would bet if Obama talked to the American people on their level – as immature jerks – and call their bluff on health care – watch how fast everyone would all of a sudden want this reform.

That would not be politics as usual.



  1. Hi Cap;"But this time I am beginning to believe something is better than nothing."You wrote a post some time ago which stated this health care thing was so diluted that it would be best to scratch it and take another run at it later.I understand the proposed law is thicker than a couple of bibles. Anything that thick cannot be good for anyone.It should be simple and affordable.

  2. Wow! Just Wow!!!We have to start somewhere. We have to bust open this closed door of a fatal & flawed "system". We can't keep dragging out & stalling any reform from happening. All that list of items you mention are happening. We pay more & get less, and at any time can be dropped off & shut out of health care access. As we wind towards the 7th year of occupation in Iraq…. we all need to be angry villagers, in telling our Government, when they whine about how will they pay for healthcare…. to cut the war budget.

  3. The problem is that this is no reform it's just another give away to health insurance companies. Mark my words they will: Continue to deny people coverage, kick expensive users off their books and give their CEOs big bonuses all laughing how they bought off congress so they can continue the game.No way would the federal government be able to keep track of all the abuse the insurance companies will throw at us should this pass. You saw what happened before credit card companies got hit with a few regs.There are now 47 senators on board for a public option. Just four more and it just might get worked in there. Let's hope so because having no insurance is not a fun situation.

  4. I wish to hell Obama would dumb down his messages so the Palin crowd could understand him.

  5. You hit it out of the park D-Cap! Can I send this to some people who actually think like these idiots?

  6. Spectacular, brilliantly written. The average American is ignorant and unable to sift through this issue for facts to refute the blaring lies and fear mongering of the powerful corporations that administer health insurance, that manufacture pharmaceuticals and provide health care.

  7. I don't for a minute think the American public is stupid. I would never say such an elitist thing.But, we do live in a fast moving culture and Americans are busy people, with work and family demands and by-in-large, this helps create a short attention span.I've heard many people say, "I thought healthcare reform was done?" Or, "Is the president still trying to get healthcare passed?" Fourteen months into his presidency and Obama is still courting the GOP and the CEOs of the various health insurance companies. Enough already.Call the Congress into session and demand a straight up or down vote. Do it and stop kissing Olympia Snowe's ass, or rubbing Mitch McConnell's shoulders. They're just not that into you, Barry. Deal with and accept the fact that not everyone is going to agree or like you.Otherwise, Obama can wave buh-bye to 2012.

  8. This bill and Stupak's continuing machinations are such slaps across the faces of American women I can't bring myself to root for the thing.Sure, this bill will be just fine if you're a man. Most of us aren't.

  9. We're number 37 in WHO's rankings. That's Top 40, that's Casey Kasem, dude.

  10. slappzyou know you arent welcome here – i guess i have to put the blocking stuff up again, because due to your complete lack of respect for anyone other than yourself – you do not seem to know when you are not welcome. you must be a real pip at home. i dont know how anyone could ever want to even associate with you.i really detest you

  11. CappyI've seen first hand how these baggers operate. Not pretty or informative. Shouting down any idea that Fix noise or Dick Armey hadn't put there. These people are a disgrace to humanity. People trying to share heart felt stories that they endured just to be screamed at to go DIE. WHO CARES and the time tested FU.No matter what Obama says or does this segment of society will never accept a NIGGER in the white house.Their word not mine. If I were Obama I'd do just as you wrote and ad..How do you like me now…

  12. Obama should give that exact speech, word for word. And then he should conclude it by announcing that all members of Congress, as of this moment, are no longer receiving taxpayer-financed health insurance. They're on their own, just like everybody else. "Your health, your problem."

  13. the fact of the matter is that nobody is going to get everything they want. the entire health care mess will not be cleaned up with one bill. however, it's a first step. once it goes through and people see that it's not the horrible monster that dick armey wants them to think it is, then they will be far more open to even more reforms. any dem who votes against it can go to hell, even if they do so while standing on their high horse and bloviating on how it doesn't go far enough.

  14. A mandate without a public option is unacceptable. Thing is, Obama is a clear speaker and he could have really sold and pushed a good health CARE reform bill and not this shitty health INSURANCE reform bill. What value do insurance companies add to health care? None. They take 30% off the top and put as little resources into managing health care (except they will spend money on professionals who are hired to deny care). The "secret" deal with big pharma was the wake up call. Pass something to move the ball forward? That only works if there was a chance of improvements made in the future. How will that happen when the democratic president can't get democratic majorities in both houses to pass an acceptable bill? Just saying.

  15. I want to see five votes. First a House vote to pass the Senate's flawed bill. Next a House and Senate vote to fisx the flaws. Next a Hoouse and Senate vote on adding the public option.

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