Posted by: distributorcap | March 11, 2010

Tickle My Fancy

This was too easy…..



  1. I am so glad that you did not leave blogging for good!

  2. Back to your excellent form I see Dcap.

  3. Holy Crap Cappy this is too funny.Nice job!

  4. Hi Cap;:)

  5. Snorkel Me, Eric.

  6. Stunning that a Congressman can out-crazy Glenn Beck. The bar keeps going lower and lower.

  7. toujoursdan is on to something. I fear for Glenn Beck's sanity now that he realizes there's someone crazier than he. I just hope that Mr. Beck can find that last ounce of strength to retake the heap of lunacy.

  8. Things always seem easy to the real pros!

  9. I, too, fear for Beck. This is a commitable individual here (not than ol'Glen isn't). I am not sure he can be cured of hos case of verbal dirrehea before dehydration and death ensues.Sad in a sick way.Best ReamusWelcome back D'Cap I have missed you greaty!

  10. Ha ha. Pervy looks a little more like a Fraggle than Elmo in that first one.

  11. That's a ticklish subject, if you ask me. ;o)

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