Posted by: distributorcap | March 19, 2010

Lock, Stock and Barrel

There are 177 mutant inbred goons Republicans in the House of Representatives and 41 Republicans (including one majority leader with at least 41 chins) in the Senate. I ask:

How can a party vote lock, stock and barrel together on this (or practically any) issue – with NOT ONE person voting what his a) conscious b) district might want? (you don’t have to answer, we all know the answer).

You mean to say there is not one Republican from a left-leaning or Obama-voting district that is worried about his/her re-election (or has Diebold been contacted already) based on this vote. Since Boner and McChins keep saying they are going after people who vote for the bill – what about those GOPers that vote against in districts that might favor it. You mean to say all 177 of those districts are composed of rich, white people with great health coverage already? Talk about gerrymandering to the nth degree.

And if voting for this bill is such an albatross – why aren’t Boner and McChins just saying “go ahead and vote for it” and let that Democratic rep just hang himself. Why are they acting so desperate and calling press conference after press conference, and putting out threat after threat? What are they so afraid of? The left doesn’t have an anal-wart/pus filled Radio announcer to trash them on a daily basis.

The “experts” say this is just the way things get done in Congress. It is ugly. I don’t recall ever seeing such despicable tricks and utter desperation from one side in the name of stopping something.

By the time November comes around, all the anger and mystery of the Big Government takeover will have subsided. There is not one non-pundit or non-media person who gives a rat’s ass about “deem and pass” or “reconciliation.” The 31,000,000 who will get insurance sure don’t care. Neither do the people with pre-existing conditions.

Answer: That is what Boner and the Chins are worried about – the 31,000,000 potential voters against the 177. As for lock, stock, and barrel – the wrath of voting against the party is apparently far worse than the wrath of facing voters who need this.



  1. i'm still waiting for one of the talking heads on tv to tell a rethug that his/her party has no credibility whatsoever as long as they all vote in lockstep. it's impossible that among all those people, there is not even one who disagrees. i saw marsha blackburn on tv earlier today. she signed a letter along with every other rep from tennessee asking for more money for hospitals that serve low-income patients (which is part of the health care bill), but she's voting against the bill. they want to have their cake and eat it, too, when it comes to campaign commercials. she'll say that she voted against the bill, but she'll claim that she brought more money to tennessee hospitals. like i said, no credibility whatsoever.

  2. Dcap you need to read this bill. It is a real dog. It gives the insurance companies 30 million new premium checks and there is no guarantee they won't continue their same old BS. You will now be forced to buy insurance even if you can't afford it. They say they'll help with the government chipping in for the premiums but I know I can't even afford a COBRA plan at present even with government help.Might as well just move to Canada and get it over with.

  3. DemurAnd you would do nothing? In any other country 40,000 people dieing because of the lack of health care would considered Genocide. We're damn lucky Canada doesn't invade us over this atrocity. This is just the start much like social security and medicare. Yano with each Journey stuff…… Oh I read it!

  4. Hi Demeur;You're welcome in Canada, and if you don't mind, bring some warm weather with you 🙂

  5. It's kabuki. The republicans are happy with the bill. First, the insurance companies will win. 30 million captive customers? Yum. Second, most of the good stuff–and there isn't much–doesn't come into play until 2013. (Q: Does the mandate start immediately though?). And, of course, once it passes and everyone figures out that no, it isn't about universal health care, the republicans will use the bill to pummel the democrats. Boner probably has a boner.

  6. Hi GMB;I think they are going to reinstate debtors' prison. You can go to jail for not paying taxes, child support and the new medical fines and fees.Next, it will be your plumber having you thrown in jail for not paying his bill.I see it coming 🙂

  7. 41 Repub senators, not 51.

  8. The Republicans have plumb lost what's left of their minds.In an op-ed in the Moonie-owned Washington Times, one writer is calling on Obama to be impeached.Now, everyone knows it's the Speaker of the House who orders the articles of impeachment. The current speaker is Obama's homegirl, Nanny Pelosi.If Nanny refused to impeach Bush for lying the country into war, is the GOP so lame to think she will impeach Obama, the leader of her party?

  9. Your post hits on some interesting points again, first, why wouldn't the Rethugs be happy to see a full court press Dem vote in order to oust them in November? Become the majority in the House and Senate? Laugh all the way to the bank? Why? Anybody know the answer to that question? Second, just about everybody voted to fund the killing in Iraq/Afghanistan both when Bush was President and now Obama. Health Care Reform is trying to save lives . . . 45,000 people with no insurance a year! You mean those that vote NO are consistent in wanting more U.S. citizens to die? Why? Is this another death to America vote if you vote NO? I'll never understand the logic of the GOP…Never. Good Post D-Cap!

  10. What? The goopers are mutants now, too?

  11. It's all about drama at this point. It's either the worst possible bill and insurance will love it, or it's the best possible bill and insurance will hate it. The Rethugs can't seem to decide which. It's a beginning and we have to look at it that way. I'm not stupid, I know there will be lots of things that won't get fixed right away, but we must begin. Doing nothing is not an option.

  12. Yup, DCap, I've thought the same thing. The ability of the GOP to march in lockstep (er, goosestep?) is truly disturbing. When folks complain about the Dems (me included) they often fail to take into account the diversity of folks who make up the Dem "majority," from Stupak to Kucinich — many having threatened to vote no for HC reform for VERY different reasons.The Right (hard and center) is proud of its "at all costs" unanimity. From party to pundits, it punishes its outliers and keeps them in line. The power of this strategy is that it taps into USAmerican "team spirit" tropes as politics is reduced to sports and each referendum is only win or lose for a particular team/party. I hope the bulk of us are starting to wake up to the fact that the real losers in this contest are the USAmerican people.

  13. Organizing Republicans is like leadinf storm troopers. They goose-step together without thought.Organizing Democrats is like herding cats.

  14. Someone once said "I don't belong to an organized Party…I'm a Democrat"Good point TomCat

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