Posted by: distributorcap | April 24, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Ok – so I am 17 days late – but I was able to get the inside scoop on Michele Bachmann’s surprise 54th birthday – on April 6.

Here is the invite:

Ms Noonington was able to cut the cake (and the cheese, but that is another story)

The kids all had a blast (though little Sarah was very pissed Michele was getting ALL the attention):

and of course there were party games



  1. Brilliant, as usual!

  2. i hope someone peed in the punchbowl and sneezed on the cake.

  3. CappyOMG can you imagine a Saint Ronald of Wrong!!!! Patron Saint of Jelly beans.Bad enough we have to still with his shit now….but Saint hood..I quit..;)His prayer could be …Well Mommy can we make a movie now..Mr.Gorbachev, what's that thing on your head?

  4. Check this out!You can now get Michelle Bachmann toilet paper. ahead– make jokes.

  5. Click the photo of the product to see the details of the product aforementioned.

  6. LOL, DC!! What talent. I wish my graphics were as good.How old is Michelle? 666?

  7. Ya know, I gotz my invite but then heard is all they were serving was sour grapes.I wanted to see them eat crow.

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