Posted by: distributorcap | May 25, 2010

You’re Soaking In It

Lindsay: Sarah why did you decide to become a governor?
Sarah: The usual reasons, romance, adventure, money, search for power. Hmmm, when I see your hands it makes me want to stroke the twinkie
Lindsay: Is that like choking the chicken, Sarah
Sarah: Oh better. Have you tried Oil de Gulf dishwashing liquid? Softens your hands while you prod the half-cooked pastrami
Lindsay: Pretty brown
Sarah: You’re soaking in it
Lindsay: The Gulf of Mexico?
Sarah: Oil de Gulf
Lindsay: Mild then
Sarah: More than just mild

Voice over: Right Sarah, Oil de Gulf removes sludge from the first sandy beach to the very last greasy pelican, and it will softens hands while you are making instant pudding.

Lindsay: Sarah, that Oil de Gulf of yours, I’m simply in love with it
Sarah: Does Mr. Kleenex know about this?

other fine Palin Products



  1. I don't want to think about Miss Lindsey oiling up, or Mooselini for that matter.Brrrrr, did it just get cold?Regards,Tengrain

  2. Sarah – the queen of good branding! And bad ideas… So many bad ideas.

  3. Palin also had out a line of Oil De Sludge baby foods & formulas. Baby Trigg loves them.

  4. Oh hell this was great!

  5. ahhhh Dcap…I have not told you – you are a genius…seriously….just what I needed…so much…all of us need your satire…and sorry- but Palin is so deserving…I am sooooo tired of seeing her on my TV.;….I am just blogging the Gulf at this time..becuz…take care friend…

  6. paul newman is spinning in his grave.

  7. Nonnie – I was thinking the same thing. Love the entire post.

  8. Have these products been approved by the FDA??Of course they have. Probably charge extra for chemical dispersant!!!Gaaa!

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  11. Palin's new slogan:Shill, Baby, Shill!

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