Posted by: distributorcap | June 7, 2010

The Chosen People

from her blog….

Karen Hanretty is a political and communications strategist who specializes in strategic communications, issue advocacy and political campaigns. Over the past decade, Hanretty has developed a strong reputation for taking complex issues and creating news coverage that explains the underlying political motivations that drive public policy.

On The Ed Show – Monday, June 7, 2010, Karen Hanretty and Laura Flanders were “discussing” (someone like Hanretty does not discuss – she talks over, yells and simply lies) Helen Thomas’ remarks about Israel and her resignation. Hanretty, who nastiness just oozes from each pore, only had to say one line to demonstrate her strong reputation for taking complex issues and creating news coverage.

Hanretty (to Flanders): “Only a liberal would defend anti-semitism”

Let’s take a look at some of those “liberal” anti-semites and/or people who have said some incredibly horrendous things about Jews.

Richard Nixon, disgraced President
Prescott Bush, grandfather of a President
Father Coughlin, radio announcer
Charles Lindbergh, hero pilot
Henry Ford, car manker
H L Mencken, writer
Theodore Dreiser, writer
Elizabeth Dilling, writer
Bamberg County, SC GOP Chairman Edwin Merwin
Orangeburg County, SC GOP Chairman James Ulmer
Tennessee Republican Chairman Robin Smith
Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson
Fred Malek – Richard Nixon’s “Jew Counter” (who was just hired by Gov. McDonnell of Va)
Ann “Jews should be perfected” Coulter

(please add some more)

so a little editing

Karen Hanretty is a political and communications hack who specializes in strategic idiocy, anger advocacy and political lies. Over the past decade, Hanretty has developed a strong reputation for taking complex issues and creating over-simplified sound bites that explains the underlying psychological motivations that drive Republicans – greed and selfishness.

There are certain words to describe someone like Hanretty…..I leave it one’s imagination.



  1. I hope Laura Flanders thrust her fist into that [expletive many people find too offensive] and emerged with her ovaries.

  2. Hi Cap;With the situation between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, this topic is getting much press and unfortunately people are making accusations pro and con, and getting quite nasty about it, painting a whole peoples on either side of the fence with the same brush.I view this as a political situation and try to base any opinion on that.Others view it as something between Jews and Muslims.I know both Jew and Muslim and the ones I know aren't blaming each other's faith or heritage.I think the frustration is high on both sides and the only thing I see for the future is plenty of pain.Personally, I hope some cooler heads can see to making it possible for them to live side by side in peace.People who fuel the flames of racism and discrimination will prevent that from occurring.

  3. It's interesting how there's been much so ado over Helen Thomas' remarks.But I don't recall any kerfuffle demanding Bishop Desmond Tutu be defrocked after he said:"People are scared in this country (the USA), to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful – very powerful. Well, so what?"The apartheid government was very powerful, but today it no longer exists."Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pinochet, Milosevic, and Idi Amin were all powerful, but in the end they bit the dust…"SOURCE: Helen Thomas is an anti-Semite but Bishop Desmond Tutu isn't? But this is what people are faced with if they dare to criticize the Israeli government and PM Benjamin Netanhayu.Where is the outrage at Netanhayu over news he plans to pin a Medal of Valor on the Israeli commando who pumped 4 bullets into the head of a 19 year old Turkish-American student, finishing him off with a shot to the chest?Where is the outrage at Netanhayu over his comments that "All the passengers on the flotilla were dangerous radicals with ties to terrorist organizations?" I guess this includes 81 year old retired US Ambassador Edward Peck, who worked for Reagan?

  4. Helen Thomas is just like my late mother after she turned 90. She lost her ability to discern what to say and what not to say.Still, there's no need for a hack like Henratty (sic) to stick her beak into the conversation.Helen Thomas blew it and she got fired because she blew it.End of a long, lusterous career and the end of the story.

  5. Helen Thomas was right to apologize and resign. Her remarks were well over the line. Most of the responses I've seen from the left agree. However, just once I'd like to see Republicans acknowledge the inappropriateness of hundreds of comments from their leadership and pundits that are as bad or worse.

  6. add glenn blechhh to the list. not only does his constant accusations of everyone who disagrees with him being a nazi belittle what happened during the holocaust, but now he's touting elizabeth dilling, a rabid anti-semite, as though she was a great patriot.

  7. Good job taking apart Ms. Hanretty. There needs to be more media criticism on the left.

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