Posted by: distributorcap | June 16, 2010

Rosemary Woods Lives! – Obama’s 18-minute Gap

President Obama just gave an 18-minute speech that was suppose to lay out the Government’s response to the oil crisis in the Gulf. A transcript of the speech was just released by his secretary, Rosemary Woods – yes that Rosemary Woods of 18-minute gap fame.

“As we speak, our nation faces a multitude of challenges…..

[dead silence]

…..And we pray that a hand may guide us through the storm towards a brighter day. Thank you, God Bless You, and may God Bless the United States of America.”

America, you have just lived through your second political 18-minute gap.

Did I miss something? Did it seem like there was a long gap of silence? Was ANYTHING said that made one feel there was a plan, a direction? Did that feel like it was 18-minutes of nothing? OK it was something – it was a pep talk – 57 days late and completely irrelevant at this point.

No direction, no words that showed he was taking charge. Nothing about how we are going to get to a better place in terms of energy independence. The media has complained about Obama’s lack of anger and emotion. Well after tonight’s performance (and I will call it a performance) I think the media will (rightfully) add a lack of substance.

But the absolute worst part of the speech was this:

Tonight, we pray for that courage. We pray for the people of the Gulf. And we pray that a hand may guide us through the storm towards a brighter day.

Is he fucking kidding? Praying for a hand to help. Did we elect Pat Robertson? We do not need prayers, we need answers and a leader. We need skimmers in the Gulf. We need BP to turn over billions to pay for clean-up, restoration and bird-cleaning. We need BP to be more transparent and open. We need BP to make the fisherman whole. We ideas on how to cap the hole. We need to stop offshore drilling immediately. We need to develop alternative and bio-energy sources. We need to tell the Saudis to swim in their oil. We need a call for action. We need someone to tell this country we have to change.

We don’t need a wing and prayer and an 18-minute speech that might as well been erased by Rosemary Woods.

What a waste of an opportunity. What a opening for the nut jobs.



  1. Hi Cap;I didn't hear it. Wasn't interested.Why?Tired of listening to spin, from everyone. Tired of reading it too.When I have a problem, I either do something about it or not.When someone I love is threatened, I will do something.That is all there is to it.I can't understand those on the top not doing more for the land and people they supposedly love.

  2. CappyHoly shit, (pardon me Obama) we said about the same thing. Of course my post is much more crass.I was looking for that moment, that inspired speech,the one where we felt as one in a common goal. Not so much…Maybe I'm just an old bastard wanting to reclaim some youthful memories. No….he sucked….

  3. I am British, what has angered me is that you get Americna blogger and attacking British people forthe oil spill. How did the ordinary man in the street have anythign to to this oil spill?. Ironically BP is 40% american after is merged with an american oil company. And as part of these contract, I am use the US govt must have required that local US workers are employed.However, what annoys me about the seize BP campaign is the sheer racism that it coming out of America. I have no problem with BP getting a kick in the teech, but this hatred for British people has to stop. As usual Americans have double standards. Demanding justice for American, but what about when American companies cause environmental disasters. In India in 1984, we had the Bhopal disaters in which gas leaked from an american chemical plant. Some 20,000 people died and 500,000 suffered inhalation problems. 25 years on these Indians are still waiting for compensation. And when they see American angry over BP, they ask why no justice for us. One survivor who lost 11 members of yer family was offered 5 cents as compensation!. Is this how American value life!!It is time American paid out the the victims of Bhopal! Show that you don't have double standards!

  4. anon – first where do i attack the british people? and i havent heard anyone attacking the people of the UK. just BP – who deserves it and deserves it more2nd – i agree – the fact that the US has not paid for the Bhopal disaster – is wrong, but i think you have to talk to Dow Chemical now, as Union Carbide doesnt exist anymoreand i will agree – Americans are hypocrites

  5. This is all we get.This is all we've been getting.This is all we're gonna get cept more more screwed.It's been this way for a long time. Now we're in charge and it's worse.Our side refuses to see it.A cabal of the most evil and powerful in the world have and will continue to call the shots.

  6. I've never heard anything even remotely hateful expressed against the British people. All my British friends here in Brooklyn (and I go to the U.S. branch of the Church of England so I have many) haven't felt a bit of hostility either. The anger really is toward an oil company. Not the people it's named after.

  7. He had the opportunity to lead and he turned it down. This was the time to ask people to sacrifice. To cut back on energy use. Grow some veggies. Recycle. And to announce a new green jobs initative and promote a measure to switch us to alternative energy sources. But, instead, he called on his (?) god. Who doesn't exist. Crap.

  8. Hi Cap;Americans aren't hypocrites, at least many aren't.The government and corporations, well that is another story and that can be said for governments and corporations anywhere in the world.The only ones that may not be hypocrites are the dictators, they do and say as they damn well please and don't give a damn about opinion. 🙂

  9. more side-stepping so that the rethugs wouldn't get their little panties in a wad. i missed the beginning of the speech when it was live. i got there just in time for the revival meeting. wtf? i figured i missed the meat of the speech. when i saw the entire thing later on, i realized there was no meat, just some dry stale anon–i haven't heard anyone say anything bad about any british people other than that shithead, tony hayward. he gets the same amount of respect that he has for the people affected by this disaster his company caused–none. he'll get his life back. many others won't.

  10. I guess I saw a different speech. What I saw was commanding and skillful. He started by personalizing the spill in terms of it effects on the people of the Gulf. He recognized the ongoing pounding they've been taking, not only from this but from the hurricanes. He summarized the steps that were being taken and emphasized again and again that he would hold BP responsible.Obama attacked BP bluntly and is the first president I can think of who made a direct reference to our addiction to fossil fuels. He also called for a comprehensive energy policy, something we don't have now and haven't tried to have since the Carter/Nixon presidencies. He essentially admitted error in approving deep water drilling earlier this year. How many time did we see the last guy do that?I believe this will play well.

  11. Re the British, maybe there's what we in the software biz call a localization issue, where it's part of their political culture to take an attack on an iconic corporation personally in a way that we Americans never would.

  12. Dcap I would love nothing better than to tell the Saudis where they can shove their oil but the plane truth is that 99% of what you touch in your place is made from oil. That mouse in your right hand isn't made out of wood or steel is it? Nor is the keyboard, the carpet on the floor or even the paint and finishes on the walls because they all contain some form of oil. Until we can change that little fact then nothing will change. Take a good look around your room and I'll tell you that everything even items not made from oil required oil in it's production.

  13. Excellent analogy, the 18-minute Watergate tape gap and Obama's "placate the country" speech.I keep trying to cling to the hope that there's a difference between the two parties. But somehow, everything Obama does, no matter how sparkly his words are, translates into "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

  14. You know I hear this British bullshitand it makes me sick. I've read about it in their trashy rags. This is Cappys post so I'll be brief, your full of shit. One more thing, I don't give a rat's ass about the old ladies stock rates going down. This is going to effect the whole planet.Not an inconvenience but the beginning of the End.

  15. We thought things will get better.Obama is just a man, and right now he has my sympathies for what he is facing no man should face.Two plus warsGulf CrisisFreddie and Fannie ordered to de-list from the New York Stock Exchange as they are losing money like sieves.Mortgage delinquencies at record highsConstruction down 10% in May and Permits down 5+ percent.All of our opinions are now meaningless. If there is no unified approach, versus this 50% polarization of opposite opinions in America, this world is looking to a dramatic change within the next few years.Look at Illinois, Greece, California which reported it's general fund balance is $0 yesterday.IrelandSpainEnglandIcelandAll in fiscal turmoil!2% to over 20% unemployment in the modern world.Locusts threatening in Australia's crops.This is not Armageddon, just a wake up call. We get one of these every century or so.A leader will finally come to the fore, but who knows what it will happen before he or she manages to get our attention and Palin aint it. 🙂

  16. Dcap I would love nothing better than to tell the Saudis where they can shove their oil but the plane truth is that 99% of what you touch in your place is made from oil. That mouse in your right hand isn't made out of wood or steel is it? Nor is the keyboard, the carpet on the floor or even the paint and finishes on the walls because they all contain some form of oil. Until we can change that little fact then nothing will change. Take a good look around your room and I'll tell you that everything even items not made from oil required oil in it's productionThis! this! this! this! cannot be said enough (and I feel like a gloomy broken record for repeating it all the time.) Everything we touch today is made with, and transported with oil. Everything! This even includes all your food, even the organic food. Take oil out of the equation (and literally!!!) about 5 billion people will die of starvation. It takes about 10 ounces of oil to make 1 ounce of food today. We couldn't feed the planet without vast amounts of oil in everything from making fertilizer, to harvesting, to production, to distribution. The only reason the planet has 7 billion people today is because of oil. The "Green Revolution" that allowed the expansion of the population was achieved by injecting vast amounts of hydrocarbon (oil/natural gas) energy into food production. Until the coal/oil revolution started the planet had 1 billion people and once it ends, we're likely to fall back to that level. There is nothing like oil on the horizon of alternative technologies. Oil is essentially millions of years of concentrated solar energy in an easy to recover, cheap to transport, flexible to use product that because of its chemical properties, releases a vast amount of energy for its volume. All the alternative technologies we hear about (solar, hydrogen, nuclear, etc.) use almost as energy to create as they release, and are energy transporters, not energy producers. They do not share the same chemical properties and will not give us the same net energy. They only work because they "float" on an oil based economy. The transition to a post-oil economy is going to be very painful for the human race, but it's a reality. The earth isn't going to create more of it and we are wasting it on everything from NASCAR races to cheap crap from China. It's hard to talk about, but it's probably going to be something we, or our children face.

  17. To the angry Brit at the top of the comments: WTF? I'm as angry about this Gulf oil spill as anyone and haven't harbored an anti-British sentiment for the first second. The British Petroleum corp, that's another story. These are multi-national companies, and they have as little to do with their countries of origin as any other Faceless Entity out there spewing garbage into the Earth's ocean or atmosphere. There is no resentment toward the British people OR nation, as far as I've been able to discern. And the Watergate Tapes gap was a perfect analogy, sir. Well damn done, yet again!

  18. sadly oil does dominate our lives in every way… and we can never get rid of itwhat we HAVE to see is conservation and cutback – especially when it comes to automobilescars have to be required – even if it is expensive – to get xx miles per gallon (i vote min of 100) – gasoline needs to be taxed to cut usage — i am sure of the percentage of oil that is used solely for gasoline – but just working that angle first would be a big improvement.

  19. I didn't watch it, I figured I'd get a summary of the actions President Obama intended to take after the speech was over. I got better ways to use 18 minutes of my life, and figured just reading the action plan would take only, say, 30 seconds of my life.Of course, I was wrong, because Obama's action plan was one line, albeit never stated. And that line is, "if BP doesn't stop the well, give another speech."Siiiigh. President Truman would have already seized BP's US-based assets and put the U.S. Navy's best engineers side by side with the best of Halliburton, BP, and Schlumberger's engineers on the newly-seized assets to figure out what could be done. Yes, Truman did something like that. Twice. Ignoring everybody who said "You can't do that!" President Obama, on the other hand… gives a speech. Apparently we didn't elect a President, we elected a suit that reads speeches. SIIIiiiiiiiigh!- Badtux the Sad Penguin

  20. Had Obama saved the speech until AFTER he strong-armed BP into that $20 billion escrow account, he would have scored big.Whoever is advising him on PR moves really sucks.

  21. P.S. As for your anonymous Brit, I agree with everyone else–what Americans are blaming the British people for anything?If BP was FP, then we probably would blame all the French people.But the Brits?Paranoia, much?

  22. Truman helped settle a railway strike by threatening to fire railway workers and draft them. His attempt to seize steel mills was struck by a Supreme Court composed of justices appointed by him or FDR. He then threatened to draft striking steelworkers. I'm not sure those are great examples for Barack Obama.If Obama had seized BP's assets, why wouldn't the British from freeze or seize American assets in England? Or ask the EU for trade sanctions against the United States? Remember, they already think that Obama's criticism has been overly harsh. Karen, my interpretation differs. Negotiations with BP were well underway when Obama spoke from the Oval Office. He had to know the talks were going well, and so knew he wasn't making empty promises. Getting to talk tough one day and deliver the next is political gold.

  23. "If BP was FP, then we probably would blame all the French people."That is EXACTLY what is happening. I am referring to other bloggers and their commentators. I think this blog site has been fair.I can see anger from Americans like 'lets seize their assets' and 'boycott your entire country' and constant references to "British". BP is a multi-national company and is 40% is American.Getting angry at BP for this environmental disaster is correct.But turning this anger to hatred of British people is insulting and sheer racism.Many British people are angry at America over the Iraq war. Britain got dragged into this useless Iraq war. So many would expect that Americans would be apologetic to the British nation. How many British soldiers have died to support America in this Iraq war?. Some people are asking, why as there not been a similar campaign to 'seize the assets of American bankers' to pay back for all the sub-prime bonds they sold as high quality investments?In any case, I am glad that polluters like BP will think twice about the environment, but to me it is hollow victory, because the real drive was based on racism rather then environmental concerns.I am sure if BP was an American company, things would have been different.

  24. There is an interesting article about an oil spills in the Niger delta (off the coast of Africa) that has been going on for 50 years. I wonder how many Nigerian will see justice?

  25. The speech seemed fake and insincere. Rachel Maddow, on the other hand delivered a kick ass address….

  26. Maddow gave a great commentary that wasn't much of a speech. I wish the progressives would get past the fiction that the government can tell BP what to do with its personnel without taking over part of the country.The United States didn't drag Britain into the Iraq War. Tony Blair hitched his wagon to George Bush's star. Blame him.

  27. @KThey may not have dragged Britain into the war but the fear campaign over the WMDs manufactured in trailers did the trick.When Colin Powell, a man I previously had some respect for made his presentation, it was obvious to me he lied through his teeth and he did not believe himself what he was telling the world.When Canada and Mexico declined to participate, we were treated like dirt, because we were right.Before the war actually started I was talking to a former Mossad agent who ran a business in California and another American executive.All three of us determined Iraq not to be a threat and we are nobodies, but could see through the bull.There was a lot at play at that time. Just like the movie Wag the Dog.If I had any control, I would pull all troops from all these countries and let them look after themselves.

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