Posted by: distributorcap | June 25, 2010

Bugs in the System

Has anyone notice how many lunatics are running wild in the House of Representatives? These poor excuses for human beings walking the hallowed halls of the Capitol are not Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Rush Limpdickbaugh – who while extremely influential and carry a lot of clout – are only media “pundits.” The lunatics turning the American government into their own personal insane asylum actually have the power to propose, debate, change and enact laws that will effect over 300,000,000 people. Make that 6 billion+.

There really are no words to describe how crazy and detrimental the following people are to moving this country forward in any way imaginable. I am not talking about people who just have policy disagreements with the Democrats or the Obama Administration. I am talking about people who have said some of the most insane, evil and scary things publicly – and have no regrets about it. I am talking about people who would rather see this country fall apart and fail than work with the “enemy” towards a better society. I am talking about people who have one trait only – hate – their hate of anything that is not them (read that as rich and white). I am talking about people who you can totally predict how they will vote and what they will say ON ANY ISSUE. I am talking about people with a collective intelligence of a cockroach and about as much humanity as Pol Pot, Genghis Khan or Ayatollah Khomeini.

I am not talking just about corrupt or hardline right-wingers. I am talking about people who’s words and actions have to make one wonder just what is missing under that cranial cavity.

I am going to attempt to rank them in order of sheer lunacy. These people can actually have a strong influence on the way we live and conduct our lives.

  1. Steve King (R-Iowa)
  2. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)
  3. Louise Gohmert (R-Texas)
  4. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia)
  5. Marcia Blackburn (R-Tennessee)
  6. Virginia Foxx (R-North Carolina)
  7. Zack Wamp (R-Tennessee)
  8. Dana Rohrbacher (R-California)
  9. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia)
  10. Scott Garrett (R-New Jersey)

Other like Mike Pence, Eric Cantor, James Sensenbrenner, Joe Barton, Sue Myrick, Peter King, and the Orange man himself – John Boehner – are evil, in-transient, pig-headed, obstructionist, narrow-minded and misguided – but I don’t think they are insane. Bachmann and Gohmert are obviously insane – while demonstrating what missing brain cells and lack of a soul looks like. Steve King is clearly the missing link to prehistoric man.

For the Senate we’ll just stick with 5:

  1. James Inhofe
  2. Joe Lieberman
  3. John Cornyn
  4. Jim Bunning
  5. James Demint

There is something rotten in J-land. All are missing the normality gene and Inhofe has worms in his cranium.

My point – we have a broken government leading a falling country. We have people in this government who clearly have no interest in advancing anything but their own agendas and careers (that comes as no suprise) – but who would rather sacrifice everything than make any accommodation. We have a war going bad, a gulf going bad, debts going bad, an education system turning out bad students, bad people on Wall Street and a government that would rather see people living in Bushvilles than move funding from the Pentagon and wars to unemployment.

And worst of all – we have the absolute queen of insanity and stupidity – Sarah Palin waiting in the wings for her turn at the Ring Toss.

I just don’t see how this country remains “leader of the world” and the “greatest nation on earth” when we have to depend on the above 15 (16 including Palin) to get us out of the ditch. Trillions wasted on useless wars while millions go without jobs only makes sense when you have the intellectual capacity of the dead plankton in the Gulf.

And the lunacy is only beginning! Come November – the country is prepared to vote back the very people who took us to the edge, because in addition to the intelligence of a cockroach and soul of a scorpion – the country has the patience of a gnat.

And the media – well they just are in love with this possibility. Drama before solutions.

I now take you back to As The Stomach Turns already in progress.



  1. That was an ass kicker DCap.All this does not add up.

  2. Every one of them would have the Gulf fill up with oil and dispersant if it meant a few extra votes in November.

  3. CappyYour absolutely right. Here's the thing that gives me the red ass, People voted for these slims. In some cases again and again. They must have the same info as us, yet well you know.What the hell is it going to take to educate these voters.

  4. What?Mitch "Button Eyes" McConnell absent on the senate list? He's clearly got a screw loose.

  5. Here's the deal.Republicans always vote against funding for education because they rely on ignorant voters to keep electing them.I can see why rich people like the GOP, but rednecks without a pot to piss in vote for them because GOP politicians appeal to their dimwitted fears and get 'er done bravado.

  6. How do you spell 'democracy'? I-D-I-O-C-R-A-C-Y!

  7. Hi Cap;Don't feel bad, we have the same problem in Canada.The problem is the voters in both countries. It appears that those who spend the most money on "Vote for Me" signs wins.Many citizens do not care, don't know a damn thing about who they vote for or what their candidate may be like or vote based on how a candidate appears.If she's cute she's in. If she's ugly forget it.That's democracy, ignorant people determining the fate of those who care.

  8. Have you seen any of the latest polls? I don't believe we are the 'leader of the world' in anything other that nuclear arsenal. You are absolutely right in the lunacy of our leaders; not only those who are evil and loud, but also the good and silent.

  9. People vote for who they want to lead the country, and don't care much about policy as long as the campaign pays lip service to limited government. They have this idea that the candidate with whom they most want to have a beer is somehow best qualified to deal with a global economy and international diplomacy.

  10. most americans are pretty ignorant when it comes to policy and the reality of government – i know sometimes it is hard for me to even realize that – since all of us are more knowledgeable and aware.they fall for the campaigns lines and bullshit very easily and remember MOST never watch a show like keith rachel or even the crapola on Fox.they just see the candidates on the news and in ads – and have very little perspective on what they really are. hence getting complete assholes like bachmann elected.K – it is beyond the beer – because of the reliance on TV ads – it is even more about the look. people vote for the better looking candidate for more than the unattractive one – i can guarantee you that was a BIG reason Scott Brown won. (thankfully that will help with Haley Barbour)the idiocy of this country and the fact we would rather have someone from American Idol run the place than someone who knows how to do things will be our downfall. electing people like Palin because she is hot and having the media constantly reinforcing that…well you know what will happenwe are doomed – period

  11. as for mcconnell – he is an evil douchebag but i dont think he is insane in the same vein as gohmert or king.those two are in a class by themselves

  12. i don't know if those are the most insane or if they're just better at getting themselves some airtime on tv so that their insanity is right there for us to witness. some of them aren't insane, just incredibly stupid and/or just smart enough to pander to the insane and ignorant voters in their districts.

  13. Hi Cap;I'm getting to the point in life my best days are behind me and all these actions and words by the people you describe are starting not to faze me anymore.I step outside at night, enjoy the quiet of nature and forget the bs of man.I ignore them. If they get ignorant with me I tell them to take a hike. :)I'm getting old, what are they going to do, throw me in jail. That will cost them money. 🙂

  14. This is what happens when the creation of reality is outsourced by the uncaring mass to zealots and ideologues of a Procrustean bent. Religious cults that insist on burning the world to a cinder before 'Heaven' can be gained, and those who would drown modern civilization in bathtubs as they frogmarch the masses bravely toward their techno-feudalistic ideal future might have a place babbling on a street corner with spittle gathering upon their lips in a free society…But allowing them a rational consideration of their crackpot ideas and the opportunity to put them into action is the greatest hoax America has ever played upon itself."leader of the world"…? Hmmm – IMO, at this point in history America is 'consumer of the world', with all the connotations that the word 'consumer' holds.Eat hearty, fellow condemned. Tomorrow we may diet.;>)

  15. DCap I am both disappointed and frankly insulted that you left out the glorious son and fine example of the wackos I unfortunately have to live around. I speak of none other than Joe "You Lie" Wilson whose antics while at a joint session of Congress has become something of a folk legend down here.The only thing funnier than the idiots and their ideas is how they will turn on each other if one just happens to be of a different ethnic group. Poor Nikki Haley is right up there with the craziest Teabaggers but because she is of Indian decent with her parents are still practicing Sikhs the rednecks, Klan fuckers, and assorted Dittoheads just didn't want "her kind" in the GOP and around good Christan folks.

  16. The irony in all of this is that Obama and these extremists agree on substantive policy at least 95% of the time. I guess wild theories are all they have left to oppose him on, so wild theories we get.

  17. libhomo: You said a mouthful. I find myself stopping from reading too much of this political game play stuff. It's kabuki, meant to distract us. But when 10 million people don't have jobs and no more UI benefits? All the kabuki in the world can't stop the implosion that will follow. And it's coming very soon.

  18. It takes a genuine bona fide crazy person to stir up the fear in the masses. Once that objective is achieved, it's easier for them to vote against their own interests.

  19. thanks for all your responses. sitting at the beach all day made me forget how insane this place is.

  20. A great post D'cap, very insightful, as usual. I like blogs like this one because the minds seem to be clearer here. It is always nice to actually see portions of the truth in print. We will never see it all, the system won't allow it. The point on the theater aspects of politics was well taken. Allow me to add my perspective. The path to a conservative defeat can be built on certain definitive truths. One of those is an absolute GOP killer in my humble opinion. It is something that I've been saying for years. *There are conservatives, and there are the rest of us.* Ponder that for a moment. It explains so many things…like, why they are MUCH more organized, and therefore more powerful, than "we" are. It's also been why their solidarity is almost unbreakable, almost. This can be a real wedge issue. If the American people can be shown that there are NO liberals, no bogeyman out to get them and THEIR way of life then we can tame this whole polarized environment down a few hundred notches and reclaim the higher ground. Attack their strongest weapon, fear mongering, at its very core. Unraveling the web of deceit has always been difficult, if not impossible, for the Democrats. My biggest concern, as always, is that they will miss the many opportunities to hit back.I am aware that they do NOT control the media, and that can certainly hamper any efforts on clarity but there are other roads that can be taken. Demand air time on the Sunday bobble head shows, and raise a hellish stench whenever they are refused equal access. Why the @#$% is the Cheney offspring allowed to spew nonsense and there is barely any trace of Al Franken, Barney Frank or Grayson for that matter on the prime outlets. Do not go gently into that goodnight, rage, RAGE about the lying of the right!

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